Curls That Wow: 25 Hairdos for Women Over 60 with Curly Hair

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

As a woman over 60 with curly hair, it’s crucial you find the most flattering hairdo and styling routine tailored to your hair type and favorite features. In this article, we’ll explore expert advice from curly hair specialist Nicki Williams, inspiring curly hairstyles for women in their 60s, detangling tips, styling tricks, and recommended products to help you feel confident and beautiful at any age. Let’s dive in and discover some fabulous curly hairstyles for women your age!

Meet The Expert

Nicki Williams
Nicki Williams
Nicki is a curly hair specialist with 20 years of experience.
You can find Nicki at The Mirror and I Salon in Round Rock, TX.

Understanding Your Hair Type

Find a curly hair routine that works for your specific hair type. Tighter spirals need thicker, more hydrating products, while wavy-haired ladies should avoid heavy products that weigh hair down. Don’t overwash your hair, and detangle gently with a wide-toothed comb.

Face Shape Considerations

Nicki advises that styling is more about accentuating features that clients like and deemphasizing features they aren’t fond of rather than focusing on face shapes.

Styling Tips and Tricks

1. Start styling when hair is wet. Many styling products for curly hair are designed to work on wet hair, penetrating deep into the hair fibers.
2. Scrunch your curls. Cup your hair in your hand and scrunch upward, working the curl styling product into each strand.
3. Use a diffuser or air dry your hair. Use the lowest heat setting and a diffuser if you need to blow-dry.
4. Use a heat protectant if you use hot tools.
5. Add better definition to wavy hair with a curling iron or a no-heat curling technique.
6. Deep condition often. A weekly hair masque can help repair surface damage, eliminate frizz, and restore healthy-looking hair.
7. Trim your curls regularly. This helps prevent and eliminate damage and split ends, restoring bounce and elasticity.

Pictures of Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Curly Hair

Get inspired by these gorgeous curly hairdos for women in their 60s and discover your new favorite look!

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#1: Chin-Length Curly Cut with Side Bangs

A chin-length curly cut with side bangs will soften your features well. Short curly styles have so much movement. They are eye-catching and uplifting. Try a soft bang to hide facial wrinkles, and go for a length that hits the chin with added layers for width. The trends are all about natural waves. So embrace yours with some curl amplifier and a diffuser, and love your hair.

#2: Short Curly Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Consider short curly hair with face-framing layers; you won’t be sorry. Face-framing started on long hair. But now you are also seeing this style on medium-length hair, and it’s so complimentary. The shorter hair around the face adds softness and width. And it gives volume to those thinning areas around the temples. Ask your stylist for an angle around the face and lots of layers.

Short Curly Hair with Asymmetrical Face Frame for Mature Women Over 60 with Grey Locks
Instagram @guriadecachoss

#3: Short Curly Hair with Asymmetrical Face Frame

Think out of the box with an asymmetrical face frame on short curly hair. Asymmetrical cuts are interesting to the eye and always have a modern feeling. You’ll want a graduated back with minimal layering around the face to achieve this shape. Skip the bangs to get a further extension of the front asymmetry. If your hair is only slightly wavy, don’t worry. It will work well for you as well.

Neck-Length Side Part Fluffy Bob for Curly Thick-Haired Women over 60
Instagram @aoki_hair

#4: Side Part Fluffy Bob for Thick Hair

If you are tired of blowing out your curls, consider a side-parted fluffy bob for thick hair. Stylish natural curls are on trend, and embracing them will make your life much easier. Cuts for curly hair don’t have to be complicated. I suggest a blunt perimeter with slight layering to achieve beautiful ringlets. If you don’t want to go too short, request the length to end at the shoulder and diffuse or air dry for a simple style.

#5: Curly Shag with Long Layers and Short Bangs

Try a curly shag with long layers and short bangs for a boho vibe. Curly haircuts are easy to care for and will give you an edgy appearance regardless of age. When you visit your salon, ask for long layers that will help accentuate your waves. The short bang will make you look more youthful. Having a picture ready is always a great idea to convey your request.

#6: Jaw-Length Curly Wedge Cut

Did you know a jaw-length curly wedge cut will make your neck appear longer? Not only is a curly wedge cut cute, but the short layered nape elongates the neck. This makes you look taller and thinner. You’ll have the option of leaving the sides longer if you desire. But you’ll want medium layers to encourage your curl. Let your curly wedge dry naturally, or touch it with a round brush, coaxing the hair forward.

