100+ Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in Spring 2023

If you’re looking for Spring of 2023’s best ideas for getting a short haircut or styling your short hair, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll see galleries filled with inspiring pictures of popular short hairdos and haircuts for women of every age group, hair type, and face shape. I’ll also share with you my best tips for choosing, maintaining, and styling short hair.

You should know that short hair is great if you have fine or thin hair, as it will help boost volume. It can also keep you cooler if you live in a warm climate. However, it can be high-maintenance because of more frequent trims to keep its length, styling time, and it will require you to use more styling products. Be sure to see the most popular FAQs for short hair.

Pixie bob haircuts for over 60
These pixie bobs for 60-year-old women are easy to maintain and style. Try one now!
spiky pixie
Wanna add an edgy vibe to your current look? These short pixies with a spiky texture will give you what you're looking for!
pixie for fine hair
Get a super cute crop while at the same time add more volume!
low maintenance pixie cuts
Get a short crop that's easy on the eyes and styling time!
Layered pixie cuts
A pixie with layers looks stunning and is beneficial to most hair textures. For instance, adding layers throughout creates movement and dimension, which flatters finer hair types.
Short spiky haircuts for women over 60
Who cares that you're 60 years old! Go short, go spiky and go bold with one of these haircuts.
Trendy pixie cuts for thick hair
If you have thick hair, you might want to ask your hairstylist to texturize or layer your hair. You're about to see some of the best ways to do it!
Pixie cut with highlights
Get the most out of a pixie haircut with trendy, vibrant highlights that look remarkably chic!
textured pixie cut
Rock a pixie with texture for the ultimate hairstyle that screams sassy!
pixie cut for wavy hair
Wavy hair has never looked so sexy when on a pixie cut. See why!
Short hair for round face shape
In my experience, a short haircut will flatter your round face. However, you need to know that it takes a skilled hairstylist who specializes in short hair to help you pull it off. Fortunately, I've found some of the most flattering looks for women with a rounder face shape like yours for you to show your hairdresser!
The best long pixie cuts
One of the most popular short haircuts right now is the lixie!
Short haircuts for women over 60 with fine hair
In your 60s and looking for a short hairdo? Check out these statement-making hairdos for mature women like you!
Shaggy Pixie Cuts
To keep your hair looking modern and fresh, you should try out one of these shaggy cuts!
The best pixie cut with bangs
A pixie with a fringe is best for women who have larger foreheads or want to hide wrinkles in their foreheads. It's important to view these photos and read my advice before you make a a drastic change to your hair.
Best pixie undercuts
A short cut is bold when you add an undercut. Check out all the ways you can add shaved sides and back to a pixie!
choppy pixie
Jazz up your image in minutes with any of these short, choppy haircuts!
The most popular short hairstyles for women over 50
Are you in your 50's and looking for a change to your hair? It's best to first see these eye-catching images of youthful hairdos!
Short Choppy Haircuts
Want to know what screams 'fun'? These choppy short haircut ideas always will do it! Check out the best of the best here.
wedge haircuts for over 60
If you're a lady over 60, opt for a wedge cut as your next hairstyle.
bob hair for over 60
If you're in your sixties with short hair, then check out these short hairdos that will make you look younger!
Pixie cuts for women over 60 with fine hair
For senior women with thin tresses, having voluminous hairstyles is essential. These pixie cuts are sure to provide cool ways to deal with such a fine hair type.
Short haircuts for women over 60
Make yourself look younger than you are with one of these super-cute short looks!
The best short haircuts for women over 60 with glasses
If you're a woman in her sixties and you wear eyeglasses, it's better to look here first to find the most flattering haircut ideas!
edgy pixie cuts
Pixies are one of the trendiest hairstyles for women of all ages. Go bold and be edgy with these images!
Short hairstyles for curly hair
If you have naturally curly hair, definitely go for one of these sweet curly 'dos. You won't regret it.
Short Choppy Bob Haircuts
Short hair cuts that are choppy look fabulous. Getting it cut to a bob length will keep your hair looking fashionable.
The best short curly bob haircuts
Do you need fresh ideas on how to wear your lovely tresses? Click ahead for your newest inspiration.
Cute curly pixie cuts for women with curly hair
Browse through these pictures so you can see how you can rock short hair with your curly locks!
Pixie bob haircuts for women over 50
No one can pull off the classic pixie bob cuts better than sophisticated older ladies. If you're one of them, this is the trend you shouldn't miss!
Platinum pixie cuts
Thinking of a new look that you want to pull off next? Try any of these platinum pixie cuts and look gorgeous without trying!
curtain bangs for short hair
Curtain bangs aren't just for mid-length or long hair. Short hair can be amped up a notch with cute curtain bangs, too!
