15 Trendy Shag Haircuts Women Over 70 Can Pull Off

Shag haircuts for women over 70

Shag haircuts for women over 70 are heavily layered to create tons of texture and movement. Michaela Bark is a talented hair artist from West Mobile, AL, doing cuts and styles for eight years. She recommends the look to women “with a natural wave or curls to make styling easier.”

Fine, straight-haired ladies may also wear a shag cut only if they can style it themselves. Otherwise, it’ll fall flat and look stringy.

If you have sleek hair, remember to ask your stylist how to use heat tools to add volume and shape.

Maintenance is also vital to learn when adopting a new haircut. Understand what’s the grow-out process like. Know when to come back to the salon for the regular trims.

Lanphear has tips to share with her co-stylists, as well.

She goes, “Shag is about texturizing enough and overdirecting the layers. A lot of personalized carving and cutting goes into this look as per women’s hair.”

Older ladies are some of the few who can do justice to classic styles. As proof, here are the photos of the most inspirational shag haircuts for women over 70.

Straight Mullet Shag with Golden Blonde Color

Check out this straight mullet shag with golden blonde color. This long, unisex style is ideal for anyone with fine, straight hair. Add highlights throughout to take the style to the next level. Remember to keep your bangs trimmed in between haircuts!

Short Crop with Shagged Layers for Thin Hair

Short Crop with Shagged Layers for Thin Hair for Ladies Over 70
Instagram @rokisenshihair

Even in your seventies, you can amp up your hair game in a short crop with shagged layers. Give your fine hair a great shape by cropping the length and adding some medium-length layers. Ensure your stylist leaves the crown at the longest point to retain weight and create a modern style. You’ll love the way shaggy layers promote movement and interest. I suggest blow-drying with your hands to maintain the body in your hair. Round brushing limp hair can make it too flat and straight.

Grey Pixie Hair with Feathery Layers

70-year-olds should try the easy-care style of grey pixie hair with feathery layers. A short cut will make the most of fine or aging hair, making the most of your strands. A pixie can be styled simply with a flatter profile, making it a great choice for thinner hair textures. You’ll want to apply a volume-enhancing product. My top pick is Pureology’s Instant Levitation Mist. It should be applied to damp hair and then blow-dried in.

Two-Toned Razor Cut on Medium-Length Hair

Enhance your beauty with a two-toned razor cut. Face-framing layers with a cute short fringe will make your medium-length hair dance. The brushed back sides will balance out square face shapes perfectly. Embrace your natural hair color for an interesting addition to your cut.

White Wolf Cut Bob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

White Shaggy Wolf Cut Bob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs for 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @hairlove_salon

Older women do not have to lose their flair with a haircut that makes them feel like senior citizens. Modern styles like a wolf cut bob with face-framing layers and bangs give thick hair purpose. Allowing the wearer to have movement and a piecey style they can manage.

Mid-Length Tousled Wavy Style with Light Bangs

Shaggy Mid-Length Tousled Wavy Style with Light Bangs for Women Over Seventy
Instagram @nursewretched

Consider a mid-length tousled wavy style with light bangs if you want an effortless style. It’s not too proper and not too messy. Something that sits just right and grows out well with wispy ends. This haircut is perfect to wear out the door with a light scrunch of mousse. It works well with glasses when the bangs are maintained just over the eyes.

Medium Layered Shag with Wispy Ends and Bangs

Are you looking to switch up your long layers or one-length cut but need help deciding on your next hairstyle? Consider a medium layered shag with wispy ends and bangs. The shag, known as a “wolf cut,” has easily been one of the top trending haircuts. It’s due to its wearability on almost all faces, textures, and lengths. With the help of the right stylist, there is a shag cut for everyone.

Short Shag with Textured Bangs for Fine Hair

Adding textured bangs to a short shag is great for fine hair. The shag with more of a bob length helps with adding volume to thin hair. Texturizing the hair and adding textured bangs gives it a more modern look. And that is great for older women.

Curly Bixie Hair for Older Women with Glasses

Shaggy Curly Bixie Hair for Older Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @charlesfoxhair

Bring out the naturalness of a round face with curly bixie hair for older women with glasses. This piece-y face frame with graduated layers shows the bounciness and texture. Pump some mousse into your hands, spread it onto damp hair, and grab your diffuser on low heat. Switch back and forth between cool and warm to recreate your new look.

Blonde Choppy Shag with Black Underneath

Blonde Choppy Shag with Black Underneath for 70-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @stylzbydani

Do you like this blonde choppy shag with black underneath? Here in the salon world, this color placement is called a shadowbox. It’s best worn on a layered, short haircut to expose the two-tone color. This style will give you some much-needed volume and density if you have fine hair.

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Wispy Shag with Loose Curly Hair

Wispy Shag with Loose Curly Hair for Ladies in Their 70s
Instagram @thesocialalibi

Are you looking for a funky haircut that is medium length and suits grey hair? Try this wispy shag with loose curly hair. Add a fringe, and this haircut will surely give you an easy wash-and-wear haircut that sets you apart from the crowd. Be sure to ask your stylist for a product recommendation for your hair type. This cut is best paired with a salt spray for texture or styling cream to keep those curls looking fresh.

Jagged Mullet Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A jagged mullet with side-swept bangs is a perfect edgy haircut for textured, straight hair. The bangs with short layers help add volume to your hair. All while complimenting the soft, undone hairstyle. Go for this hairstyle if you are looking for a shaggy bob that has an edgy feel.

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70’s Shag with Wispy Bangs for Short Straight Hair

70's Shag with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 70 with Short Straight Hair
Instagram @designsplus.ca

Try this ’70s shag with wispy bangs for short straight hair. It’s perfect for ladies wanting to try an edgy cut. The combination of bangs and layers is ideal for anyone looking to frame their face.

Short-Stacked Bob with Shaggy Layers

A short stacked bob with shaggy layers is soft yet edgy. And better yet, a low-maintenance style to talk with your hairstylist about. This bob haircut paired with feathered layers is a great choice to add volume to fine hair.

Short Face-Framing Shag with Wavy Bangs

Short Face-Framing Shag with Wavy Bangs for Women Over 70
Instagram @lizaslocks

If you’ve been curious about a shag cut, this short face-framing shag with wavy bangs might be what you need. There’s a reason that this haircut for women over 70 has skyrocketed in popularity over the last year. And that’s because they are suitable for almost every face shape, coarse to fine hair, and fun at all lengths. Try this haircut, and you are surely going to understand the magic that it comes along with!

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