70+ Best Haircuts for Thin Hair to Appear Thicker & Still Look Trendy

Shaggy bobs, bixies, and side bangs are some of the best haircuts for thin hair to appear thicker. Find out how to choose the best one for you and see pictures of the best examples!
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

“Thin” is often used as a compliment… except for the hair. This word has a very different connotation if you’re a woman with thin hair!

I’m a hairdresser, but thin hair runs in my family. I’ve spent my career learning about and testing the best haircuts for women with thin hair. With this hair type, you’ve got several challenges to overcome.

And it can be maddening trying to find the right haircut and the right products.

But don’t worry! In just a few minutes, you’ll be an expert in picking the perfect hairstyle every time you visit the salon. I’ve got tons of info for you and a gallery full of photos to inspire you.

What is Thin Hair?

A low density of hair strands per square inch characterizes thin hair. (Source) Studies have found that the average density ranges from 800 – 1,290 strands per inch, depending on your ethnicity and age. (Source)

But sitting down to count how many hairs you have in a 1-inch by 1-inch square isn’t exactly practical. The easiest way to tell at home is by looking in a mirror.

If your scalp is visible without moving or parting your hair, the odds are good that you have thin hair. If a hairdresser has said you have thin hair, that’s a solid indicator too.

And as a woman with thin hair myself, I know how frustrating it can be to have this hair type. You want volume and texture, but the wrong kind of layers make hair look thinner. This is why so many thin-haired women opt for volumizing pixie cuts.

But you don’t have to go that short. Bobs with bangs can make your hair look very thick. Long hairstyles are an option, too, so long as the cut is layered correctly.

Thin Hair vs. Fine Hair vs. Thinning Hair

Thin hair vs fine hair vs thinning hair
Instagram @yukistylist

I want to take a moment and break down some terminology. Thin hair, fine hair, and thinning hair aren’t interchangeable. Understanding the differences makes it much easier to pick flattering haircuts!

Thin hair, as you now know, is a low density of hairs per square inch of the scalp.

Fine hair, on the other hand, refers to the diameter of each strand. It’s possible to have thin hair density and fine, medium, or coarse hair strands.

The best way to grade your hair strands is straightforward. Pinch a single hair between your forefinger and thumb near your roots. Gently slide your fingers down the strand.

You most likely have fine hair if you can’t feel the strand or can barely feel it. If you’re sure you feel the strand, the odds are good you have medium-diameter strands. And if the strand feels like the thread you’d sew with (as in, very noticeable), you probably have coarse hair.

Finally, thin hair and thinning hair are quite different. For example, you can have thin hair that isn’t actively becoming thinner.

So, how do you tell the difference? By analyzing your experiences as of late. One obvious indicator is your part. Look back at photos of yourself from the past year or so. Compare the spot your hair parts in these photos to yourself in the mirror.

If your part has gotten wider, your hair is thinning. If it’s the same, but you can see your scalp, you have thin hair.

Other signs include finding more hair on your pillow in the morning or your shower drain.

If you feel your hair is thinning, it’s worth talking to your healthcare provider. Hair loss in women can have complex causes. It’s not worth wasting time on home remedies that may or may not work. Your doctor can perform tests to identify the right treatments for your unique needs.

The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

The best haircut for thin hair by face shape
Instagram @tay.tiger.rose

Before becoming a hairdresser, I tried many haircuts designed for women with thin hair. But some of them just… weren’t flattering.

This is because every face shape looks best with different hairstyles. When you know your face shape too, choosing a haircut that’ll make you look gorgeous is much easier.

But as you make this determination, remember you’re one-of-a-kind. It’s okay if your face doesn’t perfectly match one specific face shape. You can pick the 2 that are the closest matches to you and combine my tips for each.

Here are my recommendations for choosing a flattering haircut for your face shape:

  • Diamond: The biggest goal with a diamond face shape is to balance the width of your cheekbones. A style that adds fullness around your jaw and forehead (but not your cheeks) is ideal. Any type of bob haircut with the volume on top and movement in the ends would be perfect. For a punky option, try a shaggy chin-length mullet.
  • Heart-Shaped: The focus here is decreasing the width of your forehead and balancing your narrow jaw. You’ll want little to no volume on top but lots of it around your jawline. A medium shag with fringe and choppy layers would be gorgeous on you.
  • Oval: You don’t have to make special considerations with an oval face shape. You can wear any haircut for women with thin hair that speaks to you!
  • Round: You want to create the illusion of a longer face, but you have to be careful. The wrong long hairstyle can make your hair look even thinner. You’ll want something shoulder-length or longer with medium layers to check all the right boxes.
  • Square: Your goal with a square face shape is softening and rounding the sharp angles. The more volume and movement you can get around your face, the better. A medium shag with choppy layers would look amazing. The same is true of a chin-length bob with lots of framing and texture.
  • Rectangle: You want your face to look a bit shorter and fuller with a rectangle face shape. Hollow or sunken-looking cheeks are very common if you have a rectangular face. The most effective length for you will always be chin-length. But you can customize it by asking for an angled bob, an asymmetrical cut, or even a short shag.

Do Bangs Work with Thin Hair?

Bangs are often a fabulous choice for women with thin hair. Fringe is the perfect way to add lift and volume around your face.

But choosing the right bangs is like choosing the right haircut. Your face shape greatly affects what’ll look best on you. And the wrong type of fringe can highlight the features you’re least fond of!