Short layered hairstyles and haircuts
Deleted: Kiss the blunt cut goodbye and check out these fabulously layered hairstyles that will also add volume!
Modern short pixie cut
A pixie is perfect for you if you're wanting a low-maintenance cut and have fine hair. So make sure you view these pics before you cut your hair this short!
Jaw-length edgy choppy bob haircuts
Go for an edgier hairstyle this year with a jaw-length textured bob with choppy layers.
Short layered bob haircuts
One of the best short hair ideas is the layered bob. If you have short and fine hair, then these hairdos might be just what you're looking for.
short straight haircuts
Your straight hair will no longer be boring after you see these. Click here to see how you can spice up your short and straight hair.
pixie mullet
Be the trendsetter and make a bold impact with one of these popular pixie mullets!
feminine pixie cut
Pixies can be worn various ways, but feminine is the best.
short layered bob with bangs
While a bob with layers and fringe may not be considered low-maintenance, this short hairstyle is on-trend and ultra-chic for women of all ages.
short pixie cuts for thin hair
One of the best short hair styles for fine hair is a pixie So if your hair is limp flat, then you have to browse these volumizing pixie cuts!
Short bob haircuts with bangs
The 90's short bob paired with a fringe is back! Check out some of the greatest short hairstyles I found for this season.
Short bob haircuts
You don't have to settle for a typical bob. From a blunt bob to a stacked bob, you'll find some stunning short hair photos that are sure to inspire your next trip to the hair salon!
Short hair with bangs
It's time to spice up your hair by going with a sexy fringe! For example, you can get side-swept bangs, deep side-part, center part, to wispy and blunt, one of these short cuts will look great on you. Check them out!
Do you have short hair and want to take years off of your face and look younger? Find your next chic and modern short style right here. They are your ticket to the foundation of youth.
Ear-Length Bobs
If you're into short hairstyles, try a bob that's cut at ear-length to give you a stunning and cute haircut.
Above the shoulder haircuts
To achieve this length of cut, it will take precision cutting by your hairstylist. Remember, invest in a high-quality stylist and salon if you are wanting to pull off one of these chic cuts.
short medium layered haircuts
Adding layers to your short-medium hair is the best way to amp up your style with a carefree vibe. See why here!
Pictures of wedding hairstyles for short hair
If you have short hair and are about to get married you have to see these head-turning bridal 'dos!
Pixie bob haircuts for older women
Pixie bobs aren't just for the young! Older women are trying and wearing this style with ease.
short bobs for older women
If you're an older woman, then you have to check out these flattering short haircut styles. Your tresses will thank you!
Short stacked bob haircut ideas
See how angles and layers can work gloriously to create a memorable, low-maintenance style!
Short graduated bob
Graduated bobs on short hair are classy, timeless, and offer you a professional look.
Neck-length bobs
Bobs cut at neck length offer women an easy, versatile hairstyle.
Feathered haircuts for women over 60
From pixies to bobs, these short hairstyles are super versatile. Women over 60 with grey hair can get stunning ideas from this gallery to jazz up their looks.
pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses
Don't let your glasses stop you from enjoying short haircuts like the pixie! Pixies will offer you a youthful edge.
Layered long pixie cuts
Here's a voluminous chop that takes less effort and time to style. Try any of these long pixie cuts with layers now!
Are you tired of having to spend time styling your hair every day? You can opt for a low-maintenance haircut for your short hair instead!
Short hairstyles for thin hair
Sort hairstyles are flattering if you have thin hair. However, you'll need to get the right cut to help volumize your locks. I recommend you check out these incredibly cool cuts!
Short hair for full faces
When looking for modern hairstyles that can flatter fuller faces, consider a big chop. These short haircuts are a must-try!
Short blonde bob
Blonde short bobs are super trendy this year! Talk to your stylist about the best type of bob for your short, blonde hair.
Prom hairstyles for short hair
Dance the night away with one of these super cute and easy formal looks! Here some easy ways to style your short hair for prom! View gallery!
Cutest braids for short hair
Need a quick, fun hairdo for your short locks? Here are the best looks to save your day.
Cute and easy updos for women with short hair
Ready to rock a cute crop like Charlize Theron on a red carpet? Come see some totally chic updos that you can easily create with just a little bit of time, bobby pins and hairspray.
Short ombre hair colors
Add more fun to shorter hair by adding a trendy ombre color to it. Get inspired by these gorgeous ombre color combos!
