74 Flattering Hairstyles for Thinning Hair (Popular for 2023)

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Finding the best hairstyles for thinning hair can be a challenge. But, with the right hairstyle and product line-up, you can create volume-boosting looks that even girls with the fullest and thickest hair would be jealous of! Take a look at these trendy photos and find your next inspiration that will give life to your thinning and flat hair.

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Side-Swept Bob for Thinning Hair
Instagram @luizalves_pro

#1: Easy Side-Swept Bob

This look is effortless and understated. It’s modern and easy to style for an undone day-to-day casual look. But, it can be worn ultra-smooth for a chic nighttime event. The color is simply meant to enhance the client’s natural cool brunette undertones. I would recommend sticking close to your natural hair color. Because this is a single shade, not a dimensional highlighted look – the regrowth line would be harsh if it wasn’t a close match to the natural.

#2: Ice Blonde Blunt Cut

I suggest a blunt haircut for a style to give you the most body. You can create volume by adding highlights to help swell the hair’s cuticle. This creates texture. It can be done without over-processing your hair with an experienced stylist.

Trendy Platinum Pixie with a Wispy Fringe for Thinning Hair
Instagram @ayhair.stylist

#3: Trendy Platinum Pixie with a Wispy Fringe

Consider the simplicity of a platinum pixie with a wispy fringe. If you’re not sure how to handle your fine hair, a flatter style is the way to go. When your hair is combed closer to the head, you cannot see through it as easily. You’ll want to avoid curling it as well, as this will lift your root to show scalp. A blonde color is a great idea to build body into your strands, plumping up your hair cuticle.

#4: Inverted Bixie Haircut for Women Over 60

Women over 60 will love the interesting shape of an inverted bixie haircut. More layered and shorter than a bob, but longer and softer than a pixie, this cut has game. You’ll enjoy such versatility with this shape. You can tousle forwards, tuck back, or even curl it, and it will turn out great. Ask your stylist for a graduated nape and lots of texture and layers throughout the sides. But, leave some length on top. These guidelines will give you the perfect shape to play with.

Deep Side-Parted Straight Long Thinning Hair
Instagram @hairbyjazmeen

#5: Deep Side-Parted Straight Long Hair

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, try a deep side part with your long hair. It will give an illusion of a fuller hairline. When parting and styling your hair against how it grows, it allows your hair to appear more voluminous. When styling, don’t part your hair yet. Instead, style it in the middle or opposite of where you want it to part. This will give max volume for your final style.

#6: Sleek Pixie Cut for Short Hair

For an awesome look, a pink pixie cut is something that won’t let you down. When I am doing this trendy cut on my clients, I find it looks best when finished with a lot of texturizing. This ensures the cut falls into place just as it should. Style with a wax or pomade for a cool, edgy look.

Shadow-Rooted Blonde Highlights on Extra Long Straight Hair
Instagram @bormannjr

#7: Shadow-Rooted Blonde Highlights on Extra Long Hair

Shadow-rooted blonde highlights on extra long hair are the way to go. We love the brightness and dimension that comes with a full head of blonde highlights on long hair. You’ll want to start with a full highlight if you wear your hair in a ponytail for blonde throughout and avoid seeing dark when your hair is up. You don’t need to get a full highlight at every salon visit. I would suggest a partial highlight about 6 to 8 weeks after a full highlight. Color glaze appointments in between highlighting services will keep the blonde bright and shiny.

Straight Shoulder-Length Sliced Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @taichisuzuki

#8: Shoulder-Length Sliced Bob with Wispy Bangs

A shoulder-length sliced bob with wispy bangs is versatile and easygoing. The slicing will create texture and movement to otherwise limp hair. Wispy bangs are the perfect accessory to a nice bob to show off your eyes and cheekbones. Be sure to get advice on how to style at home from your stylist. I suggest using volumizing products and rough drying your hair, and finishing with a little round brush action to hold the shape and add shine.

Mid-Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends and Full Fringe
Instagram @anna__ujina

#9: Mid-Length Hair with Textured Ends and Full Fringe

Consider textured ends and full fringe if you want to add some life to your mid-length hair! Your hair will look flawless in a high bun or worn straight. If you like versatility then you have found the right hairstyle.

#10: Feminine Wavy Razored Cut with Side Bangs

Textured haircuts are something I suggest to clients if you have fine hair but still want movement. This haircut is so versatile and looks good styled both curled and straight. If you want to try a trendy way to style your new cut, twist your hair, pull back, and secure hair with pins for a low-effort, chic look.