With that in mind, here are my suggestions on bangs for every face shape:

  • Diamond: Curtain bangs, bottleneck bangs, or a very swoopy fringe will all balance your face shape well. The more fullness and volume your bangs have, the more oval your face will appear. These types of fringe also create the illusion of thick, voluminous hair.
  • Heart-Shaped: Almost any type of bang will make your face look more oval. The easiest way to pick a low-maintenance option is by thinking about your natural part. A center part makes styling blunt, or curtain bangs easy. With a side part, side-swept bangs are the easiest to style.
  • Oval: Just like with your haircut, you can wear any fringe you like. I recommend wearing some bangs to make your hair look thicker. Blunt, straight fringe will make the most significant impact.
  • Round: You have to be careful. The wrong type of fringe will make your face look very short and wide. Side-swept or micro bangs will help create the illusion of an oval face and add volume to your hair.
  • Square: Blunt bangs will make your face look that much squarer. You want something with curves and softness, like a swoopy fringe or curtain bangs. Be sure to ask your stylist for lots of texture in your bangs, too. This will further soften your face shape.
  • Rectangle: Most types of bangs will make your face look closer to oval. But you’ll need to steer clear of micro-fringe and baby bangs. Any other kind will add balance to your face shape. Your bangs should sit at about eyebrow length or longer to create this illusion.

Pro Tips on Hair Lengths for Women with Thin Hair

Short hair length for thin hair
Instagram @yukistylist

Each hair length has specific customizations you can ask for to make your hair look even thicker. And long hair can be tricky for women with thin hair.

But after over a decade of hairdressing, I’ve got pro tips for every length!

Very Short Hair

“Very short” refers to any haircut that’s clean around the ears or is shorter than your jaw. Think pixies, lixies, and bobs that barely cover the ear.

This is a great length for any woman with thin hair. The longer your hair is, the heavier each strand is. And this weight can make thin hair more noticeable.

When the hairs are shorter, they can move and lift quite a bit more. You’ll get more volume, bounce, and thickness with shorter haircuts.

But there is a limit to this effect. Any pixie cut will indeed make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. But if your hair is cut shorter than 1″ long, you won’t have enough hair to fully cover your scalp. If you’re self-conscious about your scalp showing on the sides, for example, don’t go shorter than about 1″.

Short Hair

“Short” refers to any haircut around chin length or a bit longer. This includes bobs, mullets, and shags that land around the chin.

And this is another excellent length for women with thin hair. You have enough hair to style it a few different ways, but it’s short enough to have volume and bounce.

It’s also straightforward to customize these cuts, so they create the illusion of thickness. Adding graduation (also called stacking) builds up natural volume and shape throughout the cut.

And you can’t add stacking to medium or long haircuts. In my professional opinion, short haircuts for women with thin hair are the most versatile and lowest maintenance.

Medium-Length Hair

“Medium” haircuts are between shoulder-skimming and collarbone-length. Shags, blunt cuts, mullets, and layered cuts can all be cut to medium length.

These haircuts can be tricky for women with thin hair. You’re treading into the zone where each strand gets pulled down by its own weight. This makes each hair lay closer to your scalp and can make your hair look thinner.

And there are other solutions than adding layers. Many think layers add volume, but this isn’t the case for thin hair. Layering all over causes a reduction in volume and lift for this hair type!

The best way to add volume to medium-length thin hair is with just a few layers in your crown area. This section is the highest point on your head. And when the hair here is shorter, it’s easier for you to style and achieve all-day volume. (I have tips for that later on!)

Long Hair

“Long” haircuts are anything longer than your shoulder blades. Just like medium haircuts, shags, layered cuts, blunt cuts, and mullets can be cut to this length.

And this length is by far the most challenging for women with thin hair. Every strand lays very close to your scalp due to the weight.

But it’s not as simple as adding a few layers to your crown to create volume. Doing this would create a choppy disconnection between your ends and layers. But adding more layers to blend everything will reduce your volume even further!

This length works better if you have natural waves or curls, which create body and movement. If you’re willing to add curls every day and you use a heat protectant to prevent breakage, that’s an option too.

Another thing that works for some women with thin hair is adding facial framing. These are basically “layers” around your face and nowhere else. Paired with bangs, this can create the illusion of thicker hair, even with long haircuts.

Hair Type Considerations

I’ve taught you about face shape and hair density so far. And these are 2 of the most significant factors in choosing a flattering haircut. But they aren’t the only ones. You have to consider your hair type, too. You might have thin curly hair, thin straight hair, or any other variety.

And the best haircut for thin wavy hair isn’t the best for thin straight hair!

So, these are my best tips for each hair type:

  • Wavy: Waves are great for adding natural volume. The more you can show them off, the better. A short or medium shag will help with this. A stacked bob would also be easy to style and add tons of volume to your hair.
  • Curly (including perms): As with wavy hair, curls can add tons of volume when cut correctly. A stacked angled bob would be gorgeous on you and add a lot of body. You could also try a lob with strategic layering. This might require finding a stylist who specializes in curls.
  • Coily: Some stylists are unfamiliar with cutting thin, coily hair. I advise finding a specialist in this hair type no matter what cut you choose. Unlike most women with thin hair, you can get away with short layers. A medium shag with short layers would suit you well. You could also try a curly bob or pixie cut for something more eye-catching.
  • Straight (including relaxed hair): Thin, straight hair needs special care. One wrong snip can make your hair look thinner than ever. A shoulder-skimming lob with long layers will add the most volume. If you go for chin-length or shorter, skip the layers altogether. Ask for light texturing through your ends instead.
  • Gray. Gray hair is usually either wiry and uncontrollable or soft and won’t hold a style. If you have the former, try embracing your texture with a punky pixie or short shag. For those too-soft grays, a stacked inverted bob adds texture and volume.
  • Damaged or heavily processed: You have a delicate balance to strike. I usually recommend short layers for damaged hair, but that’s not an option with thin hair. The shorter your style, the easier life will be for you. A blunt chin-length bob or textured stacked bob are both excellent choices. Try a shoulder-length style with medium layers and bangs if you want to go longer.

How to Style Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

Daily styling for thin hair can be maddening. This is true even when you follow all the steps to add volume and movement. Before becoming a hairdresser, I had no idea how to make my hairstyle last all day!

But you don’t have to suffer through the same trials and tribulations. Check out my pro tips below for styling thin hair.

Styling Damaged or Heavily Processed Hair

Being a woman with thin hair is a double-edged sword. Not only is your hair fragile in its natural state—but it’s also more prone to heat and chemical damage.

