Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women in 2023

Bob haircuts are always in style, but there are many new variations to this classic women’s cut.

Below is a collection of the trendiest ways you can get a short or medium-length bob. You’ll also see which bobs work best for thin hair, thick, older women, round faces, and more!

Pixie bob haircuts for over 60
Women in their sixties should opt for a pixie bob, or bixie, hairstyle to amp up their overall style.
Bob with bangs for round face shapes
Bobs, bangs, and round faces are the perfect combination of cut and style. See why here!
Choppy inverted bob haircuts
Gets load of texture and volume with one of these inverted bobs!
Layered bob with bangs
Need proof? Take a cue from these really fun layered looks!
Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts
Get your edge on with one of these hot, uneven bobs! I've put together a showcase of my favorite ones right here.
Medium inverted bob haircut
Check out these inspiring mid-length inverted bobs!
bob haircuts for fine hair
Searching for a new look to bring out the best from your thin strands? Check these latest fine hair solutions!
bob hair for over 60
If you're in your sixties with short hair, then check out these short hairdos that will make you look younger!
angled bob for women over 60
You're never too old to switch up your style. Find your perfect angled bob from this gallery!
bob haircuts for women over 60 with fine hair
If you're a fine-haired older woman, check out this photo gallery. We got you these flattering bob styles that promise extra volume and texture.
medium layered bob for women over 60
One of the low-maintenance haircuts for women over 60 is here! Check out these medium layered bobs to give you an idea of what style to try next.
bob haircuts for women over 60
Bobs are an exceptional, timeless cut 60-year-olds can appreciate.
The best shaggy bob with bangs
The shorter cut with a texture and fringe is super popular right now. Check out these stunning ideas!
Straight lob haircut
If you like the idea of a classic and low-maintenance haircut, check out these images of straight lobs now!
Short Choppy Bob Haircuts
Short hair cuts that are choppy look fabulous. Getting it cut to a bob length will keep your hair looking fashionable.
The best short curly bob haircuts
Do you need fresh ideas on how to wear your lovely tresses? Click ahead for your newest inspiration.
Angled bob haircuts
If there’s one sassy look, it’s the angled bob. Not only is the angled bob seriously hairstastic, it also never goes out of style! If you have “rocking the angled bob” on your bucket list, go ahead and pick one out from our collection of the hottest angled bob hairstyles we’ve ever seen.
Pixie bob haircuts for women over 50
Pixie bobs aren't just for the younger generation. Women over the age of 50 are finding this trendy style adds a touch of youthfulness to their style.
Add bangs to your stacked bob for an added flair that screams sophistication.
Jaw-length edgy choppy bob haircuts
Keep your locks short and edgy with these jaw-length choppy bob cuts. Add a new life to your look now!
Trendy blunt bob with bangs
Add bangs to your blunt bob for a super sexy and stylish hairstyle.
French bob haircuts
Converting your bob into a polished and casual style? You have to try this '60s inspired classic.
Short layered bob haircuts
One of the best short hair ideas is the layered bob. If you have short and fine hair, then these hairdos might be just what you're looking for.
Choppy layered bob for thick hair
Choppy layers on bob cuts can remove extra bulk from thicker hair, so it doesn't feel so heavy. These layers also provide volume and movement, which is a plus!
one length bob
Sleek and easy-maintenance! These one-length bob cuts definitely match women of any age.
short layered bob with bangs
If you have short hair, opt for a layered bob and then pair it with bangs for the ultimate hairdo!
straight bob haircut
Bobs that are worn straight scream professionalism and style.
Short bob haircuts with bangs
The 90's short bob paired with a fringe is back! Check out some of the greatest short hairstyles I found for this season.
Bob with side bangs
The best way to nail a carefree, romantic style? Make an impression with one of these updated looks.
Short bob haircuts
How amazing are these short bob hairstyles? They're. So. Totally. Gorgeous. You're sure to find your new look here!
Bob hairstyles for black women
Bob hairstyles have never looked sexier than they do here! Head on over to our latest post for tips on achieving the hottest trend in hair fashion.
Long shaggy bob
Rock a shaggy lob if you want to channel your inner-rockstar! Shaggy lobs are super versatile!
Popular razor cut bob haircuts
There's a new bob in town! See what this edgy crop can offer!
Best blonde bob haircuts
Feeling to give your look a classic overhaul? Watch as various versions of this Madonna-inspired hairstyle get revealed.
Modern inverted bob haircut ideas for women
Get inspired with one of these dramatic bobs!
Ear-Length Bobs
There are so many styling options for an ear-length haircut. Find out which one of these hair ideas suits you well.
Pixie bob haircuts for older women
These pixie bob haircuts are a great way to give older women a youthful look they've always wanted!
short bobs for older women
Opt for a short bob as your get older!