Trendsetting Wolf Shag with a Micro Fringe for Thin Hair
Instagram @elysiahoney

#11: Trendsetting Wolf Shag with a Micro Fringe

The wolf shag with a micro fringe is a cute and edgy haircut that is great if your hair is on the fine side. The piecey micro fringe and feathered sides frame your face beautifully, putting an accent on your eyes and cheekbones. When styling, add some dry shampoo powder like Redken and comb through with your fingers.

Middle Part and Sleek Subtle Layers for Thinning Hair
Instagram @jenthestylist_

#12: Middle Part and Sleek Subtle Layers

A middle part and sleek subtle layers are great for an easy-going yet stylish look. Hair parted in the middle is great for all hair types and face shapes. If your hair is thin, it will give you the illusion of more hair on each side. If thick, it will give you a more even and uniform shape. The sleek, subtle layering along with the middle part will create a thinning effect on your face and a nice shape overall.

Soft Wavy Shaggy Layers with a Face Frame for Thinning Hair
Instagram @han.thehairwitch

#13: Soft Wavy Shaggy Layers with a Face Frame

We love some soft wavy shaggy layers with a face frame. This is a classic look with a subtle nod to the trendy shag. The short wavy layering creates a shape that is unique to your face structure. If you will be using hot tools to curl your hair, be sure to use a nourishing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Styling will be minimal, as a typical shag is styled air-dried and add a few big curls, finish with a texture spray.

Straight U-Cut Thinning Hair with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @taichisuzuki

#14: Straight U-Cut Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Simple but beautiful, straight u-cut hair with side-swept bangs is a perfect choice. You’ll love the longer lengths of the layers, that will blow dry smooth easily. Be sure to blow dry your bangs on the flatter side and towards the side for a modern style. You’ll have to keep your ends trimmed about every 8 weeks to keep your style looking fresh.

Thinning Side Part Shoulder-Length Cut with Balayage
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#15: Side Part Shoulder-Length Cut with Balayage

A side part shoulder-length cut with balayage is a great low-maintenance yet sophisticated look. Cutting fine, thin hair to a shoulder length will take weight away and give your hair much-needed volume. If you want a more elegant look, part your hair on the side and add some waves curled all in the same direction. The balayage coloring leaves your natural hair at the roots and is painted lighter from the mids to ends to give the illusion of a natural blonde. The balayage is low-maintenance as the roots can grow out smoothly with no line of growth.

Sassy Blonde Textured Bob and Bangs for Thinning Hair
Instagram @hairbyheloaho

#16: Sassy Blonde Textured Bob and Bangs

A blonde textured bob and bangs is a good option for most hair textures and face shapes. When choosing this style, ask your stylist the length that will suit you best. Once you have the length determined, play it up with texture. Texture is how you’ll be able to get the volume and movement. In addition to texture, curling with a smaller barrel iron, and leaving the ends straight, will also add volume and sass.

#17: Disconnected Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs

Try something fun with a disconnected shag cut with curtain bangs. One of the best haircuts for thin hair is a short shag with bangs to frame your face. Your stylist can adjust the cut to suit your face shape and add fullness and volume. Use a leave-in volumizing cream or spray before blow drying. Style with a curling iron or wand, let cool and then run your fingers through your hair finishing with a texture spray.

Lived-in Choppy Lob with Tousled Waves for Thinning Hair
Instagram @vibrant.beauty.with

#18: Lived-in Choppy Lob with Tousled Waves

Try the favored lived-in choppy lob with tousled waves. This cut rocks a section hanging down in the front, which gives you a sexy shape. If your bangs aren’t quite long enough for that elongated front, give them time to grow and you’ll get there. The medium choppy layers will give you a lived-in, messy style and will make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. Try it and you’ll see why this shape is so popular.

#19: Low-Maintenance Graduated Bob Haircut

Try a low-maintenance graduated bob haircut if you have fine thin hair. For those with straight hair, ask your stylist to add some surface layers just on the top. It will help your hair not lay so flat against your head. Angling the perimeter at a 45-degree angle removes the corner and softens the style. Spray with a light hairspray to keep flyaways down, and you’re ready to hit the door.

#20: Short Blunt Cut with Soft Layers and Waves

A short blunt cut with soft layers and waves is a popular choice right now. The best parts of this bob are the blunt ends and the soft curtain bangs. When adding waves go for a big barrel iron and bigger sections. The bigger the section, the looser the curl. Big curls help with the volume and piecey-ness. Don’t forget your heat spray. Protect your locks.