But it’s 100% possible to style thin hair without causing more breakage and thinning. All you need is the proper technique and products. My absolute favorite heat protectant for thin, damaged hair is Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant. This product is very lightweight and ultra-nourishing, so it won’t weigh down or dry out your tresses. Mist from your roots to your ends while your hair is damp. Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your hair for best results. Then blow-dry and style as desired!

Also, pairing this product with your favorite volumizer will help hold your style. It infuses essential fatty acids into every hair strand, creating a healthy canvas for all other products.

Styling Wavy, Curly, or Coily Hair

I have thin, curly hair myself, so I know how difficult styling can be. Thin hair tends to tangle quite, and a curly texture exacerbates this issue.

That’s why a weightless detangler will be your new best friend. I love Amika, The Wizard Detangling Primer. This product will detangle like magic, no matter how wavy, curly, or coily your tresses are.

And it’s a heat protectant! As a woman with fine hair, it’s crucial to find products that serve many purposes because the less product you have to use, the more natural body your hair will have.

Mist this product all over your damp hair, then style as desired. It works like a true primer, creating a solid foundation for any volumizing or curl-enhancing products you’d like to add.

Volumizing Tips and Tricks for Women with Thin Hair

Now that I’ve said my peace about preventing damage, we can talk about volume! As a hairdresser with thin hair, I’ve spent lots of time honing my technique. And I have a couple of products I swear by, too.

The Best Volumizing Products

My first holy grail volumizer is It’s a 10 Miracle Blow Dry Volumizer. It’s 10 designs for every product to offer ten amazing benefits. As a woman with fine hair, you know how ineffective using multiple products can be.

Our hair gets weighed down so fast. When I was a teen, using a mousse and a detangler was impossible. Just two products was enough to counteract all the volumizing properties and make my hair fall flat! Plus, it’d be sticky and crunchy all day.

I love this product because you can spray it on damp hair, blow-dry it, and then use it again as a finishing spray. It fights humidity, has true all-day hold, and gives you explosive volume.

My second must-have volumizer isn’t for everyone. It makes your hair feel thick to the point that it can be hard to comb. But my routine is applying it, massaging it in, and then enjoying all-day volume everywhere.

If you brush your hair multiple times throughout the day, I don’t advise it. But if you want all-day sky-high lift and thickness, you need SexyHair Big Powder Play Volumizing Powder. Sprinkling this powder on dry hair is seriously like magic. Start at your roots and massage them in. Your hair will instantly look fuller and thicker.

Sprinkle just a bit on your mid-shafts and ends, and gently massage it in these areas. One application can last up to 48 hours! And in my experience, it 100% lives up to this promise.

Styling Techniques to Add Volume

Using a blow-dryer correctly will always get you more volume than naturally drying. My alternative will be much more effective if you’ve been blow-drying with your head upside-down.

Split your hair into four sections. I like to make the hair in front of my ears on each side into sections. For the remaining 2, draw a vertical line from your crown down to your nape—clip 3 sections out of the way so you can focus on one at a time.

Starting at the top of the section, use a brush to take ¼” horizontal subsections and brush them up. As you brush each section up, use the air from your blow dryer to dry the roots of that subsection. You aren’t trying to dry to your ends– focus on your roots for now.

If your blow-dryer has a “Cool” setting, use it to blast a shot of cold air across your roots as you dry each subsection. Continue in this manner until your roots are dry across your entire head. When you cool your roots while they’re lifted up, it locks in your volume all day. Blow-outs tend to fall flat when they aren’t properly cooled.

Once your roots are dry and cool, you can focus on the rest of your hair. Try to refrain from blasting the heat at your roots. Heating them now will reset all the volume you just locked in.

Maintaining Your Hairstyle

Maintaining hairstyles for thin hair
Instagram @yukistylist

We can’t talk about the best haircuts for women with thin hair unless we discuss upkeep, too. This refers to daily styling time and how often you visit the salon.

I know how disappointing it is to leave the salon feeling like a million bucks… just to struggle with my new haircut for the next few months.

But you don’t have to worry about having this same experience. I have tips and tricks for every lifestyle to keep things simple.

Haircut frequency:

  • Annual salon appointments are your preference. You need something that’ll add volume even when it’s grown out. A chin or shoulder-length blunt cut is the way to go. Instead of layers, ask for slight face framing, bangs, and point-cutting through your ends.
  • You have time for a trim every 8-10 weeks. Almost any haircut for women with thin hair fits the bill here. Pixies, shags, bobs, mullets, lobs… they’re all fair game! But avoid super-trendy details, as they tend to need lots of maintenance. A shaved side or micro-fringe are both examples of what to avoid.
  • You’ll swing by the salon once every week or two if needed. A super-precise pixie or asymmetrical cut would be so flattering with your hair type. And since both require frequent cleanups, they’re well-suited to this lifestyle.

Daily styling:

  • You wake up and start your day right away. I suggest a chin or shoulder-length blunt cut, just like I do for infrequent salon visits. These styles are great because they don’t need much work to look good. Bonus: If you’re a busy mom, you can just pull these styles back or add a bobby pin, and you’re good to go.
  • You can spend around 15 minutes styling each morning. Medium layers are well-suited to this type of morning routine. This length is easy to style, and they make your hair look thicker. For overall length, aim for shoulder-length or shorter. Anything past your collarbone will take a long time to style daily.
  • If it takes an hour to get your hair just right, you have the time. Usually, I’d say pick any style from the gallery below that you like. But with thin hair, your locks are prone to damage and breakage from styling. A shorter style means you’ll be cutting off the damage regularly, so that’s what I suggest. But feel free to go for something asymmetrical or trendy. Choppy layers will also give you a lot of styling options.

And just like that, you’re an expert too! All that’s left is to find a photo to inspire your next haircut appointment. With all your new knowledge, picking a hairstyle that perfectly fits you will be easy.

Scroll through the gallery below to find your next favorite!

