69 Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces to Appear More Balanced

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Ever heard the saying, “Why the long face?” Usually, people ask this when someone’s looking sad or down.

The thing is, many women have what’s known as a long face shape (also called rectangular or oblong). And it has nothing to do with feeling down in the dumps!

As a hairdresser, I’m an expert on face shapes and the haircuts that suit each one the best. That includes haircuts for women with long face shapes!  I’ve put together this article and photo gallery to help you become an expert yourself.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly which hairstyles suit you best. More importantly, you’ll know how to modify any haircut to make you look stunning.

What is a Long Face Shape?

A long face shape is characterized by having a long, narrow face and hollow-looking cheeks. (Source) This face shape is also known as oblong or rectangular.

Not sure if you fall into this category? The easiest and fastest way to determine your face shape is by measuring. A soft or flexible tape measure is the ideal tool, but you can use a ruler too. If your face is longer than it is wide, that’s a good indicator.

Your face will also be narrower than that of someone with an oval face shape. Your jawline, cheeks, and forehead will be just about the same width if you have a long face shape, too.

Short haircuts for women with long face shapes tend to be the most flattering. Medium-length hairstyles work well, too. But long hair will most likely make your face look even longer.

That said, there are exceptions to every rule in the world of hair. You’ll notice a few long hairstyles in the gallery below. In a nutshell, no hairstyle is entirely off-limits when it comes to long face shapes.

The Best Haircut for Your Facial Features

Finding the right hairstyle is about so much more than just your face shape. You see, facial features and face shape aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can have a long face shape and a small nose, or a large nose, or any number of unique details. (Source)

Below, I’ve got specific tips for a wide range of facial features. Keep these in mind as you scroll through the gallery of haircuts for women with long face shapes. And remember, your stylist can customize just about any hairstyle in the gallery to follow these tips!

  • Wide or large forehead. Covering your forehead with bangs and facial framing will balance your features. This will also make your face look less long and closer to the ideal oval shape.
  • Narrow forehead. Volume and lift around your temples will bring your forehead into proportion. A punky pixie cut, textured bob, or choppy shag would all work well.
  • Crooked nose. A side part with an asymmetric haircut creates the optical illusion of a straight nose. Bobs and lobs are timeless options that create this effect. A lixie or asymmetric mullet are great options for an edgier look.
  • Small nose. The wrong haircut can make you look too young—like a tween’s yearbook photo. To look youthful in a good way, you’ll want volume at your roots and movement through the sides. A wolf cut mullet would turn heads in the best way. For something more classic, try a chin-length layered bob.
  • Large or prominent nose. Bangs and lots of soft facial framing will bring your nose into balance. You can pair these with any haircut, but avoid volume through the sides. A blunt chin-length bob will have this effect and make your face look more oval. Short shags are a great choice, too.
  • Small chin. Bringing your hair up and away from your jawline will make your chin look proportional. A bob with choppy layers or a shag with medium layers would be easiest to style this way.
  • Large chin. With a large chin, you need to steer clear of chin-length styles. If you want a long hairstyle, ask for facial framing that starts below your chin. Any short hairstyle will make your face look more oval and balance your chin.

Do Bangs Work with Long Faces?

Bangs are one of the best options if you have a long face. Almost every type of fringe will make your face look a tad shorter and wider, more like the ideal oval face shape.

Notice how I said almost. Here are my recommendations for various types of bangs with long face shapes:

  • Straight or blunt bangs. These are a great choice for long face shapes. The blunt ends make your face look shorter and wider in the best possible way.
  • Swoopy or side-swept bangs. The swoopier, the better! This always-in-style option covers most of your forehead. So, they work well even if you have a small forehead.
  • Bottleneck bangs and curtain bangs. You’ll be happy to hear these on-trend bangs are a perfect match for long face shapes. If you’re worried about maintenance, ask for facial framing too. This combo looks great even when it’s been a while since your last salon visit.
  • Curly bangs. If you have curly hair and a long face shape, curly bangs are a fabulous choice. You can wear them blunt or opt for a side-swept version—either will be very flattering.
  • Long fringe. When I say “long fringe,” I mean bangs that come to about the tip of your nose. They’re worn more like facial framing than true bangs. You can wear long bangs, so long as your hair isn’t long too. Long bangs with long ends and a long face shape won’t suit you well.
  • Layered or wispy bangs. This softer, more lived-in fringe is low maintenance and great for long face shapes. Especially if you have angular features you’d like to soften, a layered or wispy fringe is perfect.
  • Baby bangs or micro fringe. You should 100% avoid this trendy option. A very short fringe will draw attention to your forehead and make your face look even longer.

Hair Type Considerations

So far, you’ve learned quite a bit about choosing the right haircut for your face shape and facial features. These are 2 of the biggest factors in picking a great hairstyle.

But they aren’t the only factors.

Your hair type is just as important because it impacts how much maintenance you’ll need to do. And by “maintenance,” I mean both salon visits and daily styling. If your chosen inspiration photo has straight hair but your natural texture is coily, that’s a recipe for major upkeep.