Classic Chin-Length Bob with Long Side Bangs for Thinning Hair
Instagram @donalaruesalon

#21: Classic Chin-Length Bob with Long Side Bangs

Give your long locks a chop with a classic chin-length bob with long side bangs. Long hair can be aging and can drag your face down. Women with thin hair should not have super long locks because it will give the appearance of flatter, thinner hair. When the length is released it will give the optical illusion of fuller-looking strands. Add a side bang for extra lift and body.

#22: Tousled Bob with Beach Waves and Straight Bangs

A tousled bob with beach waves and straight bangs is a modern style that offers easy effort to a chic look. The tousled bob is great for thin, fine hair as it’s texturized in a way to create movement and an illusion of fullness. To keep it from falling flat, use a volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and mousse. Towel dry your hair well before putting in mousse, if you have some natural waves you will be able to enhance those curls with a diffuser. If you have straight hair, use a round brush to add lift before using an iron to add waves.

Long Blonde Layers and Face-Framing Pieces for Thinning Hair
Instagram @by_jefflemes

#23: Long Blonde Layers and Face-Framing Pieces

Long blonde layers and face-framing pieces equal the quintessential modern elegance look. Not only always fresh looking and always in style, but an easy-going look that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Keeping the layers longer will make your thin hair appear thicker and keep the density in your strands at the ends. When going blonde for the first time, you must be sure to use professional products to keep the blonde fresh and not dull. Before blow drying, use a quarter-size amount of volumizing mousse or setting lotion to lock your style in place.

#24: White-Blonde Pixie Crop with Piecey Layers

The white-blonde pixie crop with piecey layers gives off the quintessential cool-girl chic vibe. The pixie crop may be the right haircut for you if you have thin, fine hair and have trouble getting volume. The piecey layering gives movement to thinner hair without taking away from volume and overall look of thickness. Styling will be minimal, blow dry across the shape of your head with a flat brush, then finish with a texture cream or spray.

Soft Disheveled Pixie with a Deep Side Part for Thinner Hair
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#25: Soft Disheveled Pixie with a Deep Side Part

If you lack thickness, a soft disheveled pixie with a deep side part will give you an effortlessly elegant, flirty-looking style. How deep the side part is will mostly be dependent on the growth patterns of your hair. Sometimes, a cowlick can help give you a nice voluminous part. The messy texture will make your hair look thicker and give off a younger-looking version of a pixie. Styling will be minimal, use a blow dryer and your hands to put it into place, and finish with a pomade or texture paste.

Thinning Grey Pixie Bob with Silver Highlights
Instagram @allyjartistry

#26: Grey Pixie Bob with Silver Highlights

A grey pixie bob with silver highlights is the classic look to let your hair go natural and still look incredibly chic. Letting your hair go grey can be a big change, but a very freeing feeling, and what better time than now when silver hair is all the rage? A short bob will help your thin hair with natural volume in the way the layers are cut to enhance and shape volume around the curvature of your head. Styling will be minimal, using a volumizing mousse and a round brush for extra volume and hold.

Medium Permed Hair with Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @tiptopknot

#27: Medium Permed Hair with Curtain Bangs

Medium permed hair with curtain bangs gives the illusion of thicker-looking hair. The perm will not only add volume but help with the hold of the style. Lots of layers and textures create movement and add dimension to otherwise flat, dull hair. Using a curl cream and a diffuser to blow dry and incorporating a small round brush to style the curtain bangs will leave you with minimal effort, yet gorgeous results.

#28: Very Short Feathered Crop with Short Bangs

A very short feathered crop with short bangs helps give body and movement to otherwise flat hair. Cutting thin, fine hair shorter will provide the support you need for lasting volume. Using a volumizing system such as volumizing shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and hairspray will help support the locks for lasting volume throughout the day. As a stylist myself, I like to add a volumizing paste to add texture to give the short crop definition.

Side Part Medium-Length Thinning Hair with Sun-Kissed Balayage
Instagram @hairzbykd

#29: Side Part Medium-Length Hair with Sun-Kissed Balayage

Try a sun-kissed balayage with medium-length hair and a heavy side part. Balayage with soft waves gives a romantic style wearable during the day or evening. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut if it’s thinner. A nice trick for volume is to part your hair on the opposite side that you are used to, it will have some extra lift at the root.

#30: Beautiful Brunette Bob with Light Layers and Bangs

The brunette bob with light layers and bangs is a brilliant cut to disguise thin hair to look thicker. This cut looks great on thin, fine hair as the hair is not overly layered, which avoids the ends looking sparse. Face-framing is not as blended with the bangs but left with the longer pieces to create shape yet keep fullness in your hair. Styling is best with a volumizing mousse and dry your hair upside down, then final touches with a round brush to smooth it.

