Popular Hair Color Ideas for Women

Are you tired of your same old boring hair colors and want to try something new and exciting?

Here,  you’ll find pictures and ideas of the most popular hair color ideas for women!

Brunette ombre hair colors
Have brunette hair and looking for a fresh coat of paint? Try one of these gorgeous ombré's.
Pink hair color ideas
Pink isn't just for bubble gum. You can wear it, if you dare it. See which shades of pink are most popular right now. Right here.
Ash blonde hair colors
If you're looking to go blonde, but want a different tone, then you've got to check out these silvery and ashy colors!
Pixie cut with highlights
Pixie cuts can be amped up big time with highlights. See why!
Hair color ideas 2022
Feeling a bit blue and want to update your look for next season? Well, you should try a new hair color! We have just the thing for you. Check out our list of 22 new and exciting hair color ideas to try this year!
Rose gold hair colors
Rose gold hair is ALL the rage right now, and we can definitely see why. Anyone can pull off this surprisingly versatile (and ridiculously gorgeous) hair color trend. Take a peep at our favorite rose gold hair ideas picked just for you!
Money piece hair highlight
Add a money piece to your hairstyle for the ultimate face-framing effect!
Pictures of the best reverse ombre hair colors
Can't get enough of a single color? Hit two birds with one stone by checking out these extraordinary examples.
Red hair colors
Color us very red! Pretty much anyone can pull off being a redhead. It’s only a matter of choosing the right shade of red to match your skin and eyes. We’re here to help you with that!
Chocolate brown hair colors
There's brown hair, and then there's chocolate brown hair. These decadent shades of chocolate brown are as rich and luscious as it gets!
Get a brand new look with a splash of red. If there’s any hair color that goes well with anything, it’s red. Find out which shades of red highlights would look great with your hair and skin color!
pink and purple hair colors
Looking to add sugar, spice, and everything nice to your tresses? Feel the sweetness by clicking here.
The best violet hair colors
Think violet should be your next main hue? Click through to tap into the prowess of violet.
Red balayage hair colors
If you're mad for a literally hot hair color, look through these trendsetting looks right at this moment!
Best mermaid hair colors
Ever wanted to make your childhood dreams come true? Here's the easiest and most stylish way to making magic happen!
Red and black hair colors
For all my red color loving friends, check out these incredible color combos of these two bold colors.
Orange hair color ideas
Big bold orange hair. Yep, we've put together an amazing collection of this fruity color for next hair inspiration. Check'em out!
Silver hair colors
From white hot platinum to smokey dark grey, the silver hair color trend is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Dive on in and see which of these sexy shades suits you best!
blonde pixie cut
Blonde pixies are the hottest new short hairstyle out there this year!
Galaxy hair colors
Express your love and connection to your universe by getting a cosmic hair color! Check out some of the hottest designs we've found this year.
rose gold highlights
Instead of getting the typical blonde or brown highlights, opt for rose gold ones instead!
Falling in love with red all over again? Wallow in these eye-candy hairstyles!
Best blonde bob haircuts
Feeling to give your look a classic overhaul? Watch as various versions of this Madonna-inspired hairstyle get revealed.
Blonde hair with dark roots
Click to see how to own dark roots the proper and most stylish way!
Ombre hair colors
Take the blah out of your hair with a new ombré hair color! There are tons of different ombré options to choose from. We complied a list of the very best colors of the season. Whether you prefer bold, soft, natural, or colorful ombre colors, you’ll find a color that suits your preferences right here!
Balayage hair colors
Get caught up in the hair painting craze that's run rampant across the world! Suitable for a variety of colors and hair types, the low-maintenance hair coloring technique known as 'balayage' is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Check out our collection of balayage hair color ideas to inspire your next look!
Blonde balayage hair colors
Check out some of this season's most popular balayage ideas to brighten up your brunette hair or add dimension to your already blonde strands.
Balayage brown hair colors
Take a look at these stunning ways to get a brunette balayage!