Shaggy pixie mullets for women
When looking for a short hairstyle that gives such a chic and bold statement, you should consider these shaggy pixie mullets.
Short hairstyles for black women
These cropped short hairstyle ideas for black women are perfect for ladies who want a look that is chic, fun and fierce. Turns heads with one of these looks.
The cutest pictures of pixie bob haircuts
Ever wonder what's it like to sport a powerful, extra edgy haircut? For answers, head directly to this gallery.
Short haircuts for older women with fine hair
When it comes to short haircuts, older women with fine hair have endless possibilities.
The best short a-line bob haircuts
Love a stylish asymmetry for your look? Check out the diverse ways on how to execute this cut.
Short red hair
If you agree that chopped locks are one of the most dashing ways to wear red hair then you're right on track. Click here to see how to get this look.
Jaw-length bob
Go for a bob cut at jaw-length for a super chic and classic hairstyle.
Short feathered hair
These short feathered haircuts and styles create a killer look, no doubt!
Neck-length hairstyles
Get a fresh neck-length haircut that's easy to style and maintain. Check out these photos for awesome short hair ideas!
Short wavy bob haircuts for women
You can have a short haircut that has an effortless texture! See here how you can wear a short bob with gorgeous waves.
Short blonde hair color ideas
Check out our chic and inspiring shades of blondes on short hair. You'll see some popular color trends like platinum blonde to ash. All right here.
Short hairstyles and haircuts for women over 40
If you’re over 40, you’ll love these chic and stylish hairstyles that will kick years off your beautiful face!
short asymmetrical haircuts
This is modern high fashion done right! Embrace the untraditional with an exciting, awry cut!
long pixie bob
Sure, a pixie bob is cute. But a long one is even better! See why here!
Short curly hair with bangs
Myths about bangs don't exist especially with curly hair! See these proofs ahead.
long pixie cut with bangs
Embrace a bold look and make a statement! Check out these stunning hair ideas on how to wear long pixies with bangs.
Short dark hair colors for women
Go big and bold with one of these super hot short do's! I've put together some of the best colors I've found on Instagram this year.
Get your bedhead on with one of these incredible styles!
Short weave hairstyles for black women
If you’re like today’s celebrities who change their hairstyles as often as Lady Gaga switches up her look, then this list is a must-have!
Best perms for short hair
Short hair has to look amazing when permed. See the best ways you can pull off one of these styles!
Chin length blunt bob
Blunt bobs are one of the most popular short cut ideas for younger women right now. Get a more sophisticated look when you cut your hair at chin-length.
pixie cut for round face
If you're looking for one of the best short haircuts for round faces, look no further.
Messy Pixie Cut
Take your short haircut to a new level with one of these cute pixie cuts! Your hair will be easier to manage and you'll have lots of styling options.
pixie short stacked bob
Give your locks a fresh hair makeover with one of these gorgeous pixie bobs that have elevated stacking.
very short pixie haircuts
Short pixies look even better when they're very short. See why here!
Balayage short hair
Get ready to give your hair an easy make over by just adding these gorgeous hand-painted highlights.
Asymmetrical pixie cut ideas
Take your pixie cut to another level with some asymmetry!
short natural haircuts for black women over 50
Go for a short and natural haircut the next time you're looking to improve your style. Beautiful black women over 50 are sure to love these looks!
Wispy bangs short hair
Wispy bangs and short hair styles go pair perfectly together. If you want to see if you can pull of this look, click here.
Short inverted bob haircuts
Your short hair doesn't have to be boring! If you want to have a slightly edgie look, then one of these inverted crops might be for you!
Short haircuts for oval faces
Match your enviable face shape with an even more enviable hairstyle. Look to these no-fail examples to get started.
Pixie haircuts for women over 50
Check out these flattering pixies for ladies in their fities!
Short hairstyles for over 50 with glasses
Do you wear glasses? Then you need to check out these photos of the most flattering short crop for older ladies your age.
chin length layered hair
Get a chin-length cut with some gorgeous layers. Check out this gallery, as we've got a lot of styles to choose from.
Short shag with bangsS
Get an effortless look with a wonderful shag haircut. Don't forget the bangs to match your face shape and features!
Short shag haircut ideas
Shag hairstyles are back and better than ever! Come check out these excellent textured short hairstyle ideas for that perfect shaggy hair look.
Short wedge haircuts
Make your fine and thin hair look thicker with one of these amazing short cut wedges!
Pictures of the best short box braids for black women
Searching for a chic, summer-friendly hairstyle? Click to see your best option.
Chin-length Hair
Who knew there were so many options for chin grazing, short styles? Be sure to take a look at some of these trendy short 'do ideas for your next styling adventure!
chin length layered bob
Don't miss these bobs with layering on this perfect length of a cut!