#31: Soft Bangs and Layers on Mid-Length Hair

Soft bangs and layers on mid-length hair look sophisticated yet fun. The soft bangs are great for women with a receding hairline or those that want to minimize the forehead. The layers create movement, which lends to the illusion of thickness. Blow dry with a volumizing mousse and round brush, don’t be afraid to give your bangs lots of volume with the curvature of the round brush, as this will settle into place. Finish your hair with curls for extra volume and movement and a touch of hairspray.

Wispy Blonde Pixie with Thinning Choppy Layers
Instagram @landj_hair

#32: Wispy Blonde Pixie with Choppy Layers

Go for a wispy blonde pixie cut with piecey textured layers. A cropped haircut works well with very thin hair giving you volume and texture. Short pixies look great on heart, oval, and diamond face shapes. Adding a little wispy bang that you can sweep to the side or lift up and back is very modern. You’re looking at about every 4-6 weeks for maintaining this style.

#33: Youthful Feathery Pixie with Short Sides

Give your hair a fresh start with a feathery pixie with short sides. If your hair is fine, a feathery pixie will be perfect for you. Transform your thin locks to look fuller on the top with soft and feathery layers. Make your thin hairstyles look fuller using a small round brush at the top to get a little lift at your crown. I always use a small curling iron and tease the top to set for a long-lasting style.

#34: Sleek Collarbone Bob with Thin Bangs

A sleek collarbone bob with thin bangs gives a youthful touch to a classic cut. When it comes to bobs, there are a million versions, but a textured one-length will give the illusion of thicker hair. A one-length bob for thin hair is a great way to go. This will bring as many hairs to the same length as possible to create maximum fullness.

#35: Strong Thick Bangs

Fine or thinning strands shouldn’t make you shy away from trying blunt bangs with face-framing layers. Have your stylist give you a thick fringe with well-blended layers to master this look. This style will work for all hair densities and long, heart, triangle, and oval face shapes. Try Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder for soft, shiny hair with mega volume.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Spritz roots with a volumizing root booster.
  3. Blow dry fringe with a small paddle brush, moving bangs from side to side (like windshield wipers).
  4. Once bangs are dry, section off crown area.
  5. Blow dry underneath using a paddle brush.
  6. Round brush top section.
  7. Gently wrap hair in large Velcro rollers. Mist with hairspray and blast with the blow dryer.
  8. Allow rollers to cool.
  9. Remove rollers and spray with a flexible hold hairspray.
Blonde Wispy Thin Hair with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @bricia.g_artistry

#36: Blonde Wispy Hair with Wispy Bangs

Blonde wispy hair with wispy bangs is a great style for a woman with a thinner or finer hair texture. This cut accentuates the texture you already own, so run with it. It’ll make your life easier. Adding blonde highlights will help plump your stands, making them feel thicker and adding a little volume.

Effortless Blonde Balayage Wavy Bob for Thinning Hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#37: Effortless Blonde Balayage Wavy Bob

A wavy bob is a fun look you will love. This dimensional color and waves will create movement and fullness. Make sure you curl your hair away from your face to keep your tresses looking natural!

#38: Amazing Layered Bob or Lob

A layered bob haircut is a great hairstyle for thinning hair because the added layers create volume. Your hairstylist might consider creating this shape by point cutting the perimeter/layers and texturizing the finished look. Creating dimension with color and layering up a bob can make fine hair come to life.

I believe many women could consider a look like this because it’s a fairly low-maintenance color and haircut. I would customize the tone of highlights to the client. This haircut I believe, shows best when done on fine/medium types, and a client who will either take the time to create texture using products like texture sprays or sea salt sprays.

Long Layers for Thinning Hair
Instagram @joahhmendes

#39: Long Layers

Adding a dimension to long layers creates movement and gives the illusion of thicker hair. Ask your stylist for dimensional hair color next time you’re in the salon. This style will work for all face shapes and hair densities. Try Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for texture and shine with a bit of grittiness for volume.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, spritz roots with a dry shampoo.
  2. Using a 1¼-inch curling iron, take thick sections of hair and wrap around curling iron vertically.
  3. Allow hair to heat thoroughly and release.
  4. Continue working vertically around the head until all hair is curled.
  5. Gently backcomb crown area.
  6. Using your fingers, gently break up curls and smooth backcombing.
  7. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

#40: Younger-Looking Layered Pixie

This haircut is a fun sexy asymmetrical lived-in pixie. These are the best haircuts because it’s effortless for the guest, so they should be able to do as little or as much as they want with their style and still look fabulous.