Here are the most important considerations for each hair type:

  • Wavy. Wavy hair is a great texture to have with a long face shape. The more movement and texture in your hair, the more oval your face will look. Ask your stylist for layers that show off your waves without adding volume on top.
  • Curly (including perms). Curly hair is another good match for women with long face shapes. A layered chin-length bob, short curly shag, or even a curly mullet would all look great with your texture and face shape.
  • Coily. You have a lot of options with coily hair and a long face shape. A braided bob or a bob to show off your natural texture will give you a laid-back and youthful appearance. A shoulder-grazing cut will look polished and balance out your proportions. I suggest seeing a stylist who specializes in curls to ensure your hair is layered properly.
  • Straight (including relaxed hair). Adding layers to straight hair will make your hair lay smooth and close to your head. This is ideal for making your face look shorter. You’d also look great with a stacked inverted chin-length bob.
  • Fine. Having fine hair and a long face shape can be tricky. When your hair gets too long or has too many layers, it’ll fall flat. This makes your face look even longer. A stacked bob or a shag with choppy layers will add volume in all the right places.
  • Thick and/or coarse. Thick and coarse hair can vary a lot between people. Some types do best with layers; others not so much. Ask your stylist which will create the most movement in your hair without adding volume on top. No matter what inspiration photo you choose, your stylist should be able to customize it.
  • Gray. Gray hairs tend to be very wiry and unruly, or so soft they’re hard to style. If yours are soft, bangs and facial framing will be low maintenance and very flattering. For unruly grays, you want less layers. The weight of your hair helps pull them down and make them behave. A sleek bob or lob would be a good choice for this type of gray hair.
  • Damaged or heavily processed. Shorter hairstyles with lots of layers will remove breakage and reduce tangles. Any type of pixie, bob, or even a short shag will make styling easier and make your face look more oval.

How to Style Your Hair When You Have a Long Face Shape

As a woman with a long face shape, how you style your hair makes a huge difference. If you get too much volume in the top or your ends get poofy from blow-drying, you won’t achieve that oval face illusion.

But don’t worry—I’ve got pro styling tips for every hair type.

Fine to Medium Hair

If you have fine to medium hair, styling in easy in some ways and tricky in others. It takes a lot of effort to get volume through the top of your hair, and you want to avoid that anyway.

The challenging part is achieving movement and bounce around the sides of your face. As you’ve likely experienced, these hair types like to lay very smooth and flat. You need a powerful yet lightweight styling product get bounce in all the right places.

My favorite product for your hair type is Pureology Instant Levitation Heat Protectant Spray. The label says it’s for color-treated hair, but I’ve had great results using this on natural and even gray hair.

Mist this over your hair, focusing on the roots and mid-shafts. You can let your hair air dry or use a blow-dryer. Either way, you’ll get weightless bounce and movement!

Thick or Damaged Hair

Styling thick or damaged hair is a bit of a balancing act. You need enough product to smooth frizz and hydrate your hair. But these smoothing, nourishing products are often heavy. They can make your hair look shiny yet lifeless at the same time.

The best product I’ve ever used for these hair types is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin. This product truly does it all without being heavy or sticky. It adds the keratin your hair is missing, protects from heat and UV, fights frizz, and adds shine without sacrificing your hair’s natural body.

All you have to do is mist it on damp hair, focusing on your mid-shafts and ends. But you can do a spritz or two on your roots if they’re damaged or frizzy, too. Brush or comb your hair once you’re done applying and style as desired!

Wavy, Coily, or Curly Hair

When you have any amount of natural wave or curl, you can style one of two ways. Either embrace and amplify your natural texture, or straighten it out with hot tools. I have curly hair myself, and I bounce between different styles every week.

If you’re rocking the curls, I can’t say enough good things about Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. I find this product works great on coils, curls, and waves without weighing them down.

This cream is designed to be an all-in-one. So, you can say goodbye to struggling with gel, mousse, and leave-in conditioners. Just scrunch it into damp hair, then air dry or blow-dry. It’s got heat protection built-in and it’ll keep curls defined for 24-48 hours.

Feeling like sleek, straight hair today? You need Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream. This is the only curl-straightening product I’ve found that works without making hair sticky or greasy. It also nourishes to fight split ends and reduce drying time.

To apply, separate your damp hair into sections. I like to clip most of my hair up and start with the hair in the nape of my neck. Then I do the crown and rest of the back as another section. Finally, I part my hair in front and do each side separately.

Take a moment to brush or comb it through all your hair. Then you can blow-dry and flat-iron to your heart’s content! And it should take you less time than usual thanks to this powerful product.

Maintaining Your Haircut

Maintenance is the last consideration to make before choosing a hairstyle. As you now know, it’s not as simple as Googling “best haircuts for women with long face shapes” and choosing the first image you see.

Every hairstyle needs a certain amount of upkeep. And is there anything more frustrating than walking out of the salon feeling gorgeous, just to struggle with styling at home?

I’ve broken down upkeep into levels below. Whether you’re busy with work, chasing kiddos around all day, or just not interested in tons of maintenance, I have tips to keep your routine simple.