Bob haircuts for older women
The goal is - to make the face look youthful and fresher. It's already done! All you have to do is pick one!
Short stacked bob haircut ideas
See how angles and layers can work gloriously to create a memorable, low-maintenance style!
The best graduated bob haircuts
Up to take the bob plunge? Do it with its most stylish form.
long graduated bobs
Make a stunning statement with a fresh graduated lob cut that's easy to style and maintain. You'll feel and look even more confident!
Short graduated bob
Add some graduation to your short bob to polish up your style.
Layered Bobs for Women
Let’s spice up your bob haircut with layers! We have so many fantastic layered bob hairstyles to choose from right here.
Graduated bobs for older women
These graduated bobs give older women the youthful glow they deserve. Check out this photo gallery for more short hair inspiration!
Angled bob with bangs
Bangs are super cool when added to bobs. But when you add bangs to an angled bob, now you've got a stylish haircut.
For a fresh and sexy look, try this above-average bob.
Neck-length bobs
Neck-length bobs can be styled in so many ways. Steal astonishing hair ideas here!
Long curly bob haircuts. Aka the curly lob
All the current mid-length curly styles you need to know. Spot your next head-turning look here.
Fine hair chin length bobs
The biggest benefit of chin-length bobs is that these cuts offer thin, fine hair fullness and volume. Go, try one out!
Stacked bobs with layers
New day, new hair inspiration! Here are the photos for the best and trendiest styles for a stacked bob cut with bangs.
Bob haircuts for thick hair
A flattering, low-maintenance bob is every thick-haired woman's dream! All you have to do is click here to make it a reality.
Choppy lobs are the hottest trend this year! Check out why...
Short blonde bob
Blonde short bobs are super trendy this year! Talk to your stylist about the best type of bob for your short, blonde hair.
The cutest pictures of pixie bob haircuts
Ever wonder what's it like to sport a powerful, extra edgy haircut? For answers, head directly to this gallery.
Stacked inverted bob
Take your inverted bob up a notch by having the back stacked!
The best short a-line bob haircuts
Love a stylish asymmetry for your look? Check out the diverse ways on how to execute this cut.
Jaw-length bob
From classic to modern to dramatic styles, these jaw-length bobs will give you the look you want to pull off. Check them out!
layered bobs for fine hair
Give your fine locks a boost with one of these cute layered bob cuts!
Messy bob haircut ideas
Take a look at these super on-trend bob cuts.
Short wavy bob haircuts for women
You can have a short haircut that has an effortless texture! See here how you can wear a short bob with gorgeous waves.
Long wavy bob haircuts and hairstyles
In the search for a 'do that will take you from day to night without needing touch-ups? Read on to find out how to make it your own.
long pixie bob
Why rock a regular pixie bob when you can rock a long one?? Lixie bobs are the latest new trend that's taking the hair industry by storm. See why here!
Curly bob with bangs hairstyle
Alright my curly haired friends, if you're considering a fringe, then you've gotta check out these photos!
Textured bobs with bangs
Add bangs to your new textured bob hairstyle! See why here!
Angled bobs with layers
Angled bob with layers: A classic cut that can be worn by women of any age! It's a trend worth a try.
Curtain bangs
Spice up your bob by adding curtain bangs and rock a shaggy style every woman will envy.
Short blunt bob
Short blunt bobs are the hottest trend right now, and they work best on short hair.
Very short bob hairstyles for women
Bobs are notorious for coming in different lengths and sizes, but nothing is hotter than a bob that's very short.
side part bob
Give your bob a fresh makeover with a subtle or deep side part. I've put together some of my favorite looks this year. Come check them out!
Chin length blunt bob
Chin-length blunt bobs offer a universal style that flatters women of all ages. The best part is that these chops are easier to style!
Layered inverted bob haircut
Check out these amazing bob haircuts with layers!
long layered bob
If you have longer hair and are wanting to find a look that feels lighter and with more movement, then consider one of these trendy layered Lobs!
stacked short curly bob
Go for a this short bob and enhance your natural curls!
pixie short stacked bob
Give your locks a fresh hair makeover with one of these gorgeous pixie bobs that have elevated stacking.
Blunt cut bob haircuts
Go for a more sophisticated and sleek bob with one of these amazing blunt cuts.
Middle part bob for black women
Whether you are straightening your natural hair or considering a weave, these modern middle parts will sure to inspire!
Long inverted bob haircuts
Lusting for a pretty yet practical haircut? Tap to start switching up your look!
blunt cut side part bob
Here's how to take blunt bob cuts to the next level—the side part style! Get trendy hair ideas here.