Blonde balayage on dark brown hair
Balayage in the form of blonde looks great against a dark brown base. See more here!
Blonde balayage on dark hair
Go for a blonde balayage, especially if you have dark hair. It's a low-maintenance way to glow up!
Dirty blonde hair colors
Get down and dirty with one of these gorgeous, beachy blonde hair colors!
The best plum hair color ideas
Click here to make your regal plum dreams happen!
Long ombre hair colors
Here's a round-up of all new and exciting long ombré hair ideas for the season!
Best dark hair with blonde highlights
Dark hair paired with highlights is the best style choice, no matter your length and texure.
Short blonde bob
Go shorter with a blonde bob this year to showcase your new style!
Red and blonde hair colors
Come see the perfect color-combos of red and blonde. You won't regret it.
Short ombre hair colors
It’s back and better than ever! Ombre' hair is all the rage right now, and what better way to rock it than with short hair?
Blue and purple hair colors
Searching for a new style that's out of this world? Browse through these lunar looks for your next hair inspo!
Brown hair with blonde highlights
Make your brunette hair pop with one of these amazing blonde highlights.
platinum blonde hair colors
Looking for that bombshell look? Step it up a notch and become one of those bold bombshell platinum blondes who keep turning heads everywhere. If you’re game, we’ve got just the list for you!
Blonde hair colors
Blonde hair is all the craze right now. If you’re in the mood for some hair coloring, you might want to consider going blonde! If you need some ideas or inspiration, check out our list of the most gorgeous shades of blonde hair to rock this season.
Short red hair
If you agree that chopped locks are one of the most dashing ways to wear red hair then you're right on track. Click here to see how to get this look.
Rainbow hair colors
Everyone is going WILD for rainbow colors, and it's easy to understand why! Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to have hair that is truly unique to you.
Strawberry blonde hair colors for women
Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead? You don’t have to choose! Get inspired by these blonde and copper swirled hair coloring effects.
Short blonde hair color ideas
Blonde should never be boring, so peep these amazing short blonde hair ideas to give your style new life!
Bright red hair color ideas
Have the desire to set your locks ablaze? Jump in and flame up with these ideas.
Best light pink hair colors
Thinking of diving into the pink hair trend? See how to rock this sweet hue ahead.
Blonde highlights for women
Step out of your comfort zone and amp up your look with some blonde highlights. Here, you will find the perfect shade for your hair color!
dark brown hair with highlights
Calling all ladies with dark brown hair! You can add gorgeous highlights to your hair to create a multi-dimensional masterpiece. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this!
Balayage for women with curly hair
It's all about having fun with your curls! Balayage on curly hair is the perfect way to get a quick and easy style that's all your own.
Black hair with blonde highlights
Have dark, black hair? Check out these shades of blonde highlights to give yourself an edgier look with blonde contrast.
Perfect curly blonde hair
Take a plunge into these ravishing blonde curly hair looks!
Short dark hair colors for women
Go big and bold with one of these super hot short do's! I've put together some of the best colors I've found on Instagram this year.
Lilac hair color ideas
Can you rock this gorgeous flower-inspired color? Click here to see this year's hottest lilac shades.
Pastel hair colors
Read up on these pro tips to get the best out of this trend!
The most popular blonde box braids
Searching for a real attention-grabbing and summer-ready hairstyle? Click here and let these chic braids surprise you!
Pink balayage ideas for women
Balayage is gorgeous on its own, but adding pink into the mix guarantees you a style that luscious and trendy.
Why have boring dark hair when you can add highlights to it to make it sexier?
Best balayage black hair
Come see how you can breathe new life into your deep black hair!
Honey blonde balayage
Lighten up your locks a little bit with tints of honey blonde. Opt for the balayage so it looks natural while your hair grows out.
Pastel purple hair colors
Go for a cooler, lighter lavender with one of these stunning pastel colors. You won't regret looking at these.
Blue ombre hair colors
In need of something blue and something new? Then you'd better take note of these ultra cool blue ombre hairstyles!
