25 Pixie Bob Haircuts for Older Women to Look & Feel Fabulous

Pixie bob haircuts for older women

Pixie bob haircuts have been trending for years and are a fantastic option for older women. This hairstyle can be particularly flattering for older women, as it’s low-maintenance, versatile, and can add a youthful edge to your look.

But with so many options, deciding which pixie bob haircut to choose can be hard. That’s why we’ve compiled pictures of the best pixie bob haircut ideas for older women to inspire you and help you find the perfect cut for your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

Meet The Expert

Amanda Lee Caskie
Amanda Lee Caskie
Amanda is a hair educator and stylist in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Stylist and hair educator Amanda Lee Caskie recently shared her expert tips and advice for women considering getting a pixie bob haircut, particularly for older women. Caskie offers her insights on the benefits of this cut, what to watch out for, and what to ask your stylist before making the decision.

#1 Tip for Choosing This Bob Haircut

Caskie’s top tip for anyone looking for a new hairstyle is to do some research first. She recommends utilizing tools like Google, Pinterest, and Instagram to find inspirational images. This way, the stylist and the guest will be on the same page regarding the inspiration for the look. Caskie believes that the consultation is the most important part of the appointment and that the guest should bring up important factors such as face shape, hair type, maintenance routine, and budget during the consult to ensure they get the desired haircut.

Pros for Getting a Pixie Bob

When asked about the biggest benefit of this cut/style, Caskie suggests that the ease of styling and minimum maintenance are major advantages. Shorter haircuts require less upkeep than longer hair, and they can give the appearance of fuller hair, which can boost confidence for those with hair loss or lack of volume. Additionally, pixie cuts can be curled on top for volume, whereas longer hair may not hold a curl as well as it used to.

Cons for Getting a Pixie Bob

Caskie also warns of potential drawbacks to getting a pixie bo. For example, maintaining a short haircut may prove too pricey for those with smaller budgets. Regular haircuts every 4-6 weeks may be necessary, and some may have better options. Additionally, shorter haircuts will most likely require daily styling, which may be a hassle for those who prefer low-maintenance hair.

Considering Your Face Shape and Hair Type

Caskie stresses that not everyone will suit a pixie bob and that it is essential for you and your hairstylist to understand you hair type and face shape. Shorter haircuts can accentuate different areas of the face, and what looks good on some may not suit others. Caskie also advises that stylists must understand the difference between a short haircut that looks “masculine” or hard versus a short haircut that is softer or more “feminine.” Understanding face shape, hair type (density, texture, porosity, elasticity, etc.), and how to execute both styles is essential.

Get ready to be inspired with the ultimate collection of pixie bob haircuts for older women – each picture is a testament to the power of a chic and stylish hairdo!

Graduated Pixie Bob with Swooping Side Bangs

A short graduated bob with side-swooping bangs is trendy. A graduated bob gives finer hair textures a nice build-up of weight and shape. Ask for graduation in the nape with over-directed length in the front for round face shapes. It will compliment your facial structure.

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Side-Swept Tapered Pixie Hair

Side-Swept Tapered Pixie Bob Hair with Piecey-y Layers for Older Women
Instagram @teddysantosjr

Side-swept tapered pixie hair is a short style with a touch of elegance. The smooth and long top will give you a more classic shape and a cropped nape to add some pop. Ask your stylist to cut the crown with minimal layers and a slight bevel at the bottom to create a wedge-like shape. Blow dry with a light smoothing cream and a round brush for a shiny, rounded finish. Remember that a precision cut must be trimmed every four weeks for the best results.

Dimensional Choppy Pixie with Short Layers

Dimensional Choppy Pixie Bob with Short Layers on Women Over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @macfie_beauty

Consider a dimensional choppy pixie with short layers. Ask your stylist to create a long pixie with short textured, spiky layers through the crown. This is a great style for medium to fine hair textures that could benefit some movement and body to the hair.