Haircut frequency:

    • Annual or biannual salon visits are ideal for you. Try a chin-length bob with lots of layers or a short shag. These options will still look gorgeous and balance your face even when they’re grown out. The same is true with curtain or bottleneck bangs.
    • You don’t mind popping in for a trim every couple of months. An inverted bob, pixie cut, or a lob will stay sharp-looking between visits at this cadence. And bangs only need trimming every month or so, making them a great fit for these styles.
    • You’ll visit the salon every 2 weeks if that’s what your haircut calls for. Ask your stylist if they have a creative vision that’d look great on you. A shaggy mullet, dramatic pixie, or an extremely stacked bob will balance your face and make you stand out in the best way.

Daily styling:

  • You have higher priorities than styling your hair each day. Mornings are crazy enough without carving out time to do your hair, I get it. If you have waves or curls, try a layered chin-length inverted bob. All you’ll need to do is spritz with water or a leave-in conditioner and scrunch before you run out the door. For straight hair, try a short shag. A quick brush-through is all you’ll need each morning.
  • You have 15 – 30 minutes to do your hair every morning. With this amount of time and a long face shape, bangs are a clear choice. Choose fringe and a cut that suits your hair type, otherwise styling will take too long each morning. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can reduce tangles, thereby cutting down the time you spend getting ready each day. (Source)
  • You’re comfortable spending up to an hour styling daily. With a routine like this, you can choose any hairstyle from the gallery below. But remember hot tools like blow-dryers cause damage to hair with regular use. If you’re styling with heat daily, invest in a deep conditioner and a heat protectant to prevent breakage.

Hairstyle Inspiration for Women with Long Face Shapes

You’re now an expert on how to choose the best haircuts for your long face shape. Even better, you know how to pick a haircut that suits your lifestyle, too. Below, I’ve put together pictures of the best haircuts and hairstyles for women with long faces. These were chosen for how well they balance out a long face and how stylish they are.

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Chic Layered Cut with Textured Bangs for Long Faces
Instagram @thediscosalon

#1: Chic Layered Cut with Textured Bangs

One of the most popular haircuts for long faces is a long layered cut with long bangs. A layered haircut for long faces can benefit from bangs. When searching for haircuts that will flatter your long face, know that if you have a narrow forehead you should be very careful about wearing too heavy of a fringe as it can have the tendency to really close in your face. If you’re a woman with a taller forehead, you are going to love the way the bangs give great balance to your long face shape and bring a lot of attention to your eyes.

#2: Fiery Red Curled Hair

Ask about a fiery red curled hairstyle. Reds look good on most, with the right shade. And for those with long face shapes, look for a style that adds width through the temples and center of your face. Try a curled style to compliment your face shape and show off the dimension in your color.

#3: Wispy Natural Silver Hairstyle

Do you want a low-maintenance style? I suggest working with your natural hair texture and growth pattern. Aim for key features that you want to highlight. For example, your eyes, cheeks, and chin. Determine the length to create around those features.

#4: Amazing Dark to Pinkish Blonde Ombre

Try this amazing dark to pinkish-blonde ombre to change up your look. This look may help enhance your features with an amazing dark to pinkish-blonde ombre. The hair color gives an overall softness to your look. It makes it appear more feminine, sweet, and sophisticated. Make sure to choose the right shades of dark and pinkish blonde. They should complement your skin tone and natural hair color. It’s recommended to seek advice from a trusted hair colorist or salon if you’re unsure which hues to go for.

#5: Sexy Curly Bob with Curly Fringe for Black Hair

For a long face, consider getting this curly bob with a curly fringe cut to frame and flatter your face. For that perfect look, ask your stylist for shorter layers in the back. But leave longer pieces to frame your forehead. This will help enhance cheekbones and jawline structure. It will give fullness around the ears, which creates balance in an elongated facial shape. Ask them to use cutting techniques for curly/coiled hair. The wrong technique can cause frizzing out. Use curl creams to help add definition and structure to the shape of your coils.

Naturally curly hair with center part for long face shapes
Instagram @aoki_hair

#6: Naturally Curly Hair with Center Part

A soft, curly shag haircut with a center part will make your long face appear shorter. This is a haircut that can truly be tailored to an oblong face shape! The main components of a good shag are curtain fringe, lean length, and volume at the crown. You can base the length of your fringe on whether you want to partially cover your forehead or accentuate the area between the eye and the cheekbone.

Then, you can add volume to the crown via layers and take them as short or as disconnected as you like. This then removes some of the weight in the midsection of your hair but preserves the density at the ends. Then, based on what you and your stylist determine, you can choose to layer out the rest of the shape for more of a vintage vibe.

#7: Edgy Textured Pixie

A pixie cut for a long face looks stunning with bangs and texture. If you want this cropped cut, your stylist will use a razor for about 90% of the haircut so it will give your strands extra life. To maintain this cropped cut, I highly recommend a pomade. Using a pomade lets you spike up your hair a bit and you can piece out the fringe for that messy yet sleek look. I used Johnny B Xtra Hold pomade.

This hair would be perfect for you if you’re willing to style your hair daily but don’t want to spend lots of time on it. While your hair is wet, simply add some pomade to create the texture you want and you’re done. This particular pixie was done on a girl with fairly thick hair, so we were able to create a ton of texture with it. I believe this is the best haircut for an edgy client with a long face that wants a look that’s easy to style.