This cut and color are great for someone who is low-maintenance day-to-day but is ok getting it touched up in 6 weeks at a minimum. This haircut has no age or demographic you can rock this as a 13-year-old or a 70-year-old, and as long as you are feeling yourself, everyone else will see that shine through.

A Mmssy textured lob hairstyle for thinning hair types
Instagram @hairby.tia

#41: Messy Textured Lob

This textured lob is one of my favorites for my clients with fine hair, as well as those who are growing short hair. It gives that awkward grow-out length some style. The seamless layers create that extra boost of volume that everyone loves. A rooted blonde is a great option for women who love being a brighter blonde but don’t want that harsh grow out. It’s perfect for those that want a low-maintenance blonde color.

This look can be worn by all hair types, including straight or curly hair. I find that it looks best with some type of wave or curl in it. I recommend using a 1-inch curling iron or wand on fine hair with problems holding a curl and 1.25 inches for all other hair types. I finish the look with a dry texture spray. I typically use Unite Texturiza. This medium-hold spray adds texture, volume, & fullness. Hold the can 8-10-inches away & spray on dry hair.

A Low-Maintenance long bob haircut with curls for thinning hair
Instagram @faithinshears

#42: Low-Maintenance Long Bob Curls

I would describe this look as having a strong shape with low-maintenance curls. I love that it’s such a great combination of having a structured perimeter with the triangle one-length cut but still has a tousled style with soft curls to create balance. This cut and style is versatile for wide range of face shapes. The cut is perfect for women who want to make a bold statement with their hair yet keep it simple because of their extremely busy lifestyle.

#43: Playful Pixie Cut

One of the best haircuts for thinning is the textured pixie cut because it creates a wispy, shaggy look to add fullness to your hair. With this style, you can mix short, clean sides and have a fun texture that is longer on top.

There are many options for styling that allow you to change up your look. You can wear it straight, with waves, or spike it up. You can play with this style and have a different look every day. This style is perfect for older women who don’t like to do much with their hair but still want to look young. This hairstyle will fit pretty much any face shape and hair texture.

#44: Very Natural and Lived-in

My client has a lot of fine hair. When she came to me here, she had over-processed hair, which was more blonde than she wanted. I added an ashy neutral level 6 light brown base color, using Goldwell at the root. I melted the root into the lowlights, then glossed it with neutral beige Redken shades eq.

This look is achievable and a very natural, lived-in look. I love the whole lived-in trend right now. We stayed very close to her natural hair color. We just enhanced it by taking out any dullness and adding more vibrant tones. We also stayed very close to her straight texture with a smoother style.

#45: Playful Texture

This look is great for naturally curly hair to let loose and express itself. There is a lot of texture to help get fun and playful movement. Not much styling is required, and the best styling will probably be done on your pillow!

One thing to consider when getting shorter haircuts is how the cut will compliment your face shape. Pay close attention to areas you’d like to show off, such as your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. The best face shape for this particular cut is square, heart-shaped, round, and oval. This haircut is great for hair that is thicker near the roots but seems to thin out toward the ends. Cutting off those scraggly ends will elevate your aesthetic and grab you a lot of compliments.

A casual face framing-shag-haircut-for-thinning-hairstyle
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#46: Casual Face-Framing Shag

A modern shag is a great way to fake volume, as all the texturing adds life even to the most lifeless hair. It focuses on face-framing layers, creating softness around the face and volume at the crown. It’s a cut that works at any length or density by simply adjusting the number of layers someone would have based on the overall shape/style they are going for.

This is a great cut for someone that is trying to plump up their hair and add movement. Styling is easy because it can either be air dried with a salt spray and/or smoothing cream, or it can blow dried with a thickening spray or mousse to create a little more lift on the crown.

#47: Textured Pixie Cut

This pixie haircut is a textured look. The cut shows off all the layering while leaving the edges soft. It’s a classic look that won’t ever go out of style. To style, use a texture paste on your hair when it is wet, followed up by a pomade on dry hair to define the cut.

A Versatile Blunt Bob Haircut
Instagram @headkase_dxb

#48: Versatile Blunt Bob

I would call this style a blunt bob. I have put some texture through it but without any layering, which in turn, is why I love this look so much. It’s the versatility that makes it easy for the client to handle. Without the layers, it is quick and easy to style with a quick and simple blow-dry for women on the go. But, ut can look beautiful and stylish with a soft wave to give it some movement and sass.