The Best Haircuts for Thin Hair to Looker Fuller and Thicker:

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Cute Layered Bob with No Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#1: Cute Chin-Length Layered Bob with No Bangs

For thin hair that needs extra body, try a cute chin-length layered bob with no bangs. It’s the perfect way to create the illusion of thick locks. To get this look, you may want to avoid razor cutting and opt for scissors instead. Ask your stylist to keep layers close to the scalp, as too much length can weigh down fine hair. Add texture and definition with an anti-frizz mousse. Try Bumble and bumble’s Defrizz Mousse. This will help give you plenty of volume while maintaining a lightweight feel. Finish with a light hold hairspray like L’Oréal Elnett Flexible Hold Hairspray for bounce!

Lived-In Fresh Crop for Thin Hair and for women with a middle part
Instagram @anhcotran

#2: Lived-In Fresh Crop

If you have thin hair and a middle part, a lived-in fresh crop could transform how you feel about your hair. This cut adds volume and texture to thin hair while creating a modern and chic look. To get this style, the cut features subtle layers and a slightly shorter length to add fullness. The best way to style this cut is to blow-dry your hair using a round brush. This will create a soft finish with added lift at the roots. Finish the look with a light texturizing spray to enhance the lived-in effect. It will also keep the style holding throughout the day.

Sweeping Fringe for Thin Platinum Hair for women in their 30s
Instagram @john.n1115

#3: Sweeping Fringe for Thin Platinum Hair

Give this sweeping fringe a try if you struggle with thin hair. You must avoid over-heat styling to avoid damage or additional thinning.

Modern Shaggy Lob with a Center Part for Thin Haired Women
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Modern Shaggy Lob with a Center Part

Something I’ve seen a lot lately is the modern shaggy lob with a center part. If you’re looking to make your hair appear thicker, try to opt for something like this. Where there are layers and some framing around the face. It’s important you discuss this look with your hairstylist. You need to say what kind of volume, texture, and finish you want.

Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut for Thin Hair
Instagram @joriepollman

#5: Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut

Sexy and savvy! Go from serious and elegant during the day to an adventurous go-getter at night with this blunt mid-length style. It’s one of the more flattering haircuts for women with thinning hair wanting more bulk.

Soft Blunt Wispy Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#6: Soft Blunt Wispy Bob

One of the best hairstyles to try if you are looking for a bold, yet soft look is a blunt, textured bob. This look can be achieved by having your stylist texturize the ends. For a bolder look, try wearing it sleek and straight. Try adding some soft waves if you’re going for a wispy look.

#7: Center Parted Blonde Bob with Layers

A center-parted blonde bob with layers is sophisticated and cute. If you are looking for an easy-going style that’s low-maintenance, a layered bob is a great option. Your stylist can assess your face shape and recommend the best length. The center part makes the cut frame the face perfectly, almost giving the effect of a curtain bang with the layering.

#8: Dark Roots with Blonde Balayage

A balayage is best for those looking to go lighter without dealing with a harsh line as roots grow. This particular form of highlighting blends a natural root into lighter pieces. This allows for the most natural grow out. You will only need to come into the salon every 3-6 months to keep your hair fresh.

#9: Textured Short Haircut with Long Fringe

A trend that will last is a textured short haircut paired with a long fringe. A longer fringe is an excellent option if you want to try a bang for the first time. The long fringe can be cut to frame the face, like face-framing layers. Adding texture to your haircut with layers is a way to add volume and movement to your short haircut. Styling is minimal; if you have natural waves, let your hair air dry and blowdry the fringe with a round brush.

#10: Volumizing Textured Cut for Thin Spiral Curls

Have your limp hair bounce up with a volumizing textured cut for thin spiral curls. Just the right amount of layers will give your thin hair the weightless lift it needs to curl with ease. Styling with a gel and curl cream will give your curls hold and definition. Use a defuser to get bouncy curly tendrils.

#11: Beachy Waves for Gorgeous Wavy Hair

Add beachy waves to your hair with a flat iron or curling iron for gorgeous waves. Beachy waves give your hair texture and create volume, which is excellent if you have thin or fine hair. With thin hair, you’ll want to consider what color your hair is and if it’s the right color for you to keep it looking as thick and full as possible. Consider your skin tone if you have a lighter skin complexion, as lighter hair colors will be best at appearing fuller. And darker hair colors will look best if you have a darker skin complexion.

#12: Shoulder-Grazing Layered Style for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, try a shoulder-grazing layered style that will create a youthful, easy-going look. Cutting a long bob that grazes the shoulders is an excellent option if you feel like you need to cut some length but don’t want to commit to a shortcut. You can wear this cut straight or wavy. The waved look is trending now and adds volume and movement to your cut. Using a curling wand, holding vertically, wrap sections of hair around the wand, leaving the ends out and uncurled. Finish with a texture spray to add bounce and texture.

#13: Little Blunt Blonde Bob with Shadow Root

We love a bold look with the little blunt blonde bob paired with a shadow root. This sharp look will surely turn heads with its bold yet sophisticated style. Your stylist will cut a blunt line at the length of your choice and will add hidden layering to add texture and movement to your ends. A shadow root is an excellent option if you don’t want your blonde to be too high maintenance. The shadow root is a darker base painted on at the root to soften any harsh lines to create a natural outgrowth.

Razor Cut Thin Long Hair with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @manemisfit

#14: Razor Cut Long Hair with Face-Framing Pieces

Say goodbye to lifeless, boring hair by opting for a long razor cut with face-framing pieces. Face framing layers are perfect if you want to add shape to your hair while enhancing your facial features. If you have thin hair, the layers will help to create a more voluminous look to your hair.

#15: Short to Medium Cut for Mature Ladies Over 60

If you’re a mature lady in her 60s, you should try a short to a medium haircut that can makeover your appearance. No one will notice the thinness of your hair if you add some shorter layers and a texturized straight-across fringe. You can use a root-lifting spray, powder, or a volumizing mousse when your hair is damp to give your hair an extra “oomph.” With your hair being medium length rather than long, it will be much easier to manipulate and manage with hair products.