#8: Textured Blunt Long Bob (Lob)

You may want to get a blunt long bob (lob) with lots of texture. It has no top layer but tons of interior shattered layers. I like that it can be worn sleek, or when curled, it has tons of layers and texture and looks more sassy and fun.

If you have a long face, be specific with your verbiage for your stylist. Also, you can add a stack to it. It’s not a heavy stack, so if that’s what you are going for then you need to know the back will be more layered.

#9: Long Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

Long feathered layers will add movement and definition to a long face shape. Ask your stylist to add lots of layering to your thick locks to keep bouncy movement. To give this haircut the perfect “it girl” style, use a round brush in your hairstyling routine.

#10: Color and Cut Makeover

When someone comes in and says they want to update their look, I advise them to start by changing their hair color. I then will cut the hair in such a way to help show off that new color. Even changing your color by a shade or two can transform your appearance. It can add warmth back into your skin. Which will make you look like you have a healthy glow!

Low-Maintenance Lob with Blunt Ends for Long Faces
Instagram @m.albernaz

#11: Low-Maintenance Lob with Blunt Ends

Give your hair some edge with this low-maintenance lob with blunt ends. It complements an oval and oblong face shape. This haircut requires trims every six to eight weeks to really keep those ends looking sharp. Use the Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine to keep your style looking smooth and shiny.

#12: Blonde Choppy Bob with Pink Dip Dye

A blonde choppy bob with pink dip dye is a safe yet trendy way to play with color! If you want to experiment with short haircuts, try a chin-length razored bob. For instance, a style this short can sometimes give the illusion of a longer pixie haircut, depending on how you style it.

Amazing Braided Bob for a Long Face
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#13: Amazing Braided Bob

The best way to style your natural texture is to do it on a braided bob. You’ll get complete control and a ready-made style, time after time. Maintenance ranges from 4-12 weeks, and colors range from natural to vibrant. You will want to find a loctician or braider that is good with design and density types. That will help to ensure the best health for your hair.

Voluminous Wavy Hairstyle with Warm Tones for Long Faces
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#14: Voluminous Wavy Hairstyle with Warm Tones

A voluminous and wavy hairstyle is the perfect caramel balayage for naturally darker brunettes. Since lifting darker hair naturally exposes red and orange, caramel or honey tones are best suited for the longevity of the color. My recommendation is to keep your natural darker base level and create subtle warmth on your ends.

#15: Mid-Length Curly Haircut

A mid-length curly haircut is great for volume and reshaping. If a bob is a little too short for you, but your lacking volume with your long length, try a mid-length shape to the shoulders. This is short enough to add that extra lift but won’t shrink up on you too much.

Straight Smoky Blonde Hair with a Fringe for a Long Face
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#16: Straight Smoky Blonde Hair with a Fringe

To switch up your look, try a smoky blonde hair color and add a fringe about eyebrow length to break up the length of your hair and frame your long face shape without enhancing it. To maintain this color, all you need is a highly pigmented purple shampoo, such as Schwarzkopf’s Good Bye Yellow shampoo. Your best bet to styling your new look is to go for a sleek, straight blowout using a blow dryer brush to make styling much easier, instead of learning how to coordinate holding a round brush and blow dryer at the same time.

#17: Very Long Bob with Feathered Ends

When looking for the right hairstyle for a long face, try a very long bob parted in the middle. Make sure to ask your stylist for feathered ends to add some texture and movement to your style. Long faces aren’t usually made for bobs, but a long bob is perfect to frame your face features and enhance your longer face shape.

#18: 70s Wolf Shaggy Lob with Piece-y Bangs

I love doing funky, shag haircuts on my clients. This 70s-inspired cut works great because of where the layers are grazing the cheeks. This cut can be modified by switching up the micro bang for a longer curtain bang. It will give you the same cool, rockstar effect!

#19: Chocolate Side-Swept Bangs

Try side-swept bangs if you have an elongated face and want to break up the lines in your profile. When it comes to bangs, ask your stylist to keep them chunky with a soft texture. Don’t forget you have to add some face-framing pieces around the bottom of your haircut to ensure the shape stays soft and bouncy.

Wispy Medium Haircut with Front Layers for Long Faces
Instagram @mikayladruhan

#20: Wispy Medium Haircut with Front Layers

A wispy medium haircut paired with front layers can add interest to your shape. You should try to style the front layers away from your face for a trendy look. If you have fine hair, a wispy cut will come naturally to the ends and will look great. Make sure your layers aren’t too short to keep the integrity of your hair. For a unique style, you should try pulling your hair up and leaving the front layers out to frame your face.

Long Messy Ginger Hair with Bangs for a Long Face
Instagram @nataliarok

#21: Long Messy Ginger Hair with Bangs

There is nothing more striking than long messy ginger hair with bangs. I recommend cutting the angles on the sides at about chin-length to accentuate facial features. The bangs and piece-y sides will work wonders to round out your appearance. If you have a long face shape, you will want to create extra volume on the sides for even better balance. If you want that translucent ginger color, a great way to go would be a semi-permanent sealer in that shade.