#7: Textured Short Bob for Defined Curls

Elevate your style in a textured short bob for defined curls. If you’re in your sixties and need a lift, add some graduation and layers to your haircut and define your shape. Graduation in the back removes the roundness and makes your neck appear longer. You’ll want layers to increase the volume and texture of your waves. Twist cutting can be added for dimension if your hair is extremely thick.

Short and Tousled Mini Bob with Curls for women over 60 years old
Instagram @casiedomyhair

#8: Tousled Mini Bob with Curls

Ladies over sixty should consider a tousled mini bob with curls. A mini bob is a close cousin to a pixie, with just a bit more length. Layers and a slight stack in the nape will give you a cute tousled uplifting shape. Give yourself a more youthful appearance with the soft tendrils surrounding your face. The curls can be achieved with your natural wave or a loose perm and can be air-dried or diffused for easy care.

#9: Wash-and-Wear Curled Silver Bob

Consider a wash-and-wear curled silver bob. Curly hairstyles for women over 60 soften your features. Plus, the shorter lengths lift your face. Introducing layers into your cut is a good idea to create a shag style. This will give you more volume and movement. The layers will also allow you to wash your hair and air dry it with some fullness. Keep in mind the layering should not be too short. Medium layers should do the trick.

#10: Short Messy Curls with Wispy Front Bangs

Update your appearance in short messy curls with a wispy front bang. As we age, the front of our hairline can become sparse, so add a bang to help compensate for the hair loss. Messy curls are a wonderful choice for women who want a low-maintenance style. You’ll want medium layers to create volume and texture. Styling your cut will be simple with applying a gel and diffusing or air drying, and presto, you’re done.

Messy Layered Curls for Neck-Length Lob Cut for Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @a.lilian.marques

#11: Messy Layered Curls for Neck-Length Lob Cut

A neck-length lob cut with messy layered curls will give you a younger-looking style. The long bob length is great for women in their 60s who want to uplift their appearance. Shorter styles perk up dragging features. And the layering will create width to your curls, softening the face. Try air-drying your lob with a side part for messy ringlets that flatter your face.

#12: Neck-Grazing Textured Wavy Bob

A neck-grazing textured wavy bob is a hairstyle that compliments ladies over 60. If you have a bit of natural wave, this shape will be easy to achieve. Ask your stylist for a length above the shoulders and medium layers with an angle around the face. Point cuttings can be added to the hair to help with movement. Try scrunch drying with a texture paste to achieve a tousled finish that will make you feel youthful.

Short-Length Triangle Bob with Loose Curls for women in their 60s
Instagram @kvttykatmke

#13: Triangle Bob with Loose Curls

A triangle bob with loose curls is the perfect shape for aging hair. The minimal layering in the cut will make the most out of your wavy locks, making them appear thicker. So if you need inspiration for your thin hair, consider this easy-to-care-for style. In my experience, many 60-year-olds have trouble managing their fine hair. I suggest diffusing your natural curl at a chin length to add volume and fullness.

#14: Medium-Length Curled Shag and Bangs

A medium-length curled shag with bangs is the trending shape for curly hairstyles. Sixty-year-olds who want to modernize their long natural waves should get a layered shape of the cut. The added bang and short angle around the face soften your features. Your finished style should be closer to the head. So a simple air drying is recommended, but if you want more volume, you can diffuse your cut.

Curled V-Cut Long Hair with Fringe for a 60-year-old
Instagram @curlsbydashell

#15: Curled V-Cut Long Hair with Fringe

Try a curled V-cut for long hair with fringe, and you’ll feel like you got a facelift. Thick hair can drag you down, so why not add some layers and a fringe to perk things up? Face-framing layers will add volume and softness to your features. Giving you a more youthful appearance. To achieve the finished style, I recommend blow-drying your bangs straight. Then diffuse your long hair for added fullness.

#16: Curly Asymmetrical Bob and Wispy Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Consider a curly asymmetrical bob with wispy bangs if you have a round face shape and need a new style. Take a modern approach to your bob cut and cut one side shorter for asymmetry and interest. You’ll want textured layers throughout your shape to achieve a tousled style. Don’t forget the wispy bang, which will thin out your face shape. Set an example for others with a unique cut that compliments you.