Shoulder-length bob haircuts
It's clear to see why the mid-length bob hairstyle continues to enrapture women. It is a uniquely modern and cool cut with a dash of feminine sensibility.
Spice up your look with a choppy bob this season! After chopping off your tresses, you’ll look younger and sassier – the perfect look. Come see our list of absolutely adorable choppy bob hairstyles you could rock like there’s no tomorrow!
Short inverted bob haircuts
Your short hair doesn't have to be boring! If you want to have a slightly edgie look, then one of these inverted crops might be for you!
Long blunt bob
Opt for a blunt lob if you're looking for a trendy, modern, and timeless cut.
chin length bob with bangs
Wear any of these modern short hair inspirations and embrace a fun, casual style!
Short wedge haircuts
Make your fine and thin hair look thicker with one of these amazing short cut wedges!
Best long bob with bangs
Undergo through an exciting transformation with one of these chart-topping looks! See them all now!
Bob with bangs
Looking to add some bang to your look? Bangs and bob hairstyles go together like peanut butter and jelly. Look here for some hairspiration!
chin length layered bob
Don't miss these bobs with layering on this perfect length of a cut!
Chin-length choppy bobs
Sacrificing a little length can give you a dazzling new look. Check out these variations of a chin-length choppy bob to inspire your next cut!
Short undercut bob haircuts
Be bold and go short with an undercut bob hairstyle.
Shaggy bobs with curtain bangs
This is the sign to give your usual bob some choppy layers and a face frame. Listed here are gorgeous shaggy bob cuts with curtain bangs that you can try!
short straight bob haircuts
If you have straight hair, you can wear your hair short as long as you first take a look at this photo gallery first!
Long a-line bob haircuts
Ever heard of the it-girl haircut? Find out all about it right here.
Bob haircuts for round faces
Struggling to find the perfect bob haircut for your round face? Let us come to the rescue! Peep these 20 fabulous bob haircuts that will absolutely flatter your gorgeous round face.
Layered bob haircuts for women over 60
Opt for a layered bob if you're over 60-years-old and looking to cut down on styling time while rocking a new hairdo!
Lob haircut ideas
Check out these incredible lobs for hair that's perfect when it's short to medium length.
aline bob with bangs
These short A-line bobs with bangs make the perfect no-fuss cut for ladies always on the go!
bob haircuts for women over 70
70-year-olds should opt for bob hairstyles if wanting a youthful and stylish new haircut.
Short bob haircuts for women over 70
Behold these stylish and low-maintenance bob haircuts that 70-year-old women will love!
Short bob haircuts for women over 50
Go bold and short with these trendy bob ideas once you reach over 50 years old. The volume and body that this haircut provides can't disappoint.
Fine hair french bobs
Thin, fine hair can look fuller and voluminous if you wear a French bob. Check out the hottest short bob cuts and styles here!
Long asymmetrical bob
Opt for an uneven lob cut if you dare. You won't be disappointed.
Long bobs for women over 60
Behold the stunning long bob cuts that provide 60-year-old women a modern, younger-looking style!
Stacked bob hairstyles
These are some of my favorite stacked bobs haircuts and hairstyles for this year! Come see which one will suit you best.
Neck-length blunt bobs
Go for a blunt cut bob at neck-length to glow up this year!
Textured lob
There are endless ways to style a trendy textured lob. And the best and most popular ones can be found in this gallery!
high stacked inverted bob
Treat yourself to a fresh chop! Steal ideas from these stacked and inverted bob haircuts.
Wavy bob hairstyles
Craving a super versatile haircut that can be worn by anyone? The wavy bob is for you! There is a wavy bob hairstyle out there that matches your personality to a 'T', and we promise it's on this list.
Curly bob haircuts and hairstyles for women with naturally curly hair
It’s time to let your curls fly free with one of these feminine and ultra modern curly bobs!
Best A-line bob haircuts
You don’t have to look like Rihanna or Victoria Beckham to pull off a flawless A-line bob. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, you’ll look especially stunning with an A-line bob!
shaggy bob haircuts
Soft layers give the perfect amount of messy. Give this new cut a try and find out all about it here.
undercut pixie bob haircuts
Keep your hair effortlessly cool with any of these undercut pixie bobs. Take your pick!
Middle part blunt cut bob
Change up your look without worrying about daily styling by getting a middle-parted blunt bob. Worth a try!
Choppy bob with bangs
Here are some amazing ways to get a messy bob with fringe!
Trendy inverted bob with bangs haircuts and hairstyles
Decided to go chopped and fringed? Charm everyone with a dramatic and fitting cut that you'll see right here.
Chin-length wavy bobs
Featured here are stylish chin-length wavy bob cuts that you can wear to any occasion!