Reddish brown hair colors
Here they are! Find the perfect blend of red and brown hues for the ultimate color smash-up to change your look and change your life.
The best dark brown hair colors are right here
Get ready to be inspired with one of these rich, dark brunette hues.
Brown hair with caramel highlights
Wanna spice up your style? Trying brown hair with caramel highlights will do the trick. These looks will have you calling your colorist today!
Green hair colors
Peek at this collection and go gaga over green goodness!
Caramel balayage hair colors
Try not to crave something sweet after looking at this gorgeous caramel hued balayage highlights!
White blonde hair color ideas
These stunning whites will make you want to go with a super white blonde for sure.
Balayage short hair
Get ready to give your hair an easy make over by just adding these gorgeous hand-painted highlights.
Purple hair color ideas
Purple hair is IN, ladies! As one of the only fashion colors that can truly flatter any skin tone, purple hair colors are fashionable, beautiful, and easier to achieve than you might think...
The best ways to get an icy blonde hair color
Looking to experience a touch of frost? Take a peek at these Queen Elsa-approved looks to get you started.
Ombre curly hair ideas
Considering to add zest to your high-volume mane? Find out here why this hair dyeing technique is your ultimate option.
Balayage dark hair
Craving for a dramatic change without too much stress in maintenance for your hair? Consider one of these captivating balayage looks on dark hair that will definitely please you well.
Long blonde hair colors
We all have our favorite blonde: a friend, celebrity, or maybe it’s YOU! We have put together our top 11 favorite long blonde ideas to inspire your next bombshell look.
brown to blonde ombre
Wanting to own a summer-ready look? Get it with a blonde-brown mane.
Best yellow hair colors
Take a peek at these bright and summery manes everyone's talking about!
copper hair
If you’re jonesing to add some oomph to your hair, then look no further than red hot hair! Copper hair is the very definition of boldness, feistiness, and striking beauty. If you’re brave enough to go red, then our list of 10 to-die-for copper hair colors is just the thing you need!
Dark blonde hair colors
Try a darker blonde hue if you're looking for something new!
Maroon hair color ideas
We absolutely love what's happening with maroon this year! See which dark, black and brown shades of this gorgeous color made our list.
blonde hair with lowlights
Get inspired with these ideas for blonde hair with lowlights and transform your hair with long-lasting, vibrant color.
Honey blonde hair colors
Everyone knows that blondes are sweet, but what if we told you that you could get an extra serving of sweetness with a certain shade of blonde hair? Let’s channel your inner sweetheart with one of the fantastic honey blonde hair color shades here!
Burgundy box braids
Wanna give your pleats an extra touch of allure? Don't be a stranger to this sexy shade and see more of it here.
Best black cherry hair colors
Looking for a way to jazz up your dark hair? Click to see how to slay this luxurious color!
Dark hair colors
We have lots and lots of eye candy for you! Dark hair never fails to add a whole lot of richness, sexiness, and sultriness to your look. Go ahead and ogle all the drop-dead gorgeous dark hair colors we have up our sleeve. You know you want to!
Short brown hair colors
Wanna bypass all the troubles of taking care of your lengthy brunette strands? Check out these recent photos of edgy short brown hairstyles!
Medium-brown hair colors
Get inspired with these sweet and sexy medium brown hairstyles!
Short light brown hair
If you have light brown hair, consider amping it up with a short hairstyle.
Caramel balayage on brown hair
Turn brown hair into a prettier and more alluring shade with a caramel balayage. These brunette hair ideas will complement your look!
Trendy ash brown hair colors
Considering this color? Then check here first to see which styles are most popular and how to get them.
Hair highlights
No matter your hair color, highlights are always an easy way to bring freshness to your look. Check out some of this year's best ones here.
Best golden blonde hair colors
Searching for a way to illuminate your look instantly? Click here to satisfy your desire.
black hair with red highlights
Add red highlights to your black hair to really spice up your look!
sandy blonde hair
You don't need sun and sand to achieve that perfect glow. This rich hue will do that for you. Check it out here!
