100+ Inverted Hair Ideas for Women

Browse through all of these galleries featuring unique ways you can get an inverted haircut.

Choppy inverted bob haircuts
Gets load of texture and volume with one of these inverted bobs!
Medium inverted bob haircut
Check out these inspiring mid-length inverted bobs!
Modern inverted bob haircut ideas for women
Get inspired with one of these dramatic bobs!
Stacked inverted bob
Amp up your inverted bob haircut by stacking the back high!
Layered inverted bob haircut
Check out these amazing bob haircuts with layers!
Long inverted bob haircuts
Lusting for a pretty yet practical haircut? Tap to start switching up your look!
Short inverted bob haircuts
Your short hair doesn't have to be boring! If you want to have a slightly edgie look, then one of these inverted crops might be for you!
high stacked inverted bob
Stylists have combined stacked and inverted bobs to create a super trendy hairstyle. Check them out!
Trendy inverted bob with bangs haircuts and hairstyles
Decided to go chopped and fringed? Charm everyone with a dramatic and fitting cut that you'll see right here.
Short stacked inverted bob haircut
Short, stacked, inverted... what more could you ask for in a bob haircut?
funky inverted bob
Inverted bobs can be sleek and chic, or you can amp them up and make them funky!
inverted bob for thin hair
Inverted bobs are perfect for thin hair because of their ability to bring life to limp tresses.