15 Chin-Length Shag Haircut Ideas for Trendy, Low-Maintenance Girls

Chin-length shag haircuts for women

Chin-length shag is a short, jagged haircut worn tousled and falls just below the chin.

It creates volume and provides some much-needed grit in fine hair, especially. It even enhances the carefully carved layers the stylist designed just for you!

If you need further advice on this hair idea, here are insights from Jessi Bennet, a hairstylist from Brooklyn, NY.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Get yourself some texture spray! Undressed by Hairstory Studio and Mare by Reverie are great choices.
  • You won’t need hot tools to create a cool, lived-in look.
  • Always ask your stylist how to recreate your desired results at home.
  • Women with thin hair may like the added volume and definition this style provides.
  • This also works on curly hair; the adorable bangs will complete the look superbly.
  • The key to this haircut is creating movement, dimension, and a complementary face frame.
  • You may be nervous about cutting the crown layers but remember, disconnection creates a dynamic and unique look.
  • You can let the cut grow out with minimal upkeep, or you can return to the salon every two months for an overall refresh.

This hair trend will garner tons of compliments. See some images of amazing chin-length shags to get ideas for your next look.

Short Wolf Cut with Middle Part Bangs

Short Chin-Length Shaggy Wolf Cut with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @craphairclub

A super trendy haircut for ladies with wavy hair right now is a short wolf cut with feathered layers. This glorified, modern shag brings instant fullness and body to any hair density. If you want the total ’70s vibe, try parting in the middle and using a round brush away from your face.

Mini Curly Shag with Short Bangs

A mini curly shag with short bangs is on point with its trendy shape. You’ll love the layered face frame moving away from your features for a modern approach. If you are searching for a low-maintenance cut, you’ll want to consider chin-length shaggy hair. Less hair equals easy maintenance, and you’ll be able to work with your natural wave.

Shaggy Bixie Cut with Feathered Layers

Chin-Length Shaggy Bixie Cut with Feathered Layers
Instagram @avacorinnehair

There is a new hairdo that is trending big right now, and that is the bixie! It combines short layers and bangs resembling a short bob and a pixie. This style is super cute and fun, giving instant body and texture to limp, fine hair. It’s also a haircut you will want to ask your hairdresser how to style.

Short Disheveled Shag Mullet and Bangs

Shags are back in, and we are lovin’ it! If you want something new and aren’t afraid of getting rid of some length, try a chin-length shaggy bob with bangs. This style and length look great on anyone with a round or square jawline. To get a more piece-y, tousled look, ask your stylist about a texture spray and paste!

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Fluffy Shagged Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Chin-Length Fluffy Shagged Bob with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @paulieetc

If you’re looking for a modern cut to define your waves or curls, consider textured layers, like those in chin-length shaggy bob haircuts. The unisex style shapes your hair, molding your waves closer to your face. The tapered nape and undercut allow your hair to curl toward your neck. This helps prevent your chin-length hair from looking triangular.

Highlighted Shaggy Layers on Short Straight Hair

Highlighted Shaggy Layers on Short Chin-Length Straight Hair
Instagram @tophat_salon

Enjoy the tousled appearance of highlighted shaggy layers on short straight hair. Adding layers and highlights is the best way to give your hair dimension and movement. So, try a chin-length shag haircut and let your hair feel free and light. If you have thick hair, the shaggy layers will remove bulk nicely. And ask your stylist for point-cutting to create even more space.

Multi-Layered Bob with Mini Bangs on Wavy Hair

Chin-Length Multi-Layered Bob with Mini Bangs on Shaggy Wavy Hair
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

You’ll be on trend in a multi-layered bob with mini bangs on chin-length wavy hair. You will change the shape of your bob cut by adding lots of square layers, shagging things out. This layering technique will allow for a flatter crown, which is visually appealing when styling your new shape. Chin-length shaggy hairstyles embrace straight or wavy hair. So your finish is organic and effortless.

Short Layered Shag with Long Front Layers

If you’re looking for a trendy short cut but need to shape a wider set face, consider a pixie with shaggy layers. The shorter layers push your hair inward. This will crop your face’s width, giving it a thinner appearance. The textured frame also hugs your face making your eyes the focal point. This is also ideal for a client that doesn’t like to show her ears.

Chin-Length Choppy Shag with Curtain Bangs

For women with a longer shape face shape, consider a chin-length shag cut. The textured layers can be shaped to wisp outward, opening your hair and making your face wider. When choosing a salon, ask for a stylist who specializes in short cuts. If your hair doesn’t naturally flip out, you can use a flat iron and pivot it in a c-shape.

Shaggy Razor Cut for Curly Hair

Shaggy Razor Cut for Chin-Length Curly Hair
Instagram @sara.cottrell.hairstylist

If you have curly hair and want a modern short cut to show off your curls, consider a curly shag. When cutting curly hair with a razor, be mindful of the tension, as it can cause frizziness if there’s too much. A straight razor will give your client a more fluffy look. Diffuse with your favorite deva curl gel or cream to help give your waves more definition.

Blonde Shaggy Bob with Pastel Pink Highlights

Chin-Length Blonde Shaggy Bob with Pastel Pink Highlights
Instagram @hairbytro

If you’re looking for a wispy, textured hairstyle, consider a shaggy bob! Your hairstylist will take your normal bob and modernize it with lots of layers. This cut will look great if you have curly hair. Or if you decide to style it curly, as it allows you to see the different lengths of layers and texture.

Chin-Length Shag with Blunt Bangs for Thin Hair

Chin-Length Shag with Blunt Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @bangzbybre

One of the most popular haircuts right now is chin-length shags with bangs. Girls everywhere are opting for undone shag in various lengths and styles. This style can work for you whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair! Ask your stylist for tips on how to get an effortless style.

Face-Framing Wispy Bob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and are looking for a cut to give you body and texture, try a shaggy bob. This style is very versatile and can be worn in different lengths. And it can be worn with or without bangs depending on your face shape. Consult your stylist on products to enhance the texture and volume, and get tips on style!

Bronde Choppy Bob and Shaggy Bangs

Chin-Length Bronde Choppy Bob and Shaggy Bangs
Instagram @jillianfloyd.art

If you have fine hair and want a fuller textured look, ask your stylist for a feathered French bob. The softness in the layers stacks your hair for volume, making your hair look choppy. Your wispy ends allow you to wear your hair in any direction. This is good if you have a rounder face, as the layers can lay toward your face, giving a narrower appearance.

Textured Shaggy Crop with Very Short Layers

Chin-Length Textured Shaggy Crop with Very Short Layers
Instagram @ashadoeshair

Try a textured shaggy crop with short layers if you want a chic and messy haircut. This look is for anyone who isn’t afraid to step out and be bold! This short shag cut looks adorable for girls with curly locks. You won’t need to do much to achieve the textured look you want, as this short cut is low-maintenance. Ask your stylist to try razored layers for extra piece-y vibes.

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