The best balayage straight hair color ideas
Looking to add an edge onto your perfectly straight strands? See how a balayage can do it for you.
Best balayage highlights
See these luscious balayage highlights for your regular hair inspo!
Silver blonde hair colors
Craving for a sleek shade fit for royalty? Click here to find out how an impeccable silver-blonde hair can change your world.
Caramel blonde hair color idea
Hungry for a fresh hue? Indulge in this eye-candy hair color.
Red violet hair color ideas
Stand out with one of these gorgeous hues of reds and violets to create a unique color-combo.
Light strawberry blonde hair
Strawberry blondes definitely have more fun, but opting for a lighter version of this hue may lessen trips to the salon!
Stunning brown hair with highlights
Give your hair more dimension and pop with one of these incredible highlights.
Best magenta hair colors
Are you a fan of unnatural and sexy hairstyles? You've come to the right place! See these wine-inspired manes for yourself!
Blue black hair colors
Blue black hair is probably one of the most intense hair colors you’ll ever see. It’s bold, sleek, edgy, and classy. Feast your eyes on this collection of the most exquisite shades of blue black hair we’ve ever seen!
The best light purple hair color ideas
Looking to turn your hair into a magical masterpiece? Read on to see the most stunning examples.
Best lavender hair colors
Click here to discover how you can join the pale purple pastel trend!
Dark red hair colors
One of the chicest and ultra-sexy hues of today - check this list out to find out why dark red hair is branded like so!
Caramel brown hair color ideas
Nothing screams 'sexy' louder than a caramel brown hair color does. Let's give one of these colors a try!
Silver purple hair
Get inspired by these gorgeous hues of lilac and metallic that come together to form some unique and of course, popular colors!
Best silver ombre hair colors
Itching for a metallic update? No need to struggle as your satisfaction is one click away!
Best light blonde hair color ideas
Looking for a scene-stealer look? Going lighter and brighter always does the trick!
Honey brown hair colors
Oh honey! Check out the details on this super sweet color trend and how it can work for you...
best mahogany hair colors
Going brunette but confused about which shade to choose? Satisfy your curiosity by hopping into this woody trend.
Best midnight blue hair colors
See how you can express your daring side with this first-rate dark hair color!
Golden brown hair colors
Discover how you can glimmer under the sun with these golden brown hues!
Best lowlights for brown hair
Want an impressive color change without being too drastic? See these new ideas on how to get brown hair with lowlights.
The best chestnut brown hair colors
Browse through and be amazed of the impressive beauty of chestnut hair!
The best brown to blonde hair colors
It's a match made in heaven. Click here to see photos showing the epitome of hair goals.
dark brown hair with caramel highlights
Spruce up your dark brown hair by adding caramel highlights to your short, medium, or long hair.
Strawberry Blonde Balayage
The coolest strawberry blonde balayage hair ideas that flatter most skin tones are here! Choose your fave and save it for your next salon visit.
Summer hair color
Check out this photo gallery to see a range of stunning summer hair colors to jazz up your current everyday look.
Light brown hair with highlights
What better way than to add some highlights to brighten up your hair and add more dimension. See which ones we found trending this year right here.
Best ways to get pink ombre hair color
Dreaming about experiencing the pink hair magic but don't know what to do? Find out your many options ahead!
Rose gold balayage ideas for women
This color will make you look ten times more sophisticated. Try a rose gold balayage now!
Burgundy hair colors
Go ahead and grab a glass of red with your hair colorist and choose from these 20 stunning wine-inspired shades of burgundy hair color!
Lowlights are a great way to add more color and depth to your tresses. Check out all the beautiful lowlight color ideas we have in store for you!
Caramel highlights
Caramel highlights? Yes, please! Add a hint of rich sweetness to your hair with an absolutely delectable shade of caramel. Take a look at our collection of stunning caramel highlights and add some oomph to your tresses today!
Bronde hair color ideas
Curious why you've been hearing and seeing the word 'bronde' everywhere? Find out here why it's hugely on-trend.
Black and blonde hair colors
Click here to see how to transition your tresses into a hairstyle with dramatic contrast!
Light blonde highlights
No wonder it's the most coveted blonde hue this year. Try these creamy strands for yourself!
champagne blonde hair
Pop that bottle of champagne if you're looking to spruce up your blonde hair!
Beige blonde hair
Here's your inspiration for making your blonde hair more beige.
Long Black Hairstyles
Having long hair is a beautiful statement in itself. However, when your hair is black in color, it amplifies the sexiness of your long tresses.
The best dark burgundy hair colors
A shade that's luxurious, deep, and sexy all at once. Find out more by clicking here.
Hair colors for women over 50
Get ready for some serious hair color inspiration!
Honey blonde highlights
Blonde colors are fun to wear! Add a honey tone for a more luscious look to make you stand out from the crowd.
Black hair with highlights
Find the perfect set of highlights to go with your very dark mane.
Pictures of popular balayage dark brown hair colors
Considering trying the undisputedly most favored coloring style of the decade? Click here to learn how to make it work for dark hair.
Auburn hair colors
From deep reddish browns to warm gingers, the variety of auburn hair colors at your disposal is endless! This collection of auburn hues is sure to inspire you to go red.
Fall hair color ideas
Out with the summer colors and in with the fall colors! If you’re ready to switch up your hair color to a richer and more autumn-friendly hue, you came to the right place. We've gathered a list of must-have hair colors to rock this fall.
Light brown hair with blonde highlights
Go middle ground with this perfect mixture of warm and cool tones! Check these styles ASAP!
Light ash blonde hair color
Click here to see these amazing light and ashy blonde tones!
The best medium blonde hair color ideas
Nothing's better than a lighter shade and mid-length hair! Click here to this year's favorite color and cut combos.
Dishwater blonde
That ashy tone you've been craving for can now be achieved with a dishwater blonde color. Get the look ASAP!
Blonde ombre hair colors
We're falling in love with these ombre hair ideas! Whether your hair is naturally blonde or not, you'll find a look that will be sure to inspire.
Dark brown hair with blonde highlights
Come see how to transform your simple brown hair into a sun-kissed bombshell!
Red hair with blonde highlights
Are you ready to add more dimension to your natural or colored red strands? Then come check out some of these incredible blonde highlights of every shade.
winter hair colors
Want to add a little winter glamour to your tresses? Just pick out one of these vibrant winter-ready hair colors!
Light ash brown hair
Forget about the basic brown. Update your brunette vocab (and your hair) with this cool tone!
Medium Blonde Balayage
Take your color to the next level with one of these balayage hair colors.
Best brown and blonde hair colors
Confused on how to get the perfect blend of browns and blondes? Take a look at these innovative styles!
Red ombre hair colors
Searching for the ultimate look that can intensify and add warmth to your image? These modern red hued masterpieces are sure to satisfy you.
Copper balayage
Feelin' inspired to get a little copper balayage to brighten up your hair? Here are the best shades for various skin complexions.
Light brown hair colors
Who says brown hair is boring? Cruise over to this list of stunning shades of light brown hair to get color-inspired.
Best black ombre hair colors
Want to bring your black hair to the next level? These ombré looks are the answer!
Grey ombre hair color ideas
Obsessing over grey hair? See why an ombre is the prettiest way to do it!
Caramel hair colors
Own an illuminating look with this sweet, creamy color!
The best red purple hair color ideas
Taking a fancy on sweet dual-tone hair colors? Keep on reading to get your daily fix.
Brunette hair colors
Brown hair usually gets a lot of bad rap for being “drabber” and “duller” than its more lively cousins – blonde hair and red hair. Well, with this collection of gorgeous and vibrant hues of brown hair, you’ll never see brown hair the same way again!
Partial balayage
Achieve the perfect natural dimension with these partial balayage hair ideas. They look subtle yet eye-catching!
salt and pepper hair
Salted, peppered, and oh so spicy! Check out this awesome hue for women.
Purple balayage hair
These purple balayage ideas are sure to suit chic, modern women. Get the look today!
Platinum blonde balayage hairstyles
Tired of your dark locks? Here's the platinum blonde balayage to give you a smashing hair color upgrade!
Dark blue hair colors
Up for some high-fashion action? Take a peek at these popular examples of dark blue hair!
winter hair colors for women over 50
Stay cool with one of these winter hues that are flattering for ladies in their fifties!
Dark purple hair colors
The easiest way to get introduced into the world of vivids - opting for a dark purple shade will satisfy your need for excitement!
Best teal hair color ideas
Fascinated by fashion colors? Try this trending sea-inspired color now!
Brown highlights on black hair
Add brown highlights to your black hair for a subtle, yet mesmerizing transformation.
Best pastel pink hair colors
Considering a major, fairy tale-inspired color change? See how you can make those dreams happen!
Don't wanna highlight all of your hair? No problem! Add peekaboo colors to your mane for an interesting and unique style.
long brown hair
Hey all you brunette divas with locks falling to you shoulder and below! Are you looking for a stunning hairstyle? You got it! Check out our latest finds here and rock that rich brown hair color.
Warm Blonde Hair Colors
Do your locks need a little vividness? If so, you'll surely love adding these warm blonde tones to your hair.
Short auburn hair
Auburn hair looks great at any length, but when paired with short hair, it's completely refreshing.
Ash blonde balayage hair colors
Contemplating about your next style change-up? See why light and natural-looking strands are what it's all about now.
Reverse balayage
Now's the perfect time to try out a reverse balayage. It looks ravishing and unique!
fall haircuts over 60
Pair fall colors with a new hairstyle if you're a 60-year-old woman.
Platinum blonde highlights
If the natural blonde in you has been itching to come out, we've got just the thing. These blonde platinum highlights are a must-try!
Best purple highlights
Craving for a powerful upgrade to your hair? Check out this link now and discover how magical purple can be!
Light golden brown hair color
All you need to know about wearing this striking and luxurious hair color are here. Warm-up to these brilliant photos!
Brown hair with red highlights
Give your hair a more Fall inspired look with one of these gorgeous highlights for brown hair! You'll find reds and browns of all shades and which color combo I think is going to be hot this season.
Jet black hair colors
In need of a simple yet winning look? Browse through this list as the magic of black hair gets revealed.
Hair color chart
Take a look at these charts to find the exact hair color you're wanting.
Dark auburn hair color
Yes! This darker shade of auburn is just what the hair doctor has ordered for not only the fall season but whenever you just want to go for a red color that's not too crazy.
Fall hair colors for women over 50
Ditch your boring hair and dive into the best of the best fall hair colors if you're a woman over 50-years-old.
Fall hair colors for women over 40
Check out these stunning autumn hair colors for women in their forties!
Mushroom Blonde Hair Colors
Mushroom blonde tones on your tresses will help you look glowing each day!
winter hair colors for women over 70
Cover your grays this winter with one of these popular hues!
Fall hair colors for women over 60
Check out these gorgeous autumn hues for ladies in their sixties!
fall colors for over 70
Ladies over 70, spice up your aging hair with a fall hair color!
Partial highlights
Transform your locks into their best version ever. See these pretty dye jobs now!
Ash blonde hair color ideas
Keep 'em guessing how to get this unique luster. Lust over these dimensional hair photos.
Pastel blue hair colors
Up to try the frostiest hue of the year? Click here to achieve your festival hair goals.
Purple ombre hair colors
Join the purple hair movement with these totally stunning ombre ideas!
Strawberry Blonde Highlights for Women
These enticing highlights offer a luscious dimension, so your strawberry blonde locks won't look lifeless. This is the trend you shouldn't miss!
sandy brown hair
Breakup with your current color. Here's a most stunning replacement!
winter hair colors for women over 60
If you're in your sixties, then try out of these stylish winter hues!
fall hair color for women over 50
Check out these gorgeous fall hues for older ladies!