25 Flattering Bobs with Bangs for Women with Round Faces

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Are you wanting a bob with bangs but wondering how to or if you can pull it off with a round face shape? Here, you’ll learn all the factors to get the most flattering bob with bangs for your unique face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

Meet The Expert

Timothy Walkinhood
Timothy Walkinhood
Timothy is a haircutting specialist with ten years of experience.
You can find him at Holiday Lansing Parlor in Lansing, MI.

Haircutting specialist Timothy Walkinhood has some great advice for those looking to get a bob with bangs, especially those with a round face and different hair textures and thicknesses. He suggests choosing a more textured fringe instead of blunt or something longer on the corners instead of straight across to elongate the face and draw the eye upwards, taking away from the roundness.

Walkinhood recommends going for something choppy or jagged as it can throw off a round face shape to make it look more balanced. For fine hair, he recommends a stronger blunt bob with a heavier bang or curtain bang that’s still choppy on the ends and longer on the corners. He suggests a middle part, a choppier bob with more layers, and a wispy fringe or curtain bang for thick hair.

For straight hair, he always loves a blunt bob with tapered full bangs or even a heavier curtain bang. With curly or coily hair, Walkinhood recommends a longer bob with layers and an uneven, full fringe or a side part with wispy, curly fringe coming forward.

When styling bobs with bangs, Walkinhood has some helpful tips and tricks. He suggests using the fine teeth of a comb and low heat on the blow drier to dry the bangs as flat as possible, especially if they have cowlicks in the fringe. He also loves blow-drying with a squared round brush for more volume in the bangs.

For a smooth and shiny bob and fringe, Walkinhood recommends using Waterfall Moisture and Shine Lotion and Zipper Multi-Tasking Styling Lotion, both from R+Co. For a voluminous and textured bob, he loves using Rodeo Star Thickening Mousse and Trophy from R+Co. For curly or wavy bobs, he recommends Ringtone Ultra Defining Gel Crème from R+Co.

Get ready to be inspired! Check out our collection of stunning bob with bangs pictures for women with round faces and discover your new favorite hairstyle.

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Short Razor Cut Bobbled Hair with Piece-y Bangs for Ladies with Round Faces
Instagram @hair_ritualist

#1: Short Razor Cut Hair with Piece-y Bangs

Draw attention to the area of your round face you love with a bob. Accentuate your eyes with a full fringe or a beautiful jawline face shape with a skimming bob. A professional will help with what will suit there’s a bob for all. Encourage your fringe to sit nicely by spending time drying it after washing.

#2: Long Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

A flattering look for finer hair adds layers and a curtain fringe. This instantly gives a voluminous feel. Ask for mid-length layers and use a round brush to blow dry, creating more width. Keep things natural with a textured hairspray to finish.

Beach Blonde Short Bob with Thin Bangs for chubby faces
Instagram @eastonhair

#3: Beach Blonde Short Bob with Thin Bangs

Ask for a short, beachy, blonde bob with thin bangs. A sassy short bob that hits right below the chin. Ideal for round face shapes when you add a thin bang to open up the face with facial framing. Use a 2″ curling iron in the mid-shaft for a beachy bend and pull through to strap the ends.

Shoulder-Length Pink Balayage Bob with Feathered Bangs on Ladies with a round jawline
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#4: Pink Balayage Bob with Feathered Bangs

Consider a pink balayage with feathered bangs. Show off your eyes and cheekbones with this middle-of-the-neck soft textured bob. If you have round facial features, try adding in curtain bangs. Do this with a soft thinner bang through the middle. Styling your bangs away from the face with a round brush shows off the curtain bang flip. All while complimenting your features.

Short Pixie Bob with Big Waves and Bangs for Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @greccothassos

#5: Short Pixie Bob with Big Waves

A super cute asymmetrical pixie bob with side bangs can balance your face shape if it’s round. For those with curly textures, this cut is perfect for wash-and-go or diffusing. Try Innersense or Oway products for clean, non-toxic options.

Short Classic Choppy Bob with Light Bangs for Round-Shaped Faces
Instagram @lorenrowdo

#6: Classic Choppy Bob with Light Bangs

Adding a light bang to a choppy bob will help accentuate your facial features. This cut and the bangs are perfect for rounder face shapes! Styling, with the right products is relatively easy with this particular length. Ask your stylist for their product and styling recommendations!

Neck-Length Layered Shaggy Lob with Short Fringe on Ladies with Prominent Cheeks
Instagram @hairbymissdorr

#7: Layered Shaggy Lob with Short Fringe

A short fringe with a shaggy lob can help give a more edgy look to your style. This can be styled messy for a more tousled and textured look, or it can be styled straight for a more sleek look! Texturizing products are a must for a shaggy lob!

#8: Cropped Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A side-swept bang adds to a cropped bob without committing to a full forehead bang. They’re easier to grow out and pull back, so you’ll have a lot of options when styling! This particular length is great for accentuating facial features for round face shapes.

#9: Short-Length Shaggy Bob for Natural Curls

short shaggy bob is great for naturally curly hair because it adds texture and volume. It’s easy maintenance with the right products. Use a curl cream with a texturizing or salt spray. It will help enhance your natural curls, cut down on frizz, and cut down on styling time in the morning!

Choppy Bangs for Short Textured French Bob Haircut for Round Faces
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#10: Choppy Bangs for Short-Textured French Haircut

Here’s a short textured French bob with choppy bangs. French bobs lay around the hollow of the cheekbones to the chin and are a great way to balance a round face shape. They can be feminine, sassy, or easy wash-and-go for wavy, curly textures. Pair with soft razor-cut bangs for a modern finish.