Low-maintenance chin-length haircuts for women
Don’t spend too much time styling your hair. Cheers to these trendy chin-length haircuts that are easy to maintain!
Chin length curly hair
If you have curly hair, cut your tresses shorter, to chin-length, for a modern and cute new style!
Chin length hair with bangs
If you want a new hairstyle that will frame and accentuate your best facial features, these chin-length haircuts with bangs won't disappoint you.
Chin-length choppy bobs
Choppy bobs are best when worn very short, such as at chin length.
Chin-length wavy hair
Imagine combining a chin-length cut and waves—the ultimate hair goal! These chin-length wavy hairstyles will convince you to get a chop ASAP.
Chin-length shag haircuts for women
A shag cut at any length is trendy and iconic. Try it at chin-length if you're looking for a short haircut.
Short undercut bob haircuts
Undercut bobs are super trendy right now. Pair your new 'do with a short haircut for an ultra-sleek style.
ear length haircuts
You deserve a fresh, new look! Check out the hottest ear-length haircuts to inspire your next style.
short straight bob haircuts
If you have straight hair, you can wear your hair short as long as you first take a look at this photo gallery first!
Short shaggy haircuts for women over 60
Women over 60 should embrace their shorter hair by rocking the trendy shag cut!
Short brown hair colors
Wanna bypass all the troubles of taking care of your lengthy brunette strands? Check out these recent photos of edgy short brown hairstyles!
Short light brown hair
From pixies to bobs, you'll find here the perfect cut to match a light brown hair color you've always wanted to wear!
Pixie haircuts for fine hair over 50
Short hair doesn't have to be boring when you're in their 50s. Here you'll see images of trendy waysy you can pull off a shorter 'do at your age.
Short natural hairstyles for black women
Are you an African American who wants to show off your natural hair? Then try to consider a tapered cut. I know these pictures will convince you that you can do it!
Short hairstyles for women over 50 with round face shapes
Have a rounder face and in your 50s? Then check out that face-slimming hairstyles and haircuts!
Face framing layers short hair
Short hair looks so much more elegant and chic with face-framing layers. Steal trendy hair ideas for this gallery!
pixie haircuts for women over 70
Try one of these super cute pixies if you're in your seventies!
Short hairstyles for fine hair over 70
If you have fine hair, then these short hair cuts will give you extra volume and make you feel young again.
Long pixie cuts for women over 70
Here's an idea if you're a senior lady thinking about what cropped cut to try next. Any of these long pixie cuts will give you a youthful glow!
Pictures of short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair
Check out these flattering short dos for ladies in their fifties with fine hair
Short bob haircuts for women over 50
If you're in your fifties and considering a short hair style, then look no further than these shorter bobs that add body and volume to your hair.
wolf cut hair short
Looking for something dramatic to update your look? Here are the trendiest short wolf haircuts that you must consider.
Short choppy haircuts for women over 70
Avoid an unflattering haircut at your age. If you're a senior lady, you can almost look ten years younger with one of these flattering short hairdos!
Short haircuts for thick hair
Whoever said that girls with thick hair couldn't rock shorter hair was totally wrong. Chic and sexy do's for thick hair definitely exist, and the best ones are right here!
Short layered hair with bangs
When you like to freshen up your style, do it right by getting a short haircut with layers and bangs. See more hair inspiration from this gallery!
Long pixie cuts for women over 60
Here are the best long pixie cuts for women over 60, so they'll look bolder and more confident every time!
Neck-length blunt bobs
Blunt bobs are already cool. Cutting them at neck-length is even better! See why here!
Short shaggy haircuts for fine hair
A short shag cut can boost the hair's volume and movement. If this is what your fine tresses need, we have options here to suit whatever face shape you have.
undercut pixie bob haircuts
Keep your hair effortlessly cool with any of these undercut pixie bobs. Take your pick!
Pixie haircuts for older women
See how a pixie has the power to take ages off your face! Find your next signature look here.
chubby face long pixie cuts
Don't fret pulling off a cropped cut if you have a chubby face. Sure, there's one style from these long pixie cuts that suit your face shape and features.
Short wavy hair
Wavy hair is fun, sassy, and so ready to take on the world! No matter your face shape, you'll find a sassy haircut right here.
Super short haircuts for women
Go bold and revamp your whole look this season with a simple, sexy and shorter cut. Whether it's piecey texture or slicked-back, you're about to have very short hair that will knock your socks off!
edgy short haircuts
Upgrade your boring, short hair with one of these edgy haircuts!