#16: Razor Cut Medium-Length Hair with Choppy Fringe

Razor-cut medium-length hair, when paired with a choppy fringe, is chic and gives a very lived-in vibe. This haircut is very detailed regarding the fringe and layers, which helps add volume. A trip to your hair salon every 1-2 months is recommended to keep your choppy fringe. They do grow out fairly quickly.

Jaw-length Choppy Bob for thin fine hair types
Instagram @baercutsyou

#17: Jaw-length Choppy Bob

Consider a jaw-length choppy bob if you want a hairstyle that’s elegant, sexy, and packed with volume. A jaw-length choppy bob is one of the best hairstyles for fine hair because it gives your hair a blunt, sharp length which will make your hair appear fuller. Adding a short bang and longer layers to your choppy bob will create a complimentary shaping of your facial structure.

#18: Short Razor Cut Pixie for Ladies Over 70

If you’re a woman over 70, a short, razor-cut pixie is a great way to show off your sassy side. Have your stylist use a razor for maximum texture and dimension. When using a razor on thinner hair, the razor cuts your hair at different lengths, allowing the shorter pieces to hold up the longer pieces. You’ll get the ultimate piecey crop. Finish off your style with a texturizing putty, emulsified in your hands and then applied throughout your hair.

Soft Modern Shag with Curtain Fringe on thin hair
Instagram @messy_tresses

#19: Soft Modern Shag with Curtain Fringe

Show off your inner rock star with a modern shag with a curtain fringe. A trendy shag offers tons of volume, but if you have fine hair, ensure you don’t cut too many layers, or your ends will look sparse and thin. Ask your stylist if a soft layered shag will work for your hair type.

Blunt voluminous bob on brunette hair
Instagram @daria_martynuk

#20: Blunt Voluminous Bob on Brunette Hair

Go for a chic look with a voluminous blunt bob if you have brunette hair. A bob is a trendy cut, and when cut blunt, it will make your ends look denser and fuller. Cutting dead ends off will give your limp hair the lift it needs for a fuller appearance. You will not get as much body when air drying, so if you’re going for a big voluminous style, use a blow dryer and a big round brush.

#21: Spiky Layers for Short Hair

Spiky layers for short hair are great because you can simply rustle your hair up with your hands and have different lengths of hair falling in different directions. A texture spray and other short hair styling products like a pomade would pair well with this haircut and help give your hair the illusion of thickness. If you naturally have dark hair and lighten the rest of your hair to blonde color, (keeping your roots your natural color), this will add to the illusion of thickness because the color contrast is so high between brown and blonde.

#22: Short Layered Bob for Women Over 50 with Auburn Hair

A beautiful but low-maintenance haircut if you’re a woman over 50 would be a short layered bob. If you have very thin hair, a layered bob will help to give the illusion of more volume and fullness. Keeping your hair shorter also helps to keep your hair easily manageable. If you are looking for a bold, rich, more adventurous color, try out auburn or copper hair for your next color.

Long Textured Bob with Beach Waves for fine thin hair
Instagram @eliza_rinaldi

#23: Long Textured Bob with Beach Waves

Give your locks a boost with a long textured bob paired with beach waves. A long bob is the perfect in-between length for fine, thin hair, as it gives you a thicker-looking appearance. Waving your hair with a curling iron will give your hair the texture it needs for a voluminous look. Use a texture spray to hold to keep your style looking fabulous all day.

Extra Long Black Hair with Feathery Layers for thin hair
Instagram @graysontroy

#24: Extra Long Black Hair with Feathery Layers

Switch up your extra long black hair by adding lots of feathery, shaggy layers. If you have thin hair, this cool cut can help to create a lot of movement and volume in your hair. Adding a curtain bang is great for creating weight and shape around your face while also creating a beautiful look when left out of a ponytail. To enhance your haircut, try adding subtle highlights throughout to make even more volume and dimension.

Super Choppy Razored Bob on a woman over 50
Instagram @alisonalvarez

#25: Super Choppy Razored Bob

A choppy bob will look great if you have naturally fine, thin hair. This razored haircut will help your hair appear fuller without any styling effort. You can use volumizing hair products to achieve even higher volume and texture, but it isn’t necessary with this haircut. If you’re a woman over 50, this hairstyle will transform your current hair and give you everything you’ve been looking for in a new haircut.

Chin-Length Blunt Haircut for thin hair
Instagram @alisonalvarez

#26: Chin-Length Blunt Haircut

A chin-length blunt bob will always have a sharp, classy finish. When you experience limp stands shorting your hair will give the illusion of thickness. When you choose a blunt bob, you will look sharp from all angles, and I promise you will not regret this decision. Instead, you will realize how much strength your limp hair gained.

Neck-length Cut for Naturally Curly thin Hair
Instagram @rmcachos

#27: Neck-length Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

A neck-length cut for naturally curly hair will help give your natural curls more bounce, and they will rejuvenate life back into your hair. Using the right curl-enhancing hair products and letting your hair air-dry, combined with this new short haircut, should keep your hair from falling flat. Avoid brushing out your hair once it has thoroughly dried and avoid using too much heat and hair chemicals.

Super Long fine Hair with Light Layers and Bangs
Instagram @crizheaven

#28: Super Long Hair with Light Layers and Bangs

If you have super long hair, try spicing things up with face-framing layers and bangs. Bangs are a great and simple way to change your look without losing length. The addition of face-framing layers not only helps to enhance your facial features but it also helps to create a beautiful look to the front of your hair when worn up or back. The wispy, textured pieces at the front will also help to give the illusion of more substance and density throughout the rest of your hair.

Collarbone Bob with Curtain Bangs on thin fine hair
Instagram @daria_martynuk

#29: Collarbone Bob with Curtain Bangs

Try a trendy chop with a collarbone-length bob paired with curtain bangs. Effortless layers and curtain bangs blend in seamlessly together for the perfect duo. Effortless waves will give your layers volume on top for a tousled and voluminous look. Use some texture spray, and you’re ready to go.