Grey Pixie Hair with Long Side Bangs for a Long Face Shape
Instagram @hd.concept

#22: Grey Pixie Hair with Long Side Bangs

Try grey pixie hair with long side bangs for a unique take on a short hairstyle. If you have strong facial features, the long side bang is a great way to flatter your appearance. The asymmetry looks so cool and is a perfect choice if you just want to hang on to a little length. Keep in mind, that you’ll want to style the hair on top more forward and flat for a modern finish. You’ll need to have this beautiful shape trimmed about every 4-5 weeks.

#23: Sexy Bronde Hair with Loose Waves

Be on trend with bronde hair with loose waves. If you have a long face shape, a nice face frame will make your face appear more proportional. Create loose waves with a big barrel curling iron to make your locks look full of texture and body. Show your hairstylist your idea of the perfect long hairstyle and go for it.

Center-Parted Medium Shag with Soft Curls for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @bareeminimum

#24: Center-Parted Medium Shag with Soft Curls

Next time you visit the salon, instead of your typical trim, why not try a center-parted medium shag hairstyle with curls? A hairdo like this will make styling easy if you have a bit of wave or curl in your hair. Air dry or diffuse this style with Hairstory Balm and Undressed for a soft, tousled look.

Short Layered Bixie with Wavy Bangs for Long Faces
Instagram @michelle.k.harrison

#25: Short Layered Bixie with Wavy Bangs

If you have a long face shape, consider a short layered bixie with wavy bangs. A bold short bixie is low-maintenance and is very easy to style. Layered waves add depth and body and are an excellent choice if you want a wash-and-go cut. Use some texture paste to add more definition to your waves.

#26: Creamy Blonde Hair with Medium Swoopy Layers

Have more fun with creamy blonde hair with medium swoopy layers. Swoopy layers will add body and give your hair lots of volume. For a long face shape, try adding a face frame to bring some softness and proportion to your face. Use a big round brush to give a beautiful bounce to your locks.

#27: Beach Wavy Blonde Hair with Straight Bangs

Beach wavy blonde hair with straight bangs is one of the best looks for long face shapes. When I cut straight bangs, I tend to point cut. Doing this will create a softer edge. Choosing to do cute bangs will help to shorten the high forehead and balance your face shape.

Long Wispy Hair with Foilayage Highlights for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @jrod.hair

#28: Long Wispy Hair with Foilayage Highlights

An easy way to keep your salon visits low-maintenance is long wispy hair paired with foilayage highlights. Adding some dimension to your color can be helpful in keeping it youthful and from looking flat or dull. The wispy layers are easy to play with when styling and won’t require too much styling time!

Undone Style with Curtain Bangs for Mid-Length Hair for Long Faces
Instagram @yukistylist

#29: Undone Style with Curtain Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

A mid-length undone style with curtain bangs is great if you’re wanting a fuss-free routine. Keeping some length will draw your face down while the added curtain bangs highlight your cheekbones and eyes. If you have natural texture can get a similar result, but keep in mind, that a hot tool will most likely be needed to recreate the waves.

Light Blue Choppy Pixie Cut for a Long Face Shape
Instagram @_totalbelle

#30: Light Blue Choppy Pixie Cut

A choppy pixie cut is a fun and creative way to wear your hair. The goal is to lift your hair light enough to add a hint or a pastel tone to your blonde. Dyeing your hair a pastel or fun tone can be a temporary fix if you lighten your hair correctly.

Razored Shuller with Crown Layers and Bangs for Long Faces
Instagram @oh_mandy_jo

#31: Razored Shullet with Crown Layers and Bangs

A razored shullet with crown layers and bangs will be an eye-catching choice. This look is best for women with an oblong face shape. The crown layering and heavy bang will balance out the length of the face and add a ton of movement and texture!

Dimensional Brunette Balayage on Long Wavy Hair for Long Faces
Instagram @sabri.abic

#32: Dimensional Brunette Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

A brunette balayage is great on long wavy hair for a graceful, naturally placed hair color. This is awesome for the long face shape client that wants to keep their length. When customizing this hair color for yourself, you will want to ask the stylist to frame your face to your preferences, like adding peaks and valleys around your face or a money piece (as most commonly known).

Sun-Kissed Blonde Balayage with Beachy Waves for a Long Face
Instagram @mustinnn

#33: Sun-Kissed Blonde Balayage with Beachy Waves

Sun-kissed blonde balayage paired with beachy waves is the perfect summer blonde. This super blended balayage is darker at the roots, could be a root smudge or your natural color. Ask your stylist for brighter pieces around your face for an extra sun-kissed look. Keeping the fullness around the bottom of your hair will slim oblong-shaped faces, making them appear wider.

Long Face-Framing Pieces For Long Faces
Instagram @hair.by.trianna

#34: Long Face-Framing Pieces

Long face-framing pieces add a sexy, voluminous look to long hair. The layering with the shape of your head adds a lot of volume, but you can take it a step further by using a large barrel iron or hot rollers. You can do a side or off-center parting for more movement and a nice frame to your face. You can choose to blow dry with a round brush, but if you find that too difficult, air-drying and using hot rollers will be a great alternative and will last for days.

