70+ Wolf Cut Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for ideas for wolf cuts (the cross between a shag and a mullet), then you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find lots of ways you can get this trending haircut.

medium length wolf cuts
Go for the hottest new trend - the wolf haircut. It's even better at medium-length.
wolf cut with bangs
Wolf cuts are already the hottest new hairstyle right now. Amp up your trendy style with bangs!
wolf cut
Opt for a wolf hairstyle next time you visit the salon. It's the newest trend!
wolf cut hair short
If you love rocking short hair, ask your stylist for a wolf cut! It's the newest, trendiest, and most flattering hairstyle.
wavy hair wolf cut
Add texture to your hair doesn't have to be boring, it can be trendy, too! Check out these wolf cuts that work best with wavy hair.
wolf cut curly hair
Wolf cuts are the trendiest hairstyle since the shag for curly hair.
wolf cut long hair
We got you awesome long wolf cut hair ideas to check out and spice up your overall appearance!
Wolf Cut Mullets for Women
Pair your wolf haircut with a mullet for a trendy and stylish new hairdo.