Jagged Pixie Bob with Bangs on fine hair
Instagram @hjhairstyle

#30: Jagged Pixie Bob with Bangs

If you are looking for short but not dull, we love the jagged pixie bob with bangs. This cut can give the illusion of fullness and body if you have straight and fine hair. Make sure to ask for a stylist specializing in short, pixie cuts. We love how detailed the pixies can be, and it’s tailored to your face shape and facial features.

#31: The Wolf Cut

Talk about volume, texture, and shape all in one hairstyle! A wolf cut haircut a mix of both a short haircut and a longer haircut, keeping longer lengths in the back and framed around your face in the front. This haircut will give your hair the look of maximum density if you struggle to get voluminous, thick-looking hair.

Long Layered Haircut with Jagged Short Bangs
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#32: Long Layered Haircut with Jagged Short Bangs

Ask for a piecey layered haircut with short inverted V-textured bangs. Your locks will thank you for the short crown layers that allow for volume. Ask your stylist to follow your head shape and growth pattern to decide best how short the crown layers should be.

#33: Voluminous Layered Pixie Haircut

Try a layered voluminous pixie haircut for wavy textures. Following your hair growth patterns allows for the optical illusion of fuller hair by bringing the top of the crown and bangs forward with piecey textured layers. It’s a great style if you’re an older woman who wants to use only one or two products when styling.

Disheveled Shag with Bangs and Face-Framing Layering
Instagram @erinbhair

#34: Disheveled Shag with Bangs and Face-Framing Layering

A disheveled shag with bottleneck bangs and face-framing bits is a youthful cut for fine to medium hair densities. Ask your stylist for concave layers and shorter pieces through your crown to make your hair look more voluminous. Bottleneck bangs are short in the middle and gradually frame the face like curtain bangs.

#35: Face-Framing Layered Long A-line Bob

A textured long a-line bob is such a classy, upgraded style when you are experiencing hair loss. Shortening your hair will help by giving it as much body as possible. Soft layering framing your hairline will shape your face beautifully by creating lift when finishing with a blowout; adding a cute little tuck behind the ear will complete your look.

#36: Short Graduated Bob for Older Women

If you’re an older woman losing density in your hair, a good choice is a short graduated bob. The graduated bob is cut so that the layering supports your hair above it to create natural lift and volume. Styling will be minimal as the cut should style itself; you’ll need to use a round brush on the top and face-framing to lock in volume. Use a settling lotion or volumizing mousse before drying, and use a medium to hold hairspray on your dry hair hard to make the style last.

#37: The Choppy Lob Haircut

The choppy lob haircut is not only adorable but effortlessly chic. You can ask for subtle layering on the ends if you have medium to thick hair. When you have flat hair, ask for a more blunt look but with hidden layering. If you want to go for a beachy, relaxed look, the choppy lob is a great option. Rough-dry your hair with your hands and finish with a texturizing pomade on the ends.

Long Layered bob with Side Part for ladies with thinning hair
Instagram @___wishhair___

#38: Long Layered Bob with Side Part

A long layered bob with a side part is a classic and is great for thin hair. Your stylist will be careful with keeping the layering long to not cut away too much of the thickness needed for the shape. The illusion of thicker hair with hidden layering will help hold your hair up when styled with a thickening cream or volumizing mousse.

Shattered Short Bob on an older woman with thin hair
Instagram @knthacker__

#39: Shattered Short Bob

Consider a shattered short bob if you have fine hair and want the look of thicker and more voluminous hair. Don’t be afraid of a little messiness when choosing a shattered style. The texture is what helps the most with creating movement and volume. Try a more piecey look using wax or pomade to separate the ends.

Short and Layered A-Line Bob for thin hair
Instagram @retrohair

#40: Short and Layered A-Line Bob

A short and layered A-line bob is a great option if you want to add some personality to your bob. The a-line of this cut shapes your hair in a way to frame your face and add volume and thickness to the back and crown of your head. An a-line bob is a classic cut that is easy to style by using a mousse for volume and hold.

#41: Long Pixie with Deep Side Part

Try a long pixie with a deep side part for a chic and sophisticated look. For those with thin hair, this haircut will help your hair appear thicker. For a long pixie, leave your hair untucked, but if you want a shorter pixie look tuck your hair behind the ears for a whole new style.

#42: Shaggy Textured Layering with Money-Piece

We love a good shaggy textured layering with a money-piece. An edgy, yet not too edgy style that most women can pull off. Adding in a money-piece highlight around your face really brings your cut to life. Styling can be done with a diffuser if you have a natural wave, or a round brush if you have naturally straight hair. Make sure you tease your hair at the crown to really hold that volume and shape.

Shorter Texturized Cut with Side-Swept Fringe for fine hair
Instagram @oligopro

#43: Shorter Texturized Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

If you have finer hair texture, a shorter texturized cut with a side-swept fringe will work well for you. You’ll want to have a thorough consultation with your stylist to make sure you agree on the length and thickness of the bangs and where they should fall. When styling your bangs, be sure to use a round brush and blow dry in the opposite direction you want them to fall. This will create a nice swoop and add volume. Using mousse will help give extra volume to your fine hair and help hold your style.

Teased and Wispy Blonde Bob for fine hair
Instagram @anna__ujina

#44: Teased and Wispy Blonde Bob

A teased and wispy blonde bob is effortlessly sexy and always a classic. Styling will be minimal, just use a hair serum on your hair once it is 50% dry then blow dry with a round brush for volume and movement. Let your hair part where it wants, typically to one side or the other for the swoopy, wispy look around your face. Finish the style with a light hairspray to hold.

Voluminous Choppy Blonde Layers for Thin Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#45: Voluminous Choppy Blonde Layers

One of the best styles for thinner hair is choppy blonde layers. This light and airy style can create the illusion of more hair and more body. Spending time prepping your style in the morning with an iron and some texture spray will help recreate this voluminous look at home.

Sun-Kissed Long Thin Hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#46: Sun-Kissed Long Thin Hair

Make the best of your long thin hair and sun-kissed tresses with long layers to achieve more volume. Styling your hair is key to making your thin hair look more full-bodied. Use volumizing spray at the root when blow drying and a curling iron to curl and set your hair to get a voluminous style that will last all day.