Middle-Parted Medium Layered Hairstyle for Natural Curls and Long Faces
Instagram @jrod.hair

#35: Middle-Parted Medium Layered Hairstyle for Natural Curls

A middle-parted medium layered hairstyle for natural curls gives off this cool-girl, chic vibe. The layering at the sides of your face gives off the appearance of a slimmer face. Layering natural curly hair should be done by a stylist that is well versed in curly hair cutting. Make sure you ask to see the stylists work for curly hair like yours or even ask if they can refer you to a stylist that specializes in your type of hair.

Mullet Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair and Long Faces
Instagram @ponytrick

#36: Mullet Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair

A shaggy bob, and mullet on curly hair with bangs is a lovely way to frame your face with glasses. This cut creates the illusion of width in your cheekbones and jaw, which makes this cut perfect for oblong and skinny face shapes.

Choppy Medium-Length Hair with Money Pieces for Long Faces
Instagram @capellibymegs

#37: Choppy Medium-Length Hair with Money Pieces

Choppy medium-length hair paired with bright money pieces is perfect for long face shapes. This is one style that helps to correct an oblong face shape. The choppy texture adds volume to the middle of your hair which helps visually shorten a longer face by creating width by your cheeks. Using a texture spray will help add volume and hold all day.

Medium to Long Deep Side-Parted Hair for Long Faces
Instagram @kaizenturkiye

#38: Medium to Long Deep Side-Parted Hair

A medium to long deep side-parted hair style is proof of sophistication. You will be able to achieve impressive volume on one side. Try teasing your finer side to balance the deep side part a bit.

Deep Red Wavy Hair with Bardot Bangs for a Long Face
Instagram @bethanyschair

#39: Deep Red Wavy Hair with Bardot Bangs

Deep red wavy hair paired with Bardot bangs brings a sultry feel to a long oval face haircut. When it comes to styling, use a big barrel curling iron and then brush out your hair for a classy, timeless style.

Soft Messy Straight Hair with a Subtle Face Frame for Long Faces
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#40: Soft Messy Straight Hair with a Subtle Face Frame

Soft straight hair with a subtle face frame is great for a longer face shape. This style puts off a charming and sweet vibe. Blow dry straight with a vented flat brush. Use a styling cream to combat frizziness within your hair.

#41: Piece-y Choppy Layers with Wispy Bangs

Looking for hair for long faces? Piece-y choppy layers with wispy bangs complement your eyes and cheekbones. Long, layered cuts are the most versatile styles because they look great down or even up in a pony with bangs and wispy pieces down around your face.

Voluminous Shoulder-Grazing Curly Cut For Oblong Face Shapes
Instagram @thecurlystudio

#42: Voluminous Shoulder-Grazing Curly Cut

Try a shoulder-grazing cut for your curly hair if you have an oblong face shape. This beautiful style will complement your long face and give your hair a more rounded shape. To achieve this style make sure to see a curly cutting specialist for the best results.

Wavy Sun-Kissed Hair with Middle Part for a Long Face
Instagram @allyysonnicole

#43: Wavy Sun-Kissed Hair with Middle Part

Wavy sun-kissed hair paired with a middle part gives a glamorous feel to the oblong face shape. A middle part with face-framing adds volume on your sides. Style with a medium barrel curling iron and a dry texture spray to finish.

Beach Waves And Long Internal Layers for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @yukistylist

#44: Beach Waves And Long Internal Layers

A long face is a perfect backdrop when paired with beach waves. Long internal layers help to flatter your face while the wavy texture can be created naturally or with a wand. Kristin Ess the brand developed a series of Air Dry products to help jazz up your style and keep it low-maintenance.

Amazing Undone Style on Medium Choppy Hair for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @hirohair

#45: Amazing Undone Style on Medium Choppy Hair

If you’re looking for chic hairstyles to balance out your oblong face, then go for an undone style on medium choppy hair. Best worn on medium to thick densities, this chopped style helps to remove weight while creating movement in your hair for enhancing tousles and lived-in styles. A medium 1 1/2” wand or curling iron will help to jazz up this style to prolong days of wear.

#46: Stunning Dark Copper Sleek Cut

Looking for a hairstyle that looks sophisticated, yet elegant? A stunning dark copper cut consists of a one-length blunt cut and warmer rich tones that will transform your sleek appearance. For women with warmer skin complexions, a dark copper color is one of the best hair colors to have and try. Avoid this hairstyle if you do not feel comfortable showing a lot of your face.

#47: Feminine Medium-Length Internal Layers

Medium-length internal layers are perfect if you have got fine hair that has a hard time holding shape. Creating movement around your eyes and chin adds instant volume and creates softness. I encourage a dry shampoo or a texture spray right at the root to create a soft lift and flexible hold. Try Hairstory Powder Dry Shampoo for that small amount of gritty hold and airiness.

#48: Cool Shoulder-Length Bob for Thin Hair

Ash brown highlights create a softer look for any oblong face shape. The more effortless and bigger the waves are, the fresher you look.