Graduated Chin-Length Bob with Micro Bangs on Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @okay.taylo

#11: Graduated Chin-Length Bob with Micro Bangs

Try a graduated chin-length bob with micro bangs. A softly textured cut around the face is key for a round face shape. If you have finer hair, ask for graduation in the back to create body through your bob in the nape. Micro bangs can help shape the face and your side profile.

Brunette Long Bob with Bangs and Choppy Layers on Women with Rounder Faces
Instagram @pinkdagger

#12: Brunette Long Bob with Choppy Layers

Go for a brunette long bob with choppy layers. A cute bob with bangs is great for those with a round face shape. A tousled texture around the neckline also helps to balance a rounded face shape. Ask your stylist for some feathery layers to create texture and softness.

Razored Mini Jaw-Length Bob and Micro Fringe for Ladies with Full-shaped Faces
Instagram @vivthemole

#13: Razored Mini Bob and Micro Fringe

A mini razored bob with a micro fringe is an edgy cut suitable for round face shapes. Ask your stylist for a blunt shape with lots of texture that hits the corner of the lip. This look is best air-dried. Use a product like Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion for a naturally undone look.

Short Face-Framing Soft Bob with Curtain Bangs for Fuller Faces
Instagram @moeko_furuya

#14: Face-Framing Soft Bob with Curtain Bangs

Ask for a face-framing, soft bob with curtain bangs. Try a center-parted bob with light layers for those with round face shapes. It will accentuate the eyes and cheekbones. A soft bang will create a face-framing look without too much bulk and give you an oval shape.

Jaw-Length Middle Part Bob and Fringe for Round Face Shapes with Glasses
Instagram @phases

#15: Jaw-Length Middle Part Bob and Fringe

A jaw-length bob with a fringe and a middle part is trendy. If you have a round face shape, you may want to try a middle parting to elongate your face to make it look slimmer. This creates the shape of an oval, which is the most desired shape for balance. Ask for bangs above the brow if you wear glasses so they don’t get in the way.

#16: Full Fringe on a Medium-Length Bob Haircut

Try this medium-length bob haircut with a full fringe. A great style for those with a narrow temple, full bangs balance out fuller face shapes. Fullness around the neck and jaw balances out narrow jawlines and elongates the face.

Jaw-Grazing Mini Curly Bob and Bangs for chubbier faces
Instagram @blackheart.haircraft

#17: Mini Curly Bob and Bangs

This is a mini curly bob with bangs. Try curtain bangs with your French bob if you want an updated look. Framing the eyes and cheeks will bring attention upward. Bangs help to balance rounder face shapes. For curly textures, this is a great wash-and-go. Try Afterworld Organics’ Moisture Lock Curl Serum.

#18: Straight French Bob with Wispy Bangs

Consider a straight French bob with wispy bangs—a spin on the Italian/French bob that hits right below the chin. A thin curtain bang creates a soft facial framing around the eyes to show your features. If your hair has a lot of density, ask your stylist for a slight undercut and interior wait removal.

Short and Edgy Wolf Cut with Chunky Violet Hue for Ladies with Prominent Cheekbones
Instagram @finedaytodye

#19: Short and Edgy Wolf Cut with Chunky Violet Hue

Ask for a short edgy wolf cut with a chunky violet hue. A soft shaggy wolf cut helps create texture and movement in medium to thick hair textures. At the same time, crown layers help to add height and body. An asymmetric block highlight is esthetically pleasing and balancing for round face shapes.

Short White-Blonde Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @hairsofinean

#20: White-Blonde Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs

A trendy take on a bob is to add a soft full fringe. Bring the length to the jaw accentuating plump cheeks for a youthful take. Icy blondes keep things fresh and young.

#21: Straight Bob with Jagged Ends and Bangs

A straight bob with bangs and jagged ends is ideal for chubby faces. A sleek bob for rounder face shapes can look sophisticated. Ask your stylist to texture the ends so it has a soft look to the style. Bangs can round off the style of round face shapes if you leave them piecey around the eyes.

Jaw-Length Black Pixie Bob with Mini Fringe for Round-Shaped Faces
Instagram @y_ctrl_

#22: Black Pixie Bob with Mini Fringe

Ask for a black pixie bob with a mini fringe. If you have a round face shape, you will want to choose a style known for elongating. Try a sleek bob that hits right in the middle of the neck, and pair it with micro bangs to give your face the oval shape. Style with a half-round Denman brush and flat iron if you need extra smoothing. Don’t forget your Oway Thermal Stress Protector.

Messy Chin Bob with See-Through Bangs for rounded face shapes
Instagram @pism_ginza

#23: Messy Chin Bob with See-Through Bangs

Give this messy chin-length bob with see-through bangs a try. This is a great option if you have fine hair and are looking to make your hair look more full.

#24: Mini Sleek Bob with Blunt Bangs

Ask your stylist for a mini sleek blunt bob with bangs. If you have finer straight hair texture, try a mini French bob to compliment your facial features. A blunt cut will give your hair fullness, while a rounded bang can help soften a rounder face shape.

Very Short Classic Bob and Arched Bangs on Ladies with Double Chin
Instagram @bloc.hair

#25: Very Short Classic Bob and Arched Bangs

Try a very short classic bob with arched bangs. Try an under-beveled cut for a short bob that curves under with minimal effort. This is created by lowering your chin as the perimeter is cut in the nape. This creates a soft natural, and slight undercut, allowing the hair to curl under. An arched bang is beautiful on round face shapes.

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