Chin-length wavy bobs
Keep it short if you have wavy hair, with a chin-length bob. The cut is very versatile and can be tailored to fit your face shape and hair texture.
Choppy short bobs for fine hair
Do you have fine hair? You may just want to consider adding layers to a short bob. It will help you get the illusion of more volume in your hair.
Cute haircuts for women
One most sought-after short hair ideas right now is the bixie! You're about to see why from this collection of images.
Short asymmetrical bobs for women
If you're searching for a short hairstyle, check out these photos of asymmetrical bobs.
pixie with long bangs
Try a new look today! Steal inspiration from these photos of the hottest pixie cuts with bangs.
Short to medium haircuts
Not too long and not too short, these short hairstyles are the perfect in-between length! If you're looking to give your long hair a chop, try one of these looks.
Short haircuts for asian girls
There's a reason why Asian women are always on top of their hair game. Discover how to maximize those tresses with these short cuts.
Long shaggy pixie cuts
It's bold, stunning, and will suit women of all ages! This is the long shaggy pixie cut, and photos here feature various ways to style this chop.
Short bob hairstyles and haircuts for black women
Planning to do a big hair upgrade? Jump into these bob trends if you want real, grand change.
short haircuts for women over 70
If you're a seventy-year-old woman, then here you'll find a short cut that will flatter ladies your age.
Short sassy haircuts for women
In the mood for a cool, cropped cut? Scout this list of perfect frames to show yourself off!
Beach waves for short hair
Feel the ocean breeze on your strands of wavy hair with these super trendy looks! Come see these effortless beachy styles now!
Short wavy hairstyle with bangs
Short wavy hair looks best when paired with bangs.
Short spiky haircuts for women
Dare to take a fashionable risk? Gander at these badass, quirky hairdos right away.
Jaw length shag haircuts
If you're considering a short hairstyle, then you don't want to miss these shaggy cuts! Getting your hair cut around the jaw can help balance out your facial features. See which ones might work for you!
If you're a woman looking for a new hairstyle, a short bob with shaggy layers may be the style for you!
Short stacked inverted bob haircut
Short, stacked, inverted... what more could you ask for in a bob haircut?
Thin hair long pixie cuts
Blessed with thin hair? Make it your best asset by copying any of these edgy long pixie cuts!
Short bob haircuts for women over 40
If you're in your forties, one of the best short hair style ideas is the bob. They're versatile and on-trend!
Short hair with long bangs
For those who plan to rock a cropped cut with a cute, lengthy detail added, take a cue from these screenshot-worthy photos.
short bob with bangs for over 60
Are you a woman over 60? The bob with fringe is one of the best short hairstyles for gals like you!
Short shaggy hairstyles over 50
Short shags feature tons of layers and texture, creating a hairstyle that's full of life! Women over 50 years old will enjoy wearing such a look.
Short fluffy hair
What's up-to-date right now is hair that's short and fluffy. Check out these short voluminous haircuts and styles, and don't miss out on this trend.
Jaw length haircuts
If you get one of these jaw-length cuts, your short hairstyle will turn heads! Check out these stunning ideas on how to wear them in style!
Short auburn hair
Short hair styles can be sensational when paired an auburn hue. If you're ready to add some spice to your life, then skim through these pics!
short hair with side bangs
Side bangs, when paired with shorter hair, are the hottest new trend! Check out our photos to see why.
Popular short angled bob haircut
Want hair with a bit of fun and edgy flair? Lust over these precisely structured short bobs.
Shorter haircuts for longer faces
Some say short hair should be avoided if you have a long face. Don't listen to them. Here are the best ways to achieve a shorter cut that pairs well with your long face shape.
Wedge haircuts for women over 70
Feminine and sophisticated—these wedge haircuts can make women over 70 feel good and look stunning.
Pixie Shag Haircuts for Older Women
Any mature woman out there who needs a fresh look today? Get in touch with your stylist and try any of these pixie shag haircuts that will flatter your facial features.
Best short hair with highlights
Do you want to level up your locks? Sometimes short hairstyles need a little extra help and what better way than getting highlights!
Pixie cuts for women over 40
Are you over 40? Then choose one out of these trendy pixie haircuts to slash decades off your age!
Short haircuts for thick hair
If you have questions about your short hair, then you definitely need to check out these FAQs answered by experienced hairstylists.
Short haircuts for thick wavy hair
A short haircut has lots of benefits for your thick and wavy hair. See how in this updated photo gallery.
Pixie cut for oval face
Look bold and confident with a fresh pixie cut. Having an oval face shape is a plus, as these chops will suit you well!