Soft Icy Layered Pixie Bob

Nape-Length Soft Icy Layered Pixie Bob for Older Generation
Instagram @hair.by.alexandriab

Show off your naturally wavy hair with a shaggy pixie bob—a softened version of a graduated pixie with textured ends. Ask your stylist to use a razor or slicing technique to taper the ends and give you movement to your hair. Style with Hairstory Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray for an easy wash-and-go.

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Dimensional Short Bob with Blonde Highlights

A dimensional short bob with blonde highlights is very trendy. A pixie bob cut is great for those wanting aspects of each cut brought together in perfect unison. A soft wispy face-framing part, paired with a graduated stack, gives you the perfect combo. Show off your dimensional color by wearing straight or adding waves to this style.

Pastel Pink on Wispy Pixie Hair

Pastel Pink on Wispy Pixie Bob Hair for older ladies in their 60
Instagram @cahairdressing

Pastel pink on wispy pixie hair can be a fun and exciting way to add color to your silver locks. Seniors can still have fun with color, don’t let age dictate your hairstyle or color! Fine hair can be a tough one to get volume. This is why it’s important to keep crown layers in good shape. The defined shape around the ears and nape keep the shape youthful and chic.

Tapered and Textured for Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Tapered and Textured for Short Platinum Blonde Bixie on Mature Ladies
Instagram @beeuw_hair

Try tapered and textured for short platinum blonde hair for a mix between an inverted bob and pixie. This style is great for someone wanting to go shorter with the perks of having length around the ears and face. This shape is ideal for square face shapes. The soft movement around the face softens this short bob. Try adding a soft curl to accentuate the overall shape.

Round Pixie with Subtle Highlights and Layers

A round pixie with subtle highlights and layers lifts and adds height to the overall shape of your face. Round pixies can be perfect for lifeless or limp hair. It creates a natural lift, making it easy to style. Adding a few highlights is the perfect way to accentuate the pixie shape and create a focal point.

No-Bangs Pixie Bob with Deep Side Part

A no-bangs pixie bob with a deep side part gives the illusion of fuller hair while still staying sharp and chic! Thin hair can be difficult to style or create lift, but this style is a perfect in-between with a versatile edge. Try a funky style like this for a fun new take on a traditional bob.

Salt and Pepper Graduated Bixie

Ask for a salt and pepper graduated bixie. Short hairstyles tend to be popular with older women. A bixie will help you look younger with textured soft ends and a wispy fringe. For a sleek style that uplifts the face, style your hair up and away from the face for a natural face-lifting effect.

A-Line Pixie Bob with Straight Bangs

Jaw-Grazing A-Line Pixie Bob with Straight Bangs on Grey-Haired Old Women
Instagram @adelaiden.beauty

Here’s an A-line pixie bob with straight bangs. A-line bob styles work well with thick hair. They take away most of the weight in the nape and give a nice fullness and clean line around the temple area. For women over 70, this bob hairstyle with straight bangs covers any forehead lines.

Side Part Pixie with Long Bangs

A side-parted pixie with long bangs is very trendy. A deep side part works great with glasses. Ask for an asymmetrical cut to create openness around the face. This allows you to have a cute side sweep on one side but not closing in the face with two even sides.

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Low-Maintenance Gray Pixie with Side Fringe

Short and Low-Maintenance Gray Pixie Bob with Side Fringe for Seniors
Instagram @hair.giuliaaranha

Consider a low-maintenance gray pixie bob with a side fringe because you are never too old to wear cool hair. This hairstyle works well in slimming round face shapes with its long fringe. Have your stylist leave the top layers longer and graduate the nape to achieve a modern hairdo. Your grey hair will lay beautifully when dried with a round brush and a mousse for light hold.

Pixie Bowl Cut with Fringe for Fine Hair

Ear-Length Pixie Bob Bowl Cut with Fringe for Fine-Haired Older Women
Instagram @kurze.frisur.ideen

A pixie bowl cut with fringe for fine hair can be a transformative way to add volume and shape. Straight hair can be tricky to get volume and weight. But creating a bowl shape can give the illusion of volume. Ask your stylist for a haircut with graduation. This is the fastest and best way to build wanted weight.