With full haircuts like this, you always need to keep in mind the natural volume and movement you already have. This cut can work with most textures, but if you have strong and unruly hair, my advice would be to keep it a bit longer as it will bounce up and look a bit triangular, which isn’t very complimentary to most face shapes.

graduated a-line bob for women over 50
Instagram @aidilesdayspa

#49: Graduated A-Line Bob for Women Over 50

Consider a bob that is graduated or stacked in the back if you have thin hair. My favorite thing about this short haircut for women over 50 is that it can be worn straight with volume in the crown or curled with a 1-inch iron to create a beach wave.

Hair should be medium to fine and manageable to wear this look. I advise getting a Keratin treatment if your hair is overly thick or coarse. I recommend Goldwell Kerasilk Repower Volume Plumping Cream for fine, limp hair. Blow dry with a 1-inch round brush, rolling your hair under.

#50: Depth With Pops of Color

Our goal with this look was to create more depth with pops of color. We created a balayage look with some dimension, mainly creating more brightness around the face. The result was kind of like a halo, with soft tones pulling through the back of the hair and a higher contrast around the hairline.

To achieve this style, I suggest adding a smoothing lusterizer of some sort to damp hair. To help with frizz and unruliness, I used TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer. Once hair is completely dry, you can either spray in a light flexible hairspray all over or a texture spray to create a lighter texture. Joico’s Hair Shake works well too.

#51: Slightly Graduated Bob with Texture

This is a slightly graduated bob with texture. I love it because it is a classic shape that can be styled differently. For this client with thin but coarse hair, I recommend Oribe’s Supershine straight away blow-out balm. We finished with Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray. This look is ideal for the slightly lower maintenance client that likes lived-in hair.

A fun and textured beachy look for thinning hair
Instagram @timdbarneshair

#52: California Beach Babe

I would describe the look as a California beach babe look. My favorite part is that it is a fun textured look, and it’s easy to do! As the day continues, your hair gets more texture and more fun.

I recommend Pravana Volumizing Foam and Moroccan Oil Texture Spray Wax to give it a beach effect. Use a 1-inch curler or wand to get the loose waves. This is perfect for fine to medium hair. In terms of skin tone, it can be worn across the board. Because the length is just past the shoulder, most face shapes should match. Just remember not to overlayer your hair, or you will lose the shape of your haircut.

An adorable faux bob for thinning hair
Hair by PK Design Team, Makeup Betty Mekonnen for Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, Woburn, MA.

#53: Faux Bob

This tousled curly look paired with beautiful blonde hair is fun and sassy! This cut and style combo is the perfect way to give extra texture and thickness to the finest hair. Heart-shaped faces wear this look best, while hair that is fine to thin and naturally wavy to curly makes it easy to recreate this style. Label.m thickening cream gives extra thickness and soft hold to thin hair. Just remember that a little goes a long way.

How To Style Your Thinning Hair:

  1. Apply a thickening mousse to towel dried hair.
  2. Blow dry hair using a diffuser. Turn your dryer to the highest heat setting, but lowest force.
  3. Using a small curling wand, add extra curls if needed.
  4. Apply a volumizing powder to root area.
  5. Shake it out and get ready for some fun!

#54: Sweet Short Haircut with Messy Waves

A cute bob accentuated by natural waves in mid part created by stylist Melissa. A dark-to-light ombre completes the whole visage.

#55: Simple Top Knot

Exude elegance while keeping your hair off your face in the most glamorous way possible: a messy top knot embezzled with gold pins to keep everything dainty.

Layered Beach Waves for Thinning Hair Types
Instagram @alexcalvohair

#56: Layered Beach Waves

Stylist Alex creates a harmonious blend of brunette and icy blonde hair. Of course, no other than loose messy locks let down would complete this look.

The cutest copper ombre hair color for women with thinning hair
Hair Hailey Lubbock, Makeup Lizzy Watson for William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa, Davenport, IA

#57: Copper Ombre’

Adding a bright copper to your ends gives it extra style and texture. Paired with longer layers and a blunt base, it creates weight in even the finest of textures.

How To Style:

  1. After shampooing hair with a volumizing color safe shampoo and conditioner, apply a thickening cream or mousse.
  2. Blow dry hair with a large paddle brush, lifting at roots for extra volume.
  3. Once hair is dry, use a flat iron set at the lowest heat setting to smooth ends.
  4. Finish with a light shine spray.
A flawless deep side part with teal blue hair color for thinning hair
Hair by Kelli Stevens, Makeup Amy Carter for Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology, Columbia, SC

#58: Teal Blue Deep Side Part

Dive into the blue with this amazing deep teal color that is shown off with a rough texture. The deep side part helps your hair appear fuller. To keep your fashion colors from fading fast, using a dry shampoo is a must. The bonus is that a lot of them (including Pravana’s Fresh dry shampoo) are also very volumizing. Use it on a wash day for extra volume, or on that 2nd or 3rd day hair too!