French Bob haircut for thin hair to look thicker
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#47: French Bob for Fine Hair

A French bob for fine hair looks lovely when paired with a face-framing micro bang. A haircut for fine hair like this style instantly makes spare strands look fuller and thicker. You can make your fine hair look thick by teasing your hair.

Fullness for Women Over 60
Instagram @the_broom_room

#48: Fullness for Women Over 60

One of the best haircuts for women over 60 with thin hair is a jaw-length stacked bob. The stacking of the bob will give you the appearance of fullness if you want lots of volume. If you have very thin hair, this cut is a fun, low-maintenance hairstyle. The back is tapered short, making for minimal effort styling and the front is longer to frame the face. This hairstyle flatters most face shapes, and looks great on sixty-year-old women with glasses.

Youthful Volume for Women Over 40
Instagram @krazyforhair

#49: Youthful Volume for Women Over 40

One of the best options for women over 40 with fine hair thin hair are hairstyles that add length and fullness. This wavy, mid-length chop will provide you with an ideal youthful style with minimal maintenance. Use a volumizing spray and blow out with a round brush for fullness, you can also use a curling iron for a soft wavy finish.

Long Angled Bob or Lob
Instagram @ashkell83

#50: Long Angled Bob or Lob

This haircut and color combo on fine hair says classic, lived in, and simple! The cut is a great length if you are dipping your toes into the short hair water to make your thin hair look thicker! This long bob or lob is very versatile; the blunt line created in this cut is great because it gives the appearance of more hair throughout the baseline. Also, add some interior layering for movement; I highly recommend a mousse for blowdrying and suggest you use a texture product and heat protectant for beach waves. I love Nectar Thermique by Kerastase and Texture Wave by Shu Uemura, as it creates the fuller appearance you’re going for.

Get Thin Hair to Look Thicker
Instagram @mrsblounge

#51: Get Thin Hair to Look Thicker

This hairdo incorporates many different techniques to give fine locks a fuller appearance. The long layers, highlights, and curls give the illusion of more hair. With this combo, you will see contrast and movement, which are generally associated with long hair.

The greatest tousled angle bob for thin hair
Credit: Pinterest

#52: Tousled Angled Bob

One of the best hairstyles for thin hair is a tousled angled bob. The angle of the bob will help your thin strands instantly appear thicker when cut into tousled light layers and blunt ends. It’s important to remember that the volume of your hair depends on how you style it, so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for tips!

#53: Slightly Angled Bob

A slightly angled bob is a haircut that benefits from seamless light layers that add volume while maintaining a sleek and flawless style. A bob hairstyle like this one is versatile and easy to style in many different looks; you can wear it straight or with a beach wave for a more tousled look.

The coolest mid-length stacked bob for thin hair
Instagram @dejuliisbeauty

#54: Mid-Length Stacked Bob

Try a stacked bob haircut with face-framing balayage pieces to brighten the look. The key to maintaining this look, particularly for finer hair, is a regiment of nourishing products that are not heavy in nature. Keep moisture in your hair without making it heavy by using the best shampoo/conditioner combo, keeping your locks from getting too dry while maintaining volume. The choppy layers take the weight off the ends of your hair, giving the root the ability to lift naturally and providing an excellent “wash and go” look.

#55: Short Hair with Pops of Pink

Pops of pink will give your fine and short hair added dimension. However, keep in mind fantasy colors are hard to maintain. Go bold and ask your stylist to make the color more vibrant, so it fades out slowly, and be sure to use color-safe shampoo!

A sexy long shag haircut for thin hair
Instagram @ramseytobey

#56: Sexy Long Shag

One of the best haircuts for long thin hair is a shag cut with curtain bangs. Using the razor-cut technique to add choppy layers will create fuller-looking hair. This feminine look is a modern take on the classic shaggy cut with layers tapering down toward the back. It was cut using a razor for extra texture.

A remarkable rose gold bob for thin hair
Instagram @kristi.coleman

#57: Rose Gold Colored Short Bob

A rose gold-colored short bob look is trendy and sassy.  This shape is universally flattering, but I especially love it on round and oval face shapes. You can always add a side bang or a bit of face-framing layers to customize your hair and face shape. This type of cut works well on thin hair because you can pop in some waves, spray some texture spray, shake it out, and look like you have twice as much hair!

Stylish Texture for Women Over 50
Instagram @glam.by.laura

#58: Stylish Texture for Women Over 50

A natural textured pixie is one of the best hairstyles for thin-haired ladies over 50 . I love the use of natural tones to bring out beautiful dimensions – maximizing the density of your hair.  This style can be effortlessly blown dry with a texture spray (think: sea salt spray or something light and gritty), and when dry, something as light as a powder can be used for styling if used liberally.

A unique lob for thin straight hair
Instagram @hairxcraft

#59: Lob for Straight Hair

Try a fabulous medium-length lob for straight hair, add babylights, and then a shadow root from the scalp, feathered down about an inch to blur any lines. When it starts to grow out, you won’t see a harsh line of demarcation like you would with traditional highlights.

The loveliest choppy pixie cut for thin hair
Instagram @rycnyc_hair

#60: Choppy Pixie Cut

One of the most popular haircuts for thin hair is a textured pixie. This short cut is easy to manage, with all of the texture being the main focus. To style towel-dried hair, start with a texturizing spray or cream. Blow dry your hair using your fingers, tousling back and forth until dry. This technique will add volume and “grit” to your hair. You can add a hair paste or clay product for a more volumized finish. I like recommending a matte or low-shine finish for this look.

#61: Airy Textured Bob

A neck-length textured bob is one of the more flattering haircuts for very thin hair. It has the correct lengths to make your hair look thicker, and all of the texture will hide naturally thin locks. This is perfect if you have thin hair and a slight texture. It will make you feel like you have twice the hair. With this look, you can go from work to play and not have to change a thing.