Collarbone-Length Waves with Deep Side Part for Long Faces
Instagram @romeufelipe

#49: Collarbone-Length Waves with Deep Side Part

A long bob is one of the best hairstyles for long faces. This bob cut will be fabulous if you ask your hairstylist for a subtle angle and subtle graduation. I love how the waves fall into shape easily, and the weight is properly distributed to accent the style. This look is good for women with thin faces and with naturally wavy hair. Or, ladies with straight hair who want a style that easily falls into place without too much styling and is structured and defined.

#50: Beautiful Long Balayage Hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a long balayage hairstyle. If you’re looking for dimension then opt for this trendy hairstyle. By keeping your base dark, this color will be low-maintenance. Adding some heavier blonde around the face will make your color pop!

#51: Curly Crop for Big Foreheads

If you have a big forehead, go for a curly crop for a stylish way to conceal the size of the surface area on your face. A range of styles like curtain, side part, and full fringe will help to evolve the style over time.

#52: Tousled Curly Shag for Fine Hair

The tousled curly shag is one of the most effortless haircuts that balances facial features and creates fullness, even for fine hair. It accentuates certain facial features like the cheekbones and draws attention to your eyes. Scrunch your damp hair with a bit of Bodifying Foam by Nioxin mixed with a few drops of Olaplex Bonding Oil and use a diffuser to dry.

medium-length shag with choppy bangs for long face shapes
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#53: Before and After: Medium-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs

A medium-length shag with choppy bangs is a great hairstyle to shorten a long face while simultaneously creating the ideal oval face shape with perfect face-framing layers. Choppy bangs will help break up your harsh lines and facial features while shortening the forehead.

#54: Alluring Blunt Bob with a Subtle Side Part

A blunt bob styled with a subtle side is the key to making this cut work for long faces. When you have the cut angled, where it meets the chin, it will accentuate your facial features.

#55: Chin-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

This is a modern messy hairstyle. It’s a take on the classic square bob with blunt bangs. The greatest thing about it is the twist of a classic shape with a messier finish that makes it lived in, trendier, and more today! This haircut can be customized depending on the length of your face.

It’s especially good for women with long faces that have a more narrow face shape. The line of the bangs and the line from the length of the bob shortens the length of the face. It would also be ideal if you have more fine hair because it will make your hair look thicker. I recommend Aveda thickening tonic and Aveda Smooth Infusion glossing straightener to get more volume and have a sleek finish but with a messy texture!

vintage boho middle part
Instagram @yukistylist

#56: Vintage Boho Middle Part

Haircuts for long faces work perfectly with layers and a middle part. This will give you that 60s/70s boho chic. Adding bangs to a hairstyle can women like you who have long faces.

These haircuts for long faces can work well if keep your hair texture in mind. The fringe is the focal point of this cut so consider that based on your face length. If your hair is frizzy/curly, know that in the mornings you’ll probably have to spend a few minutes extra styling it. If you do not like having hair in your face, keep the fringe (or curtain bangs) on the longer side.

Effortless Style & Color hairstyle
Instagram @kimd_hair

#57: Extra Long Curls with Bangs

This flattering haircut for long face shapes is for you if you want an effortless style and hair color. Getting short textured bangs will go perfectly with your long face or oblong face. The longer layers make it easy to style or wear with its natural texture. You should definitely consider a bang if you want to draw attention to your eyes or have a long face shape. Bangs are a big change that will be easy to transition. The long layers make it easy to style and go well with any type of hair.

Daily styling of bangs may or may not be needed depending on your hairline and hair texture, so make sure to take that into consideration if you’ve never had bangs before! To style, you have to apply a cocktail of AG Leave-In Conditioner and Amazing Shine Serum before cutting. After drying, I used Evo Dry Spray Wax for Texture and Loreal Infinium Hairspray for hold and finish

Face-Framing Layers for Long Faces
Instagram @blondenomore

#58: Stunning Face-Framing Layers

This short haircut complements a long face with light graduation and soft layers. It was created with razor texture and side-swept bangs. If you have short hair, then try this fresh and modern look.

The best short haircuts for long faces are easy and have a modern look to style. It’s a perfect cut for women with strong personalities. Someone with a long face shape can wear this cut and style due to the disconnected tips that give softness and lightness to the face.

Textured & Effortless hairstyle
Instagram @yvettechristine

#59: Effortless Ombre on Long Hair

This long hairstyle is a very textured and effortless look. Haircuts for long faces look gorgeous because they can be very versatile when styling hair. Products to recreate this look include two of my favorites. I recommend Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray before adding hot tools, as well as some  R+Co Rockaway sea salt spray to finish it off for extra volume and hold. I recommend this look to any client with thicker medium to long hair that wants a super lived-in look with lots of texture and movement. It’s an ideal look for anyone with a long face shape.

Trendy Long Shag Haircut with Highlights for Long Faces
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#60: Trendy Long Shag Haircut with Highlights

This shaggy haircut with loose waves is a modern take on a classic 70s shag, using Stevie Nicks as an inspiration. Use Aveda products. To get bouncy curls for your longer hair, use Smooth Infusion Style Prep, Styling Creme, and Dry Remedy Oil to finish the ends. If you want a more wavy, or beachy look, use Brilliant Damage Control, Texture Tonic, and finish with a light spray of Air Control hairspray.