How To Style:

  1. Apply sea salt spray to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry hair with just your fingers, moving it in different directions to give extra body.
  3. Once it is completely dry, using a large curling iron to curl different sized sections in alternating directions.
  4. Flip head over and give your curls a shake out once they are cooled.
  5. Spray sea salt spray in hair and scrunch ends where needed.

#59: Popular Angled Bob

This softly angled bob gives thinner, finer hair the option of a little extra length. The stacked layers in the back beautifully create more volume and fullness. A lot of finer-haired women are scared of any type of lotion in their hair, but Kevin Murphy’s Full Again thickening lotion doesn’t weigh your hair down and creates a full, smooth blowout.

How To Style:

  1. Apply thickening lotion to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry hair using a medium round brush.
  3. Once hair is dry, use a large curling iron just on the ends of hair to give them a soft curl or bend.
  4. Finish with your favorite hairspray.
Shoulder-Length Middle Part
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#60: Shoulder-Length Middle Part

A classic, softly layered at the ends and raised around your face mid-length cut may seem like a boring choice, but paired with great highlights and a lowlight, it gives fun and style! Fine to thin hair that is naturally straight on any face shape looks fabulous in this classic look. A great thickening mousse is Pravana’s Full Volume. It uses cottonseed to plump each strand and give amazing shine, too!

How To Style:

  1. Use a thickening cream or mousse on damp hair that has been washed with a volumizing shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Blow dry hair using a concentrator on your dryer and a flat brush. Lift hair at scalp to add extra volume.
  3. Use a flat iron set at a low heat setting (this protects your fine tresses from the heat and your color from fading) to smooth out ends of hair.
  4. Use a texture powder to smooth any flyaways or ends.
Chic Long layers with bangs for women with thinning hair
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#61: Chic Long Layers with Bangs

Added layers will volumize limp strands. This style can be changed so easily, too, by simply adding curls or waves. The best face shapes for this easy and soft style are oval, diamond, or heart. Fine-to-thin textures that are straight will make styling a breeze.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a medium hold volumizing spray from roots to ends.
  2. Blow dry hair in sections, lifting hair up and away from your head to create volume and turning the ends under. I recommend using a medium-sized round brush, but if you have shorter layers, you can also use a small round brush.
  3. Using your favorite hairspray, mist your entire head and piece out and separate the layers.
  4. Finish off with your favorite shine spray.

#62: Stunning Razored Bob

If you’re looking for short hairstyles for thinning hair, then consider this razor cut. Combining textured ends and graduation creates a look that is full of more volume and movement. This style will work for oval, triangle, oblong, and heart face shapes and all hair densities.

Super Trendy Blunt Bob for Thinning Hair
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#63: Super Trendy Blunt Bob

The quickest way to make the appearance of fuller hair is a blunt haircut with minimal layering. Next time you’re in the salon, ask your stylist for a blunt bob with slight graduation. This style will work best for heart and oval face shapes and thin to medium hair densities.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with damp hair, apply a blow dry lotion from roots to tips.
  2. Blow dry hair with a small paddle brush.
  3. Gently backcomb crown area.
  4. Run a flat iron over the backcombing.
  5. Gently brush out the backcombing.
  6. Spray hair with a flexible hold hairspray.
  7. Smooth hair with 1-inch flat iron.
Amazing loose waves for ladies with thinning hair

#64 Amazing Loose Waves

Loose waves add body and bulk up long, layered hairstyles and are super easy to create.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean dry hair, spritz roots with a texturizing spray.
  2. Section off the crown area.
  3. Using a triple barrel waver, begin waving the hair underneath by taking small vertical sections.
  4. Allow hair to cool.
  5. Unclip top section. Section off the bang area. Begin waving the top section by working in small vertical sections. Once the top (except the bangs) is finished, allow waves to cool.
  6. Take bang section and round brush hair forward.
  7. Position bangs to the side and spray with hairspray.
  8. Gently run fingers through waves.
  9. Gently backcomb crown area.
  10. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray.
Naturally Curly
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#65: Naturally Curly

Naturally curly hairstyles for thinning hair can be challenging. But, with a bit of product and a little help from the blow dryer, it’s easy to have full locks. This style will work for oval, heart, or long face shapes and all hair densities.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Apply a small amount of gel to the ends.
  3. Starting in the nape, create twists of various sizes. Continue working up until all hair is twisted.
  4. Using a diffuser, gently blow dry hair until it is mostly dry.
  5. Gently shake out twists.
  6. Mist hair with hairspray.
  7. Allow to air dry.