Long Messy Pixie with Graduation

A short graduated hairstyle works great for volume around the perimeter. And it adds fullness to fine hair. Ask your stylist to texture the ends of the hair to create soft movement and piecey-ness for a lived-in look.

Sleek Silver Bixie for Straight Hair

Consider a cut between a pixie and a bob, also known as a bixie cut. The photo also looks like a micro bob or crop, with different variations of bobs and pixies. Some will have shorter lengths on the front or in the back.

Straight Choppy Pixie Hair

Ask for a straight choppy pixie cut. A long pixie bob with an undercut is a modern twist to the pixie. This is great for thicker hair. You will want to remove the weight from the nape and slide cut through the ends for texture. Ask for soft side bangs to bring out your eyes and soften facial lines in older women.

Grey Layered Pixie Bob with Soft Waves

Jaw-Length Grey Layered Pixie Bob with Soft Waves for Older Women
Instagram @tobehair

A good cut is key for naturally wavy textured hair so that you can wash and wear it. When you are over 60, it’s an easy style to help save your shoulders from any pain while styling. Ask for a stacked graduated bob with wispy pixie facial framing.

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Voluminous Pixie with Shorter Layers

Ask for a layered pixie with a soft feminine nape that exudes elegance. Layered long pixies show off your natural wavy texture with tendrils that shape the face. A separation paste or clay will help define your natural texture and create a trendy cut. For those with thick hair, this cut works great with a razor or slide cutting to make the ends tapered.

Soft Razor Cut Pixie Bob

Soft Razor Cut Pixie Bob on Older Women's Brunette Hair
Instagram @stemolly

A soft layered pixie flatters those with medium-thick textures. Your hairstylist may use a razor to create this look to help soften your ends and carve movement into the hair. It will help remove any areas with excess bulk and eliminate the chance of it looking like a helmet.

Feathered Pixie Cut with Swoopy Layers

Ask for a feathered pixie cut with swoopy layers. For a bobbed hairstyle on older women, you must remember hair texture. Consider going shorter with textured layers to soften the style as the texture changes. A dramatic sweep away from the face gives an uplifting effect to your face shape. Take your facial profile into consideration when choosing the style best for you.

Very Short Bixie with Tapered Nape

Try a very short bixie with a tapered nape and modernize your short hair style. Changing your haircut rejuvenates you, making you feel new and reinvented. A bixie is a mixture of a bob and a pixie and is a popular shape with lots of style. Ask your hairdresser to undercut the sides and nape of your pixie bob. And to leave the top long and disconnected from the shortness underneath. The top section should contain choppy layers that are point cut for extra texture.

Super Short Wedge Cut with Choppy Layers

Super Short Wedge Cut with Choppy Layers on Older Women Aged 40
Instagram @srstudio__

If you are searching for a short style that is feminine and soft, consider a super short wedge cut. The tapered nape gives the cut a great silhouette and elongates the neckline. You’ll want layers added throughout the hair to achieve the choppy shape. The fringe can be left long or cut shorter for long face shapes. Try drying your cut forwards with your hands for a straighter and tousled result.

Piece-y Layers for Edgy Pixie Hair

Short Piece-y Layers for Edgy Pixie Bob Hair on Older Ladies Over 50
Instagram @tiagosn7

Add some piece-y layers for an edgy pixie haircut. Take a chin-length bob and add lots of layering through the crown section to achieve a wispy shape. You’ll want your stylist to keep the perimeter long and taper the nape section. This shape will work best on straighter or slightly wavy hair textures. Try drying your edgy cut with Pureology’s Style + Protect Mess It Up Texture Paste and your hands to bring out your piece-y layers.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Shaved Side

Chin-Length Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with Shaved Side on Old Women
Instagram @themadhousesp

An asymmetrical pixie bob with a shaved side will show the world your individuality. A shaved undercut is a bold choice, but you can keep it slightly longer if you’re nervous. Either way, the long asymmetrical top looks cool. Another style choice would be to hide your short undercut. Please do this by combing the side forward instead of tucking it. This cut is so versatile you could even curl it for a fun change.

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