A flattering lived-In long shag hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram @_thatjennagirl_

#62: Lived-In Long Shag

A shag with micro bangs is perfect if you want to add movement to your fine thin hair. The bangs can complement this cut at any length, depending on the face shape. This is the perfect way to transition from last year’s grown-out lob! For straight hair, that’s fine; you can achieve this wave by using a flat iron to form an “S” pattern in your hair. Finish this look with Kerastase VIP Spray for even more volume and hold.

A marvelous middle part blunt bob for thin hair
Instagram @_hairwitch_

#63: Middle Part Blunt Bob

A sharp middle part on dark hair is a sleek and polished look on short, chin-length hair. A bob is always a perfect option if you are looking for versatility that doesn’t require heavy styling. I recommend this regardless of age, lifestyle, or hair texture.

A beautiful asymmetrical bob haircut for thin hair
Instagram @jasminejun

#64: Asymmetrical Bob

Try an asymmetrical bob with added layers and texture. The shorter side draws attention to one of the sexiest parts of the face, the jawline. This look is suitable for many hair types; however, using products geared to your hair type is key to maintaining this hairstyle.  Intentional asymmetry can be highly flattering, especially when it comes to thin hair; the length reduction will give the illusion of a sense of fullness in your fine hair.

A unique sun-kissed textured lob hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram @rubyelectrahair

#65: Sunkissed Textured LOB

Another popular haircut for thin hair is a shoulder-length textured lob cut. The texturing on a long bob with side bangs for thin hair around the shoulders will boost volume, flatter any face shape, and is easy to style.

#66: Effortless Medium Shag with Bangs

Opt for an effortless, medium shag-esque cut on thin textured hair. The disconnected layering allows plenty of movement and volume while maintaining a bit of structure. This look is great if you want to give your hair some shape and life while keeping some length. The fringe can add some style and softness around your face, even if you like to wear your hair up often.

A lovely layered bob hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram @francine_aleese

#67: Lovely Layered Bob

A layered bob haircut adds volume to thin hair, making it appear thicker and fuller. To style at home, begin by applying a volumizing mousse throughout and then rough drying until hair is about 75% dry. Then blow dry using the comb, working with two-inch sections starting at the back and pulling at a 90° to 180° angle to achieve volume. Flat iron as needed and finish with a light hairspray.

A classic Square blunt bob haircut for thin hair
Instagram @dashu_lovehair

#68: Classic Square Blunt Bob

A classic square haircut with a slight elongation to the face and an asymmetric fringe. The main element here is, of course, the texture. It’s everywhere except for the control line, which is in a static position. Your haircut looks smooth, but when there is movement or wind, your hair starts to dance.

#69: Soft Layers with Wispy Bangs

A softly layered cut with the layers on the top crown of the head blended into the bottom to not remove too much weight. You can have movement and texture without sacrificing density and length. I recommend this look if you want layers but don’t want them too layered and if you have thin or medium-density hair. It’s also great if you’re a busy mom that wants an easy maintenance look. Ask your stylist for airy bangs to complete your look.

A clean symmetrical Bob haircut with bangs for thin hair
Instagram @shannonhairaz

#70: Clean Symmetrical Bob

A crisp, clean bob is done with a precision cut. The simplicity delivers a sexy, sophisticated look, while its geometric and clean shape gives it a bold edge. If your hair is thinner, I recommend using Kevin Murphy’s BODY.BUILDER volumizing mousse and SMOOTH.AGAIN anti-frizz treatment to style this cut. The BODY.BUILDER will deliver volume at the root and SMOOTH.AGAIN will assist in creating a smooth end.

A noticeable tousled wavy bob hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram @thehartofhair

#71: Tousled Wavy Bob

A tousled bob with a heavier, halo-shaped fringe has edges softened by point cutting. This gives your hair a lot of playful personality through texture and color. The color effect also gives the illusion of volume by incorporating a small shadow root, baby-light dimension, and sun-kissed blonde tips. When you have finer hair, customize a look like this with some kind of fringe or layers that eliminate a strong parting in the top because it gives the appearance of more density.

A stand-out blunt cut for thin long hair with balayage color
Instagram @stefan_riccardi

#72: Long Blunt Cut Balayage

Blunt, one-length haircuts are increasing in popularity and seem to be defined as the new trend. Determining the correct length for your face shape is key to pulling off this sharp-edged style. It is worth noting that if you have an oblong-shaped face, a one-length blunt cut will make your face appear more narrow. However, incorporating a fringe will solve the problem as it will balance out the length of your face shape and is entirely complementary to the design of the cut.

#73: Sleek Shoulder Length Layers

Hairstyles for thin hair can look sleek but are still textured enough to have shape and style. This look is fantastic because it is a versatile style where it’s modern looking but still easy enough to style with or without a round brush and long enough to pull back for busy moms! Since this is a medium-length haircut with no bangs, it can pretty much look good on all face shapes. However, I recommend oval, long, and diamond since more weight is toward the bottom, balancing it out with the top of the head to eliminate elongating where you don’t need to.

Flowy collarbone length layers for women with thin hair
Instagram @hair_kitkat

#74: Flowy Collarbone-Length Layers

A soft, flowy, and summery haircut will make it appear like you have thicker hair. For styling, use Kevin Murphy Body Mass to plump up your roots, Kevin Murphy Body Builder for extra volume and roundness, and Kevin Murphy Doo Over to add light texture and hold. Finish with Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine for a summer glow.

#75: Medium Length Shag + Fringe

Consider a modern shag with bangs for a fun, flirty look. You would probably need a fringe trim every three to four weeks to maintain this look. This look will add movement and texture to your finer hair.

Impressive long hair with soft layers for thinning hair
Instagram @chiccjamie

#76: Long Hair with Soft Layers

Ideal hairstyles for thin hair are very soft and versatile; you can achieve this look from point-cut layers with some disconnection so that the bottom length looks solid. The balayage is soft and warm without being brassy. It offers an illusion of thickness to your hair.

Layered Long Bob with Deep Side Part

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