You control the amount of layering in the interior and face frame to complement a long face shape. This look has bangs, but it looks great without bangs too. It does work best on below-the-shoulder to above-the-waist hair that is medium to thick. On fine hair, just do the face frame.

Fall-Inspired Modern Shag hairstyle for long faces
Instagram @elle_belle18

#61: Modern Auburn and Brown Shag

Go for a modern-day shag cut on longer locks. The look has long rounded bangs which connect to the haircut. Her layers are shorter in the front to give her a more textured/shaggy look, however, they still connect to the rest of her haircut to create fluidity throughout.

My favorite thing about this look has to be the face-framing bangs because they frame her face so well and suit her personality. I also love her color. I balayaged her hair a few times last year and I love that the color deposited so dimensional. It really completes the look. Long styles like this are very versatile and would be great for anyone with straight or wavy hair. You must be willing to style your bangs every day with a blow dryer, but the rest of the style is low maintenance. The choppy layers are short and fun, but long enough to pull back into a ponytail or bun.

Trendsetting Medium shag haircut for an oblong face shape
Instagram @raenikole

#62: Trendsetting Medium Shag

Shag hairstyles for oblong faces are an effortless look that isn’t super high maintenance. To maintain haircuts for long faces with bangs, get frequent bangs trims because they will be the thing that needs the most maintenance. Other than that, it’s easy to have fun with this look.

To recreate this casual hairstyle, use Davines This is a Texturizing Dust on the scalp to boost the roots and This is a Dry Texturizing Spray to add some grit to your tresses. I love the texturizing spray because even if I am a little heavy-handed with the spray, it doesn’t weigh your hair down too much creating a lived-in look for your client.

Long Straight Hair with a Blunt Cut for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @hairby.madisonkylie

#63: Long Straight Hair with a Blunt Cut

One most popular haircuts for long faces is long straight hair with textured bangs. Your stylist might personalize the look with a short texturized bang. To maintain this straight hairstyle, it’s necessary for you to find a proper hair care solution. In this case, I have used Redken Frizz Dismiss shampoo and conditioner and the Redken Satinwear 04 thermal smoothing blow dry lotion. These products help with long-term protection, density, and shine without weighing your hair down

Textured Blunt Bob hairstyle for a longer face
Instagram @hannahraehair

#64: Short Textured Blonde Blunt Bob

Short hairstyles for long faces look flattering on blonde hair with a textured blunt bob. My favorite thing about this specific look is the mixture of movement and texture, as well as the blunt lines that can make your hair appear fuller. It is such a fun haircut when you pair it with wispy bangs!

For bob hairstyles like this one, I love a well-textured hairspray of dry shampoo, a powder-based spray. Bedroom.Hair by Kevin Murphy is my personal favorite. These types of sprays can help add volume and show off the texture and shape of the cut. Clients with finer-textured hair are great candidates for this cut because it helps to make your hair look much fuller. It is also great for ladies with pin-straight hair that need lower maintenance but still want a styled look.

Chin-Length Bob with Soft Layers hairstyle for a long face
Instagram @abrighthair

#65: Chin-Length Bob with Soft Layers

A chin-length bob with soft layers suits long faces well with its wispy ends and long side-swept bangs. I️ love this hairstyle for women with oblong faces because it is feminine and flirty. This bob cut is fun and the minimal layers give it soft movement, especially when waved.

My product recommendations for this look and texture would be Kerastase Lincroyable Blowdry Creme and Materialiste for thickening. You can air dry, round brush, flat wrap or curl. I️ used a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron. To add texture, volume and long wear, I️ recommend my favorite Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

#66: Flattering Medium-Length Cut

This is the perfect medium-length haircut for long faces. A long middle part is a great option for long faces.  Curls add roundness to the whole look, giving a fuller visage.

Collarbone-Length Waves with Deep Side Part for Long Faces
Style by Sean Rocco Salon, Charlotte, NC

#67: Collarbone-Length Waves with Deep Side Part

Waves are flattering for a long face. This a great style for hair with little to no layering. You can get away with only restyling the top if you want to stretch your wash days. Trendy, easy, and haute for a long face!

Naturally Curly Hair with Center Part Hairstyle for Long Faces
Style by Sheer Professionals, Wooster, OH

#68: Naturally Curly Hair with Center Part

The best type of hairstyle for long faces frames your face. They help your face appear shorter. This style is for those of us who love a great curl look and have a more oblong face. With so much texture and movement going on in your hair, longer facial features can get lost in all the hair action. With this much volume and texture, a center part helps to keep balance for the overall look. This a great look for women with oblong faces to try the center part trend if you haven’t already!

Sassy long layered shag with curtain bangs for long faces
Instagram @agence_salon

#69: Sassy Long Layered Shag with Curtain Bangs

The long layered shag with curtain bangs is the most popular cut right now. This classic 70s style has made a comeback with a softer, more modern effect. To get that super romantic finish, reach for a blowout brush like Sutra’s “Professional 2″ Blowout Brush” ($79.99).

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