#66: Big Hair, Don’t Care

If you love big hair, this is the perfect style for you! It’s full of volume and stylishly put together. The mega volume starts in the shower with volume-enhancing shampoos and conditioners. Try Prive’s Amplifying Shampoo and Daily Conditioner to prep your hair for ultra volume.

Bold tousled curls for women with thinning hair
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#67: Bold Tousled Curls

Adding curls is the easiest way to create the illusion of volume and body to thinning locks. Try Kerastase’s Double Force Controle Ultime for stronger locks and long-lasting hold.

Peoples Princess Thinning Hairstyles

#68 The People’s Princess

Channel your inner princess Diana with this chic and sultry style. This style works best for oval, long, heart, and square face shapes and medium to thin hair densities.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Spritz roots with a volumizing root booster.
  3. Blow dry hair with a small round brush.
  4. Emulsify a small amount of pomade in your hands and gently work through hair for texture.
Hairstyle with natural waves for thinning hair
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#69: Natural Waves

This boho style emphasizes natural body and volume with minimal effort. Plus, this style will work for all face shapes and all hair densities.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Create two braids starting at the top of the ears.
  3. Allow braids to dry.
  4. Release braids.
  5. Mist ends with a sea salt spray.
  6. Scrunch and allow to air dry.
An trendy twisted messy updo for thinning hair

#70 Twisted Messy Updo

Looking for a stylish updo for an event, but worried your thinning locks will ruin the style? Updos for thin hair requires extra length to make up for the thinness of the hair. So if you have longer locks, try this gorgeous style and put all of those worries to rest.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, spritz roots and ends with a texturizing spray.
  2. Set hair in hot rollers.
  3. Section hair from ear to ear.
  4. Pull all hair from behind your ears into a ponytail.
  5. Backcomb crown area and create part.
  6. Gently smooth backcombed area.
  7. Take a small section and twist back towards ponytail. Secure twist into ponytail.
  8. Take a larger section and twist. Secure into ponytail.
  9. Gently twist ends of ponytail and secure, allowing curled ends to remain loose.
  10. Spray hair with a strong hold hairspray.
An exquisite color panel hair color for thinning hair

#71 Color Panel

Coloring your hair underneath darker helps it to look overall thicker and fuller look. Next time you’re at the salon, have your stylist add panels of one to two shades darker than your natural color to the underneath of your hair. You’ll instantly feel like you made your hair appear thicker!

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Blow dry hair using a paddle brush.
  3. Gently smooth ends with a flat iron.
  4. Backcomb crown area.
  5. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

#72: Perfectly Polished Ponytail

This is the perfect pony for a day at the office, brunch with the girls, or date night, and it’s super easy to do!

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean dry hair, spritz roots with dry shampoo.
  2. Backcomb crown area.
  3. Divide hair into two low pigtails, one centered and the other just off center.
  4. Remove the off center ponytail holder and gently twist.
  5. Secure twist to centered ponytail.
  6. Curl ends of ponytail with a 1-inch curling iron.
  7. Spray with a strong hold hairspray.
A long glamourous blowout hairstyle for ladies with thinning hair

#73 Glamorous Blowout

Channel your inner Duchess with this glamour blowout. The deeper side part and some mousse will add a little boost to create a fuller look. Try Verb’s Styling Cream for a soft hold with heat protection and natural shine.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Apply a small amount of argan oil to ends.
  3. Starting at the nape of neck, blow dry hair using a medium-sized round brush, working in small sections.
  4. After each section is dry, roll into a curl and secure with a bobby pin.
  5. Continue working around head, repeating steps 3 and 4.
  6. Allow hair to cool.
  7. Unclip hair and gently run fingers through hair.
  8. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray.
Beautiful Textured Ends for Ladies with Thinning Hair
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#74: Beautiful Textured Ends

To have the appearance of thicker hair, try this style for a youthful look that’s sleek with a bit of texture on the ends.

How To Style

  1. Starting with clean damp hair, apply a palm-full of volumizing mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Blow dry hair straight with a paddle brush.
  3. Using a flat iron, gently bend bangs under and smooth ends of hair.
  4. Apply a small amount of argan oil to ends.

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