#17: Permed Curls on Jaw-Length Haircut

A jaw-length haircut with permed curls is a cute and easy-to-manage shape. Perm popularity is rising with the younger generation, giving you a youthful appearance. The texture and volume your perm will give you are perfect for longer or aging features. Ask your stylist for a short shape with minimal layers and a medium curly perm, and reap the benefits. Air dry with a light gel, and you’ll be ready and looking good in no time.

#18: Short Platinum Curls for Older Women with Glasses

Older women with glasses should surround their features with short platinum curls. The hair surrounding your face is the best way to distract from unwanted lines and wrinkles. Keep your length about chin length to add volume and soften the chin. The platinum curls add a fun texture, give you a youthful appearance, and accent your glasses well. Ask for medium layers and consider a perm if you don’t have any natural waves.

Mid-Length Voluminous Curls with Face Frame on mature ladies past sixty with Long Faces
Instagram @cultivateacurl

#19: Mid-Length Voluminous Curls with Face Frame

Mid-length voluminous curls with a face frame are just the cut to perk up your style. When curly hair gets too long, it can drag everything down. Have your stylist take the length up and add long layers with a slight angle around your face. You will love how this freshens up your curls and 60-year-old features. I suggest using a great curl product like Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert Curl Expression Curls Reviver Leave-in Spray. Also, use a diffuser for a frizz-free and voluminous shape.

Shoulder-Length Curls and Layers for older ladies over 60
Instagram @aoki_hair

#20: Shoulder-Length Curls and Layers

Transform your shape into shoulder-length curls and layers. You’ll get an easy-care style with an irresistible texture. You can turn your curly grey hair into a halo of beautiful ringlets with a bit of layering and a bob length. Ask your stylist for graduation along the perimeter to create volume and a low-lying crown. This will be one of your favorite haircuts. All you must do to style it is air dry or diffuse it with a curl amplifier.

#21: Fluffy Pixie Bob for Spiral Curls

Consider a fluffy pixie bob for spiral curls if you want to change your cut. A feminine pixie bob is shorter than a bob and longer than a pixie and is a great choice if you don’t want to go too short. Curly hair texture will give you the perfect volume around the face. Have your stylist apply a tapered layer to the sides and back to achieve the shape. This will give you a more vertical and uplifting cut. Make sure the layers on top are not cut too short, so you can create ringlets when you air-dry your style.

#22: Medium-Length Curls with Piece-y Bangs

Try the flattering shape of medium-length curls with a piece-y bang. Bangs can do wonders for aging features and long face shapes, making you feel stunning. Add some medium layers to encourage bouncy curls and increase your volume. You can air dry to keep your curls tight or diffuse for a messy and wild finish. Use curl products for great results.

#23: Short Layers and Curls for Fine Hair

Short layers and curls for fine hair are an easy style that you should consider. Embrace your natural wave to give your hair a lovely texture, or try a perm if your hair is straight. Chin length is a great choice for most face shapes and increases the volume. Thinner hair types should limit the amount of layering to maintain thickness. I suggest drying your hair with a volumizing product and a diffuser. You’ll get the most fullness from your strands.

Jaw-Grazing Silver Grey Hair with Bouncy Curls for seniors aged sixty
Instagram @dgstudioindy

#24: Silver Grey Hair with Bouncy Curls

Silver grey hair with effortless bouncy curls will make you feel youthful. A classic bob shape with ringlets is a great way to soften your features. Some of us have waves, and we don’t even realize it. So try diffusing your hair with a curling cream to see if you can achieve this elegant style. You might be surprised at what your hair can do. You will feel gorgeous with the fullness that medium-length layers can give you.

Short A-Line Cut with Curly and Choppy Layers for Mature Women Aged 60
Instagram @sunnamanly

#25: Short A-Line Cut with Curly and Choppy Layers

The short a-line cut with curly and choppy layers is a great shape to make you feel that your hair is longer than it is. The trendy short back with a longer front leaves hair around your face where you want it. Any woman over 60 with a round face shape can relate to this. The choppy layers will work well on most hair textures, making it feel messy. Try scrunch drying to get the most out of your style.

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