Choppy short bobs for fine hair
Amp up your thin, fine hair with tons of texture and volume. Try any of these short choppy bob cuts now!
feathered bob
Feathery and feminine! These feathered bobs will offer you hairstyles that are full of life.
Cute haircuts for women
One most sought-after short hair ideas right now is the bixie! You're about to see why from this collection of images.
Medium layered bob
Yes! I'm so excited to have put together this list of gorgeous layered bobs for medium length hair. If you're ready for shaggy look, come check these out!
Short asymmetrical bobs for women
Check out these edgy, yet trendy asymmetric hairdos for short hair!
Chin length bobs
Having short hair so no excuse for monotony. Peep these gorgeous looks to see that a chin length bob can be one of the most versatile styles out there!
Wavy bob with bangs
Wavy bobs are already chic and trendy. However, when paired with bangs they create a framing effect you're sure to love.
Long bobs for thin hair
Sweeten up your look with long bob haircuts—they're perfect for fine, thin hair!
Bob haircuts for women over 50
Here are some flattering bobs to consider in your fifties!
If you're a 50-year-old woman with fine hair, opt for these modern bob cuts to achieve a fuller shape. Check out this gallery!
Short bob hairstyles and haircuts for black women
Planning to do a big hair upgrade? Jump into these bob trends if you want real, grand change.
Curly Shaggy Lobs
Try one of these trendy cuts that are perfect if you have curly hair.
A picture of a trendy edgy choppy bob haircut
Opt for a choppy bob that a bit edgy instead of the same old boring haircut you're used to.
Long bob with bangs for thin hair
These lob cuts with bangs can give thin hair a fuller effect with just the right amount of texture and volume!
Layered wavy bobs
Wavy bobs with layers offer you a voluminous style you'll want to wear for a long time!
Shaggy bobs for short hair are meant for low-maintenance women looking for a trendy new hairstyle.
long bob with curtain bangs
Lobs are super versatile and look great with middle-parted curtain bangs that frame the face.
Bob haircuts for women over 40
Short hair can be so flattering, especially on mature ladies. Come and see these photos of easy-styling bob cuts on women over 40 for proof!
Thin fine hair bob with bangs
Got thin, fine hair? Here's a tip: Opt for a bob cut with bangs to secure a voluminous look!
Short stacked inverted bob haircut
Thinking about a stacked bob? Go short and inverted to get the ultimate hairdo!
Jaw length choppy bob with bangs
These jaw-length choppy bobs are short textured cuts that suit most face shapes. Bangs are added for an extra edge to the look.
shaggy pixie bob
The texture and movement your hair needs are found in these shaggy pixie bobs. Try one now!
Undercut Bob Haircuts
Got the attitude to rock a semi-shaved style? Tap into the most captivating takes on this haircut.
jaw length blunt bob
These trendy jaw-length blunt bobs will make your hair appear fuller and healthier. Get the chop now!
Short bob haircuts for women over 40
These modern short bob haircuts can make stunning women over 40 feel and look young!
short bob with bangs for over 60
Short hairstyles like a bob look better with bangs. See for yourself!
Shoulder-length bobs for fine hair
Stay cool and confident in your fine hair with these shoulder-length bobs that can surely create voluminous styles.
Popular short angled bob haircut
Want hair with a bit of fun and edgy flair? Lust over these precisely structured short bobs.
Low maintenance pixie bob haircut
There's no wrong way to rock an easy-maintenance pixie bob. Check these photos for proof!
Fine hair stacked bobs
One of the best haircuts for fine tresses is the stacked bob. It's chic and easy-styling, but most of all, it creates an illusion of body and volume!
funky inverted bob
Opt for an inverted bob that's funky if you're ready to step away from the same old hairstyles.
Concave bob
No matter what your face shape is, there's surely a concave bob for you. Get ideas from this gallery.
Long stacked bob
Opt for a stacked lob if you're tired of boring hair. Its sleek style is sure to turn heads!
asymmetrical pixie bob
If you want a bolder version of your current short haircut, try any of these asymmetrical pixie bobs. These are effortlessly chic and never boring!
Best long angled bob lob haircuts
Don't have any clue on where to start? Check these chic angled haircuts now!
inverted bob for thin hair
If you have thin hair, opt for an inverted bob to spice up your hairstyle, and create a fuller-looking mane.
stacked with an undercut
Stacking a bob with an undercut is a great way to add lift and volume! Check out these super chic looks!
Asymmetrical bob with bangs
An asymmetrical bob with fringe is one of the hottest trends right now!
Chubby Face Long Bob Haircuts
Find a complementing lob cut to give your face shape a narrower appearance!
sliced bob
Add a little sass to your overall look with one of these sliced bobs. You